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Why You Need SEO for Better Ranking on Google? Benefits of SEO

Nowadays, site owners and bloggers have been hiring people to write SEO articles to boost their sites ranking on Google. So what does SEO really do? It isn’t a cost to get SEO articles from writers, you are just throwing investment into your site. Without SEO, people won’t be able to find your site on Google. That’s why SEO is so important for Google rankings ans noone can deny from the limitless benefits of SEO tips– Generally, if it is easily found on the search engine, that means there will be more traffic driven to your blog or site.

It also means that there should be many backlinks and citations. Linkflow can help with your SEO strategy and backlink acquisition.

Why You Need SEO for Better Ranking on Google? Benefits of SEO
Why SEO is so important for Google rankings: Key reasons and benefits of SEO

Why SEO is so important for Google rankings: Key reasons and benefits of SEO

  1. SEO Turns Your Page Into A Rockstar Page

Your blog is never taking a sick leave or a vacation. It doesn’t call in late. All it does is doing business with you 24/7 and 365 days a week. You don’t have Homework needed to pay the blog a monthly salary as well. It just does its work like usual, pulling customers all day long.

Search engine optimization will pull in all the attention to your site, making it a viral blog and making it perform well it getting all sorts of viewers and customers all day. Emphasizing on SEO will make your marketing brand stronger each day.

  1. SEO Is Crucial For Marketing

SEO pulls in all the prospects, but it can’t let you reach the maximum marketing potential until you manage to incorporate SEO right into the marketing mix. If not, you will not reap the maximum rewards of the marketing – another crucial part of gaining more income. Marketers should not mislead others apart from what they specialize in and help the clients to mix and plan what they actually want so that they can gain trust from their clients. They should tell the clients the truth and soon the clients will leave. Do not sell the clients what they want only – Clients are buying some knowledge from the experts and they can’t get the best deal, so try to help them out in that department. Smaller businesses encounter this a lot.

  1. SEO is Important For Business

There are lots of clients searching for content on Search engines and they usually go through the first and second page. But if they don’t see your site on the listing, you will lose out on the competition between all the other websites. That is why SEO is so crucial for Google rankings. It helps to show the sites on the Google search pages. SEO cant really generates more movement for your blog or site but it can help the clients to utilize your blog and more viewers will drop by because of the quality of the site. Clients usually rely a lot on a search engine so if your site shows up on the Google search, you will get more clients to your blog. If not, well, time to buffer up your rankings! SEO is also important if you are offering a similar service to your competition and you stand out because of SEO.

Why Businesses Need SEO: Benefits of SEO

  1. A Better User Experience

When customers land on a site, they need a high-quality experience. When they don’t get it, they will not return. Google has built great strong user experience and that’s why everyone is using Google as it gets search results well on SERPS. There ismore data that are accessed by everyone with just a few mouse click. SEO will incorporate a better user experience making it get more views. It also means that people will walk through the page more often.

  1. Increase In Traffic and Engagement

Local SEO drives people and traffic to your site so that they can close a transaction on your site. It also means that there should be many backlinks and citations. Other than that, there should be positive reviews on your site so that you have more feedback from customers as well as feedback to new customers. If there are many good reviews, generally it helps to boost the site’s reputation.

  1. SEO Best Practices Must Be Updated Often

To maintain the first place in google ranks, you need to keep updating your SEO and it won’t stay top forever – it will drop and if you are doing it for the short run, you will lose the top spot on google ranking. To stay ahead of competition means constant hard work, teamwork on your SEO writers as well as money and time invested in this. Everything requires some effort. For the long run, after a year or so, once your site reaches top ranking, you will need to make sure that you stay in the first place. So hard work, hard work, and more hard work.

  1. It is Quantifiable

Although you can’t measure SEO in figures and tracking, you can still track in on google analytics. However, there are actions that can be taken and there must be an understanding of how these actions affect the performance of the site. With no middle points in between, sometimes it’s hard to track the actions to control the performance. However, brands also want to know where they are headed as they are being advertised on their behalf.

  1. If You Are Not On First Page, You Can’t Win A Single Click

Generally, you are dead meat if you are not on the first page. It takes a lot of work to reach there, I know, but there is just no percentage of clicks on page 2 at all.

If you are not on Page 1, well, you need to be. Not only that, you need to be on the top 3 searches on page 1 to survive in the market. There are so many keywords that the user types on and they still don’t find what they are searching for.


SEO is very important to make your site stand out on the Google rankings. It helps to make your business grow in return. Make sure that you get your site SEO optimized so that you gain more credibility and more customers to your site.

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