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Mobogenie vs Aptoide: battle of Android app stores

In this technical era, everyone has smartphones and different apps in them to assist. Usually, we download and install apps via the Google Play Store. But in case if an app is not available on Google play store then what will you do?

Mobogenie vs Aptoide: battle of Android app stores

You have to download them from other sources. Another reason to move to find out the alternative of Google play store is that there are free and paid apps but some stores allow you to download every app for free. We are talking about third-party apps. Mobogenie and Aptoide both are third-party apps and here in Mobogenie vs Aptoide, we will figure out their features.

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Mobogenie vs Aptoide: User interface

User interface is most noticeable aspect of any app and Mobogenie comes with a easy to use user interface and gives you a smooth experience. Aptoide also permits you a quite simple user interface and you just have to tap on a particular app to download.

Mobogenie vs Aptoide: Content

Another main feature of any app is the availability of stuff. All the app stores allows you to download only apps and games but with mobogenie you can download e-books, Youtube videos, Movies, and music also. Aptoide allows you to download all the versions of a particular app but you can’t download movies and videos here. Mobogenie is superior in content quantity.

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Mobogenie vs Aptoide: File Manager

Usually not all apps featured with file manager facility because the main aspect of any app store is to permit you to download and install apps. But Mobogenie equipped with a vigorous file manager and also comes with a cleaner to clear all the unnecessary data from your device. Aptoide doesn’t contain any file manager.

Mobogenie vs Aptoide: Facility of publishing apps

Although app stores are for downloading apps but some unique app stores allows you to publish you own app on them. If you are a developer then you must know the importance of publishing. Aptoide gives you the facility to publish your apps on it. There is a dropbox folder and via it you can upload your app. Mobogenie doesn’t allow its users to publish their app.

Mobogenie vs Aptoide: Backuup and restore data

Mobogenie allows you to restore and back up data and you can save it on google clouds. Mobogenie is the perfect app store which allows its users to manage and restore all the data whereas Aptoide doesn’t allow its users to back up data as it is quite similer to Google play store.

Mobogenie vs Aptoide: Popularity

When things comes in terms of popularity there is a tough competition between both. Both have different aspects but Aptoide is more popular than Mobogenie as it offers you the services like Google play store. Mobogenie is not far behind but little bit less than Aptoide.

Mobogenie vs Aptoide: Partnership Programme

Partnership programme means you can create your own store with a particular app store and not all app store provide you this opportunity but Aptoide allows you to set up and manage your own store. Mobogenie doesn’t contain this facility.

Final Verdict

Both app stores have different features and in fact are the true rivals of each other. Mobogenie comes with more variety of online content like movies, videos and ebooks and also contains a file manager whereas Aptoide allows its users to upload their own apps and also provide the facility to create their own store. All the two are unique in different ways so choice is yours which one you select.

Still, any query regarding Mobogenie and Aptoide then comments below and also share your experiences if you have ever used one. For more updates stay connected.

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