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Paypal vs Stripe- Which is the best Payment Gateway of 2019

Before starting an e-commerce platform there are many aspects to consider but the foremost thing is the Payment gateway. You can achieve success if your payment gateway is complicated and doesn’t provide a smooth experience to the users. If you want to give better convenience to your customers then you must choose a reputed one. And when things come in terms of Goodwill and convenience then how can we forget Paypal and Stripe. I think you are confused between the both so I am here to vanish all your illusions. Here in Paypal vs Stripe we will throw light on the key aspects of all the Payment Gateway and discover which one is the best Payment Gateway of 2019.

So let’s start and figure out the notable difference between them to decide whether you should go for Paypal or for Stripe.

Paypal vs Stripe- Which is the best Payment Gateway of 2019
Paypal vs Stripe comparison 2019

Paypal vs Stripe

Both are true rivals of each other and offer you certain advantages and disadvantages so here I have listed the most important points to so that you can reach on the right conclusion:

 Paypal vs Stripe: Transaction costs and fees

One of the best thing about both is that you don’t need to pay any monthly charges to get started with them. This is a very favorable thing for small businesses with a low budget. Fee structure of Paypal and Stripe is also the same. Base fees for Stripe and Paypal are 2.9% + $0.30%. Reson behind the similar rates in the high competition.

But for International sales, Paypal charges more and you have to 4.4% and on the other hand, Stripe costs 3.9%. So here Stripe is a clear winner for global sellers.

 Paypal vs Stripe: Supported currencies and availability

Let’s check the supported currencies and their availability. Paypal exists in more than 200 countries and compatible with 25 currencies. Nevertheless, you can’t use Paypal in Sudan, Liberia and many more as it doesn’t provide its services there.

Whereas Stripe offers its services in 26 countries and permits payments from across the globe. In currency support Stripe is also ahead and it supports over 135 currencies from around the world.

If your customers are from all over the world then undoubtedly Stripe is the best option for you.

 Paypal vs Stripe: Supported payment modes

Payment mode is the most considerable factor to decide for which one you should go to. Paypal supports credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc. Many other names exist which are not supported.

Stripe is also leading here and it supports every debit and credit card with these mentioned e-wallets: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, Amex Express Checkout, Microsoft Pay, Visa Checkout, and many more.

 Paypal vs stripe: Customer support

Whenever we decide to choose a payment gateway then we can’t ignore customer support at any cost. As if you are facing any issue then you have only one way to solve out the problem and that is customer support.

When we observe the customer support of Paypal then we find that it offers customer support via phone calls and emails. You can also put your queries on their online forum.

Stripe’s customer support options are wider than Paypal. You can contact them through phone calls, email, and can make a conversation on an online chat. Like Paypal, you can also put questions on their online forum and they also contain IRC channel for quick help.

Here is also Stripe is a clear winner.

 Paypal vs stripe: CRM and website integration

You all need a payment gateway that is less complicated to integrate. Paypal is pretty easy to connect with your website and with just copy and paste you can integrate it to your site. If you want to attach different Paypal buttons like Buy now, Add to cart, Automatic Billing then you can do easily. Also, Paypal is compatible with all CRMs.

Stripes is compatible with a few more CRMs when compared with Paypal. Like Paypal, stripes is also simple to integrate with your site. In Stripe you have to connect it to your site using their API and you in house developer can perform this task easily.

Here all the two are almost the same and there is a tie.

We have also made an Infographic to make you a better understanding of choice  Paypal vs Stripe:

paypal v/s stripe

Concluding lines: Which is the best payment gateway for 2019

When observing all the above-mentioned factors then Stripe is ahead in almost every aspect. And rest depend on your business type and need.

If you are running your business globally then you can use Stripe along with Paypal to save your bucks on transaction fees.

If you want to go for one then I will highly recommend you to go for Stripe. Stripe supports more Payment modes, offers fewer transaction fees, and available worldwide so it is the best payment gateway of 2019.

To which you are adopting? Let us aware in the comment box and don’t forget to stay connected for more informative updates.

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