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Quizlet Alternatives: 11 Easy Learning Sites

Quizlet Alternatives

Teachers and students alike can benefit from tools that make studying easier.

Quizlet is the most popular free online flashcard app, but don’t ever rely on just one product, as plenty of other Quizlet alternatives already exist.

So, to make it easy for you, this post will explore 11 simple learning sites that can help anyone learn anything faster.

Course Hero

Quizlet Alternatives
Quizlet Alternatives

I’m starting with Course Hero as the first Quizlet alternative. It is an online learning platform that helps students learn from each other and their peers. Students can find various educational resources, including video lectures, documents, and assignments.

Course Hero also has a social learning feature where students can interact with each other. This feature allows users to ask questions and discuss topics with other learners.

The website is free to use, but if you want access to all its features, you will have to pay for it ($9 per month).


Quizizz is the second Quizlet alternative in this list. It is a free quiz tool that allows you to create, share and take quizzes. You can use Quizizz to create quizzes and then share them with other users. In addition, you can also take quizzes created by others on this site.

The best part about this platform is the simple interface that makes it easy for anyone to navigate it without difficulty. The main advantage of using Quizizz over other learning sites is that it has a wide variety of topics covered under various categories, such as science, math, history, etc., so there’s something for everyone here!


Kahoot! is a free, interactive game-based Quizlet alternative that helps students and teachers engage with each other in a fun way. It can be used for all subjects and grades, from elementary school through the university level.

When you play Kahoot!, you get a unique URL that you can share with your friends or on social media (for example, on Facebook). You take turns answering questions either individually or in teams.

The answers are automatically scored within seconds of submission by the system’s artificial intelligence engine using machine learning algorithms to evaluate your responses against those submitted by everyone else playing simultaneously and against past performance data stored in its database. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your score will be!



Brainscape is the 4th Quizlet alternative on this list. It’s a free iOS and Android app that helps you memorize facts and figures by creating flashcards, practicing them, and testing yourself.

You can also download pre-made flashcard decks from the Brainscape community if you want specific content or need more than the app provides.


Memrise is a free language learning app that has apps on all major platforms. It’s easy to learn vocabulary with Memrise, and the interface is user-friendly.

You can choose from several different categories, such as verbs, adjectives, nouns, or even grammar if you want to brush up on your language skills before diving into new words. You can also organize courses by difficulty level if you want some help getting started immediately or if you want something more challenging later on down the line (and who doesn’t?).



Quizalize is a free online Quizlet alternative that helps you create and share quizzes. To use it, you simply register with your email address, then create a quiz using the online interface. The site has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to add questions, images, and videos to your quizzes. It supports audio clips and text questions if you want to write out some of your original content.

You can share your quiz with other users through social media or by emailing them directly from the website. Teachers can also use Quizalize in their classrooms by creating multiple versions of the same test for different groups (for example, one for students who read chapter 4 and another for those who read chapter 5), then sharing each version with their class through unique links so that each group gets only the questions relevant for them!


Edpuzzle is a free and paid Quizlet alternative that offers students a variety of resources for learning.

The site provides various tools to create quizzes before you even begin studying.

There are also features to help you track your time and progress to make it easy to get the most out of your time on EdPuzzle.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a non-profit organization to provide free, world-class education for anyone anywhere. It was founded by Salman Khan in 2006 and is based in Mountain View, California.

On their website, thousands of videos cover topics such as math and science, humanities, and art history, all designed to help you learn faster. There are also resources available for teachers looking to use Khan Academy’s content in their classrooms. The course library has over 10,000+ videos on topics ranging from basic arithmetic to calculus!

If you want more than just video lessons, then check out our list of alternatives below:


The StudyStack website is a free, open-source Quizlet alternative that allows you to develop flashcards or use their pre-made system. It has features such as:

  • A spaced repetition system (SRS). This means that it automatically adjusts the time between each quiz and when you see it again to help you learn better.
  • An app for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices so you can study wherever you go!



Anki is a flashcard app that’s available on a variety of platforms and is free to use. It has an excellent user interface and many features, including an impressive community and add-ons.

Anki is an open-source software program that allows you to create flashcards for studying or memorizing anything. The platform comes with a rich user interface so that you can easily import pictures, text, and audio recordings into each card and edit their layout before adding them to the app.

The Anki community has created many add-on plugins allowing users to modify existing decks by changing images or text within cards.

You can even use Google Images instead of uploading your photos so that they’ll be automatically resized according to their contents (for example, if someone has written “cat” on their paper copy at home).


As you can see, plenty of Quizlet alternatives are available to help you learn.

Whether you’re looking for a more structured course or just want some fun games to play, many options cover all kinds of topics.

Even though Quizlet has been around for years and is currently one of the most popular learning sites, it doesn’t mean that these other learning platforms aren’t worth checking out, either!

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