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Rahul Gandhi played Santa for this woman!

Christmas is right here and so is the season of gifts and making people feel special, we all do things to make our loved ones feel special and loved, this time Congress leader Rahul Gandhi played Santa to a one hundred seven year old grandmother. There is a woman who has turned 107 years old yesterday on Christmas,  December 25, and apparently the grandmother had just one wish for her birthday and
it was to meet the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi because well . . . “he’s handsome”. Read on to know if her wish got fulfilled.

Well . . . .the sweetest part here is that she got her wish fulfilled. Well, almost! Rahul called and personally wished her, much to her shock and delight.

Well . . . this is not it. Rahul Gandhi had earlier also replied to a tweet from the woman’s granddaughter who had tagged the new Congress President on a tweet in which they discussed about her grandmother’s wish.

Well, it started when Bengaluru resident Dipali Sikand had tweeted tagging Rahul Gandhi letting him know about her grandmother who was turning 107 yesterday.

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The tweet read, “Today my grandmother turned 107. Her one wish. To meet @OfficeOfRG Rahul Gandhi ! I asked her why? She whispers … He’s handsome !”

Much to their surprise, Rahul Gandhi replied, wishing Dipali’s “beautiful grandmother” and even offering her a virtual hug. Aww!

Rahul Gandhi’s tweet read,

“Dear Dipali, Please wish your beautiful grandmother a very happy birthday and a merry Xmas. Please also give her a big hug from me. Best, Rahul. “

What the grandmother-granddaughter duo wouldn’t have even imagined was that they would soon also be receiving a call from Rahul himself. By which Dipali’s grandmother even had the opportunity of talking to Rahul Gandhi. Well, this was confirmed by Dipali in one of her consecutive tweet.


Dipali’s tweet read,
“And as if this was not enough @OfficeOfRG Mr.Gandhi called and personally wished my Nani!! This is . Thank you all of you for the blessings for her . Each one of them matter. “
Well, this surely is a really sweet gesture on the part of Congress President Rahul Gandhi warming the cockles of our heart. Even a  lot of people on twitter had appreciated Rahul Gandhi on his such a warm gesture. We are sure that the granny had got a gift of a lifetime by this and Rahul Gandhi has once again proven that he is a man with a golden heart.

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