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Shadowbanned on Tiktok? 7 Ways to Remove It?

Remove TikTok ShadowBan

It feels unfair when your TikTok account is growing fast; you’re starting to make some money, and suddenly you find out your account has been shadowbanned.

It’s heartbreaking!!!

But don’t be too sad. There’s a way to get out of the TikTok Shadowban.

If you’re a TikTok user and have been shadowbanned, don’t worry. You can do plenty of things to remove yourself from the blacklist.

Use fewer hashtags

Use fewer hashtags to get the most out of TikTok and avoid getting shadowbanned.

Users use hashtags to find content on TikTok. Use relevant hashtags that are relevant to the content of your video or channel, as well as your niche.

For example, if you have an account about cooking healthy meals for children, using #HealthyFoodForKids would be a good hashtag to use in one or more of your videos so that people searching for that type of food can find it easily on TikTok (or anywhere else).

Avoid Making Long Videos

TikTok is not YouTube.

It gives the best results when you make short videos for your followers. And by short, I meant less than 60 seconds.

But in case, you’ve create d a big video, you can use a video editor to split your content into multiple videos and release them in parts.

Add subtitles and captions to your videos.

Another tip to get out of the TikTok shadowban is by adding captions and subtitles to your videos. Subtitles and captions are essential for deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers, so they’re a good idea if you know that you have followers who speak a different language than yours.

Not only does this make sense from an SEO perspective, but it also allows anyone who views your videos online on the TikTok website instead of the app.

So, with the sound turned off, the would be able to understand what’s being said!

Avoid Using Bots to Promote Your Content

You should never take shortcut by using AI bots to promote your account on TikTok.

This is a big no-no and can lead to a shadowban. TikTok doesn’t allow the use of bots, scripts, and automated tools that help you get more likes, followers, or views.

It also doesn’t allow third-party follower generators that enable similar functionality on its platform. If you use these apps and services, I recommend you stop immediately!

Because this time it’s just shadow ban but next time this situation may turn into a permanent tiktok account ban.

Don’t use third-party editing applications.

When you use shady third-party editing applications to edit your videos, the platform will automatically scan their content for any violations of its rules.

If any violations are found, the video will be banned from uploading to TikTok. To avoid this situation and ensure that your video gets accepted by TikTok without any issues, only use official editing apps to create and edit your content.

Never Plagarize Content

Create only unique video content.

It’s not just TikTok that panelizes you for using someone else’s content on your profile, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels has similar policies in place.

So, next time when you complain of shadowban, make sure you’ve sorted out any copy content from your TikTok profile.

Avoid Spamming

Your TikTok profile holds the potential to earn thousands of dollars for you. You can turn it into another marketing tool for yourself.

But in the process, spamming never helps.

Spamming your account with affiliate links or posting hateful content can lead to shadowban.

Not just that spaming other users’ videos with abusive comments to a harmless video can result in shadownban and in rare cases, a permanent ban.

So, avoid doing such activities and you’ll be able to retain your account without much loss.


Hopefully, I was helpful in removing shadowban from your TikTok account using the 7 suggestion listed in this post.

Once shadowban is removed from your TikTok account, I recommend you to stop going for easy gains using bots and followers generators.

Once detected, your account may get permanently banned and when that happens, you may never get your account back and start afresh.

That’s all for now. If you need help in following either of the suggestions do let me know in the comments below.

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