Top 10 “Risk of rain 2” Mods to Upgrade Your Base Level Game

Risk of rain 2 is one of the finest game to play but due to the limited access, lack of different mods, Gamers feel themselves stuck and especially the guys, who don’t know about winning mods and that’s why we are here with “Risk of Rain 2 Mods that Let You Win This Game”.

Developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, Risk of rain 2 is a rogue like third-person shooter game.

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Risk of Rain 2

Risk of rain 2 is a sequel to Risk of Rain, released in the year of 2013 for Microsoft windows. The sequel released after 6-year in 2019.

This game is available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Microsoft Windows. and you know what, people love this game. Probably, as you are on this page, you too.

Risk of Rain 2 has freshly launched and gained a good response from the users. The game does not have the steam workshop support, but it has mods.

Recently It has hit its 1.0 release, which has some extra mod to improve the feature like skin, coat, fire protector, 3d printers, infinite chances, and savior (new characters) with superpowers to destroy the enemy.

Even, I have found some good mods to maintain your enthusiasm toward the game. However, It’s difficult to mention all the mod, but here are the few interesting, and popular mod discusses below.

Best Risk of Rains 2 Mods

1. Sniper

The Sniper is an original Survivor who is sure to jumble up your next run. Snipers are expert in killing their enemy at a longer distance that’s why it also called as a long-range specialist.

If you have mastered in the available survivor even, then it has some novel character that helps you to retain the interest in the game. It includes in the list of the mod of playable survivor in Risk of Rain2.

2. Share Suite-

It is one of the best mod if you play with a friend who is a beginner. This mod completely twists the game by sharing a copy of his picked item to all of your friends.

This mod also helps in making a balance in the game by giving the particular optionality of the shared item.

For example – every player can get the red pieces, but the boss item can get only those who have picked it up. What’s your share item in the sharing suite.

3. Show Death Cause

It is one of the best gaming mod for the people who love to play in a team or along with kith and kins.

Whenever you died foolishly, then it always highlighted to your friend that makes you laugh all together. It is also helpful in keeping an eye to your friend in the game.

4. Infinite Chance

This mod is for those who want to play the Risk of rain smoothly, and do not want to face many difficulties. It is basically for the person who has seen a Shrine of Chance and wants to try his luck on it. It helps increase your winning chance.

As the name suggests, It also eliminates the annoying limit of two pieces per shrine and extends it to 8,000.

In this mod, you can buy all the items for free of cost.

5. Diluvian Difficulty

If you get bored with the base game because it is too simple for you then, Diluvian Difficultyis the perfect mod for you. It provides you a complete new experience.

The level of difficulty is much more than in the monsoon. The different modifiers help in enhancing the difficulty level by 70% by degrading health regeneration cycle up to 60%. Anyone who hardly handles to finish this mode will unlock the next level of difficulty.

6. Chip the Beetle

Do you want to laugh while playing the Risk of Rain2? Chip the Beetle is a crazy character that uses his body parts to attack the enemy instead of weapons.

It uses his heads, butts, jumps and some time act as bouncing ball around the enemy. It is sad to say that this mod doesn’t support the multi-players.

7. Starting Items GUI

This mod provides you with a distinct structure, motivated by different rogue likes Dead Cells. It offers you money to buy items outside of a run, and you have full fledge right to select whether those are permanent unlocks or purchases.

You have to make every time to retain some challenge, but still, it is not able to give you the better experience than the base game. Risk of Rain 2 isn’t a rogue like built Where characters and items are unlocked progressively.

8. The puppeteer

Puppeteer is among the best survivor who has the combination of abilities of several survivors. It is among the unique ones like the Sniper, but it would combine moves to put down his enemy. Gamers use the combination moves to kill the enemy in seconds.

9. Lemurian

It is among the playable survivor mods for this Risk of Rain 2. In this mode, you will transform into one of the enemies with full powers to defeat the opponent.

Lemurian mostly involves shooting flames from their mouth, but there is a hidden fact that it can also store the heat and kill the enemy in just a one blown out of the heat.

We have seen few bugs in this mod in which we are in a continuous update from past few months.

10. The Necro

Who is Necro? It was the first question in my mind when I heard about this mod. “The Necro” is among the list of a playable survivor whose appearance is similar to iron man.

It has the hand of energy as same as iron man, and create a climate storm to ruin down the enemies. It is one of the survivor which gamers love the most due to similarity with iron man.

I hope you like the above mod feature and if I miss any interesting mod, Please feel free to let us know in a comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to install the different mods of Risk of Rain 2?

It is easy to install. You have to visit the official modding site to install your favourite mod. Here the updates are rolling with every day.

  • Does mod work in a Multiplayer game?

Yes, Most of the mod work in a multi-player game smoothly, but few of the playable survivor mods are not available for multi-players like ChipTheBeetle.

  • Which is the best mod of Risk in Rain2?

In the game, you have seen two kinds of mods either game improvement mod or playable survivor mod.

It depends on your specifications which type of mod you want. I suggest you to go through the above mod and select the best according to your gameplay.

Final verdict

Never the less, Risk of Rain 2 is a pretty good game with an excellent interface. If you are a game lover, then you never disappoint with the game. Its entire team always brings you the latest mod that helps to maintain the interest in the game. I assure you that it is worth to play the game, and its latest mod increases the level and features that fulfil your expectation regarding the game