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SeatGeek vs StubHub: Which is Better?

When you want to go to a big event like a concert or a sports game, you need to buy tickets.

Some websites help us buy these tickets, and two of the biggest ones are SeatGeek and StubHub.

But which one is better? To find out, I will compare the two websites and see which is easier to use, which has better prices, and which is more reliable.

By the end, you’ll know which website is the best choice for buying tickets to your next big event.

So, let’s get started!

SeatGeek Features

  • Comprehensive ticket search: Find tickets for various sports, concerts, and theater events on SeatGeek.
  • Platform compatibility: Access SeatGeek’s features via its website or mobile app on iOS and Android devices.
  • Informative event listings: View events in chronological order with clear pricing details.
  • Customizable filters: Narrow your choices by applying filters such as price range and seating preferences.
  • Visual seat selection: Utilize interactive maps to preview seat locations and compare different sections.
  • Deal-focused pages: Discover student discounts, last-minute specials, and other deals easily.
  • User-friendly experience: Navigate the platform effortlessly with well-organized links and a clean interface.
  • Personalized search results: Enjoy tailored results based on your applied filters and preferences.

StubHub Features

  • Largest ticket marketplace: As the world’s largest ticket marketplace, StubHub offers access to a vast selection of live entertainment events.
  • Established brand: With over 20 years of experience, StubHub is a trusted name in the ticket industry.
  • Social media presence: Follow StubHub’s social media accounts with over 10 million fans and followers to stay updated on the latest news and events.
  • Mobile app availability: Download StubHub’s mobile app on Android and iOS devices for convenient ticket purchasing on the go.
  • Anytime, anywhere access: Purchase tickets from your phone while waiting in line or on the go.
  • Interactive maps: Utilize the app’s maps feature, complete with directions from your current location, to navigate to your event with ease.
  • Hassle-free experience: Avoid the traffic and long lines by planning with StubHub’s app.
  • Variety of entertainment options: From concerts to sports events, StubHub offers access to a diverse range of live entertainment options.

SeatGeek vs StubHub: Comparison

Ticket Inventory and Availability

StubHub: Offers an impressive 10 million listings, providing users with a vast selection of entertainment options.

SeatGeek: Currently offers tickets for over 100,000 live events yearly.

Pricing and Fees

SeatGeek: Provides a free service for buyers, making it a cost-effective option.

StubHub: Charges buyers a 5% fee on top of the ticket price, along with an additional processing fee, which can increase the overall cost for buyers.

Mobile App Availability

Both platforms offer user-friendly mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, providing a convenient ticket-purchasing experience.

User Experience

StubHub: Offers a larger inventory but can be overwhelming due to the range of options.

SeatGeek: Provides a streamlined interface similar to Ticketmaster or Eventbrite, making it easier to navigate.

Refund Policy

SeatGeek: Provides a FanProtect Guarantee that covers buyers in case of canceled events or invalid tickets, offering a full refund.

StubHub: Offers a FanProtect Guarantee that covers buyers in case of canceled events or invalid tickets, offering a full refund or replacement tickets.

SeatGeek vs Stubhub: Event Variety and Coverage

SeatGeek and StubHub are popular ticketing sites that allow you to find and buy tickets for just about any event, including sports events, concerts, theater and arts events, festivals, and special events. Both sites offer an extensive selection of tickets for these activities in most major cities worldwide.

So what sets them apart?

There are two main areas where SeatGeek excels:

  • It has a wider selection of events than Stubhub (including more obscure ones).
  • It offers free shipping on orders over $50!

SeatGeek vs Stubhub: Mobile app features and functionality

Ticket scanning and digital entry

Both Stubhub and SeatGeek offer the ability to scan your tickets with your phone so you can bypass the ticket counter.

They also allow you to upload digital copies of your tickets on the go if you lose or forget them at home (or if you want another backup).

In-app ticket management

Both Stubhub and SeatGeek have tools for managing all your purchases in one place, including refunding tickets purchased through their sites.

This is especially helpful if something goes wrong with an order—you don’t have to contact each vendor separately!

Personalized event recommendations

StubHub and SeatGeek offer personalized event recommendations based on users’ preferences, search history, and location. StubHub features a “Recommendations” section, while SeatGeek has a “For You” tab on their mobile app and website.

You can also browse through events by category, such as “Popular Events,” which displays upcoming concerts and other events near your current location.

These tailored recommendations make it easier for users to discover new events and experiences that align with their interests.

Push notifications for price drops and events.

StubHub and SeatGeek have push notifications for price drops or new events, so you can be the first to know when tickets go on sale!

If I browse these sites and see something I like, a notification on my phone will let me know that a new price drop or event might interest me.

SeatGeek vs Stubhub: International Presence and Availability

SeatGeek and StubHub have a substantial international presence, with listings from numerous venues in multiple countries worldwide. SeatGeek allows users to buy tickets for events held in other countries, providing transparent pricing with no hidden fees for using credit cards to pay for purchases.

StubHub does support purchases in multiple currencies, not just USD. Since Viagogo acquired it, StubHub’s international presence has expanded, allowing users to purchase tickets in various currencies depending on their location and the event location.

For international options, SeatGeek and StubHub offer a wide range of events and support multiple currencies. Users can also consider other platforms like Viagogo or Ticketmaster, depending on their preferences and needs.

SeatGeek vs Stubhub: Loyalty programs and rewards

As of now, neither SeatGeek nor StubHub offers points-based loyalty programs.

SeatGeek occasionally provides promotions, discounts, and referral rewards, while StubHub has had partnerships with credit card companies.

For the most current information on available offers and partnerships, visit the websites.

SeatGeek vs Stubhub: Environmental and social responsibility

SeatGeek and StubHub are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by encouraging paperless ticketing and partnering with eco-friendly events.

Additionally, they are committed to community engagement, with SeatGeek supporting local events and StubHub providing opportunities for underprivileged artists through their “Rising Stars” program and donating tickets to nonprofits through their “Tickets for Good” initiative.

Overall, both companies set an example for others in the industry to prioritize sustainability and social responsibility.

SeatGeek vs Stubhub: Partnerships and affiliations

StubHub and SeatGeek have partnerships with sports teams, leagues, and venues, as evidenced by their respective collaborations in the industry. StubHub also has affiliations with major concert promoters such as Live Nation and AEG Presents 3.

While StubHub previously held a notable partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB), allowing fans to buy tickets on their platform, this agreement changed in 2023.

MLB has since replaced StubHub with SeatGeek as its official secondary ticket marketplace, further expanding SeatGeek’s presence in the sports ticketing industry.


In the end, both SeatGeek and StubHub have their good points.

The best choice for buying event tickets depends on where you get the best deal for yourself.

At the end of the day, no matter which one you pick, they both make the ticket booking experience seamless.

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