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Sneaky Sasquatch Doctor Update: How to Become a Doctor

Sneaky Sasquatch firefighter update is due sometime in July 2024.

So tell me—have you tried your hands on the Sneaky Sasquatch doctor update? If not, this guide will help you understand it easily.

Prerequisites for Becoming a Doctor in Sneaky Sasquatch

To become a doctor in Sneaky Sasquatch, you must first progress through the medical career path starting from a junior paramedic role.

As you gain experience and skill, you will move up to a senior paramedic position. Eventually, you must receive a medical diploma to qualify for the doctor position.

Watching a Shopping Bonanza advertisement after midnight on the in-game TV reveals an opportunity to purchase a medical diploma.

Once you have this diploma, you should speak with the hospital administrator to secure the doctor’s job.

Step-by-step Process to Becoming a Doctor

Get a Medical Diploma

  1. Wait for Night: The process starts at night. During this time, you should be on the lookout for a specific commercial that can only be seen on TV in the game.
  2. Purchase the Medical Diploma: When the commercial airs, it will present you with an opportunity to buy a medical diploma. Pay attention to the commercial to know when and how you can make this purchase.
  3. Buying the Diploma: Next, successfully purchase the medical diploma during the night by following the instructions provided in the commercial. This is an essential step as it qualifies you to become a doctor in the game.

Becoming a Doctor

  1. Visit the Hospital: With the diploma now obtained, the next step is to go to the hospital, which is presumably the place where you can begin your medical career.
  2. Becoming a Doctor: Upon arrival at the hospital and due to your newly acquired medical diploma, the game recognizes you as a doctor. This can be seen when the user exclaims, “Now I am a doctor.”

Starting Your Medical Practice

  1. Determining What to Do: Next, you have to go through a moment of consideration over what actions to take next, implying that there’s a degree of freedom or decision-making involved in the tasks you’ll undertake as a doctor.
  2. Selecting the Right Tools: One of the tasks involves selecting the correct items for medical procedures. In my case, I picked “the blue and the green,” which are the correct choices for the given task, as indicated by the response, “See I got it right.”

Earning Money

  1. Earning Money: Performing tasks correctly as a doctor, like choosing the right tools, rewards you with money. This means working as a doctor is a lucrative career path within the game, as confirmed by the in-game statement “easy money.”
  2. Unexpected Events: There’s a moment where the doctor (player) begins to run away, which suggests unexpected events or situations can arise while performing your duties. This hints at the variety of activities and scenarios that could happen within the game’s framework.

Once you’ve earned enough money, you will be able to pay your rent and save from getting evicted in Sneaky Sasquatch.

Maximizing Profits as a Doctor

Sneaky Sasquatch Doctor
Sneaky Sasquatch Doctor

After you’ve become a doctor in Sneaky Sasquatch, the next thing is all about maximizing your profits. Here are some tips you should keep in mind to do it fast –

  1. Starting Point: Initially, conduct a normal patient diagnosis and treatment without employing the new strategies to establish a baseline for comparison.
  2. Baseline Earnings: Without using specific strategies, treating a patient with an arm injury using standard procedures resulted in an earning of 425 coins.
  3. Advanced Earning Strategies
    • Utilize unassisted bonuses by avoiding the virtual doctor for an extra 150 coins. The Sneaky Sasquatch Wiki offers guidance on handling various patient scenarios which can boost your earnings significantly.
    • Performing surgeries adds to the profitability. While certain tasks can’t be repeated for the same patient, like surgery, other diagnostics can be.
    • Offering patients their favorite food grants a bonus. However, it’s not cost-effective compared to the unassisted bonus as it only adds 100 coins and requires the virtual doctor, ultimately resulting in a net loss of 50 coins.
    • Giving all available lab tests, regardless of their necessity, adds a bonus of 250 coins to your paycheck. Importantly, to optimize, don’t conduct these one at a time.
  4. Detailed Procedure for Increased Earnings
    • For a patient with a leg injury, I suggest giving every lab test before the actual treatment to bank the bonus 250 coins.
    • Including a cardio test (treadmill) in your diagnoses not only contributes to an elevated patient care level but also adds a bonus to the paycheck.
    • Collecting the results papers, even if you don’t need them for diagnosis, is mandatory for the tests to count towards your earnings.
    • X-ray tests give you an additional 75 coins. Even incidental findings that don’t impact your primary diagnosis add to your overall paycheck.
  5. Final Earnings
    • After implementing the new strategies, the earnings for a single patient treatment session rose to 975 coins. A breakdown of the earnings includes 250 coins for the lab, 125 coins from the cardiology exam, 75 for the x-ray, and 150 for being unassisted, showcasing a significant improvement over the baseline.

To earn maximum profit, you should shift your main focus to patient care, and exploring vehicle upgrades for unassisted bonuses. These strategies not only enhance the gameplay experience but also help you accumulate wealth in Sneaky Sasquatch at a faster pace.

That’s all for now.

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