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A Quick Walkthrough on Why is Social Media Using Artificial Intelligence In 2022?

Every year, we are seeing a tremendous growth in internet users and as we know, the social media platforms are the first choice of any user to do fun, talking with their friend but to deal with the users, to increase their user experience or to optimize the data, every social media platform have to use Artificial Intelligence.

Few of you might know about “What is Artificial Intelligence” but to overview, let’s understand it in this way:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Although We human beings use intelligence and take decision-based on our behavior but there are so many things we find common between us such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making etc. We are adding these common decision-making power, similar visual perception, collecting and analyzing the data and make it in a systematic way and respond accordingly. As per WikipediaArtificial Intelligence is an intelligence demonstrated by machines in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.

Let’s check out the first AI Robot Sophia Latest Interview:

Artificial Intelligence – Use of Social Media

Over the past years, social media has become very popular among people. There are not only millions but also billions of people signed up for social media webs such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot more. There is an unimaginably large amount of data of users linked to these social media sites and is increasing day by day. This bulk of data is scattered and not in a set pattern which makes it quite impossible to look through all that data in a systematic way, manually. This where we find our answer to “why social media is using artificial intelligence in 2022? and how AI affect social media” Artificial intelligence is basically a part of computer science, which deals with dealing with data and getting a certain work done through cognitive technology, which uses intelligence similar to human intelligence.

Social Media takes help of Artificial Intelligence in order to deal with enormous amount of data, and analyze it systematically in a quick and efficient way, which relieves humans of such tedious work.


When we talk about artificial intelligence, people often think that it is entirely related to robots doing all tasks. But in reality, robots are just one part of artificial intelligence. In reality, it is about using a set of algorithms and programmes that work in similar ways of human intelligence. The artificial intelligence does not mean that it will operate itself and take all decision. It does all work under human observation and at many points, the critical and more important tasks are done and decisions taken by humans only. Artificial intelligence is just an aid of going through major data and simplifying tasks for humans. Also, it is believed that due to this, many people will go jobless. This also is not true. Artificial intelligence is not taking over jobs, it is only helping already on the job to ease out their most of heavy tasks.


When social media and artificial intelligence connects together, we name this connectivity as a social media intelligence. Social Media especially Instagram is a popular platform for businesses. Instagram works best with the e-commerce website which sells the fashionable stuff. Social media intelligence is helping all over the world to establish a new business, helping to flourish already existing business, getting access to new clients and much more and that’s too without putting heavy investment. You got the result with the each penny you spend online in the form of likes, shares, comments and number of purchases etc. As there are millions of people on social media but it’s hard to target the right audience and here Artificial intelligence helps you to analyze many of these profiles and link you to those, which can prove to be your potential customers.

Along with that, artificial intelligence is helping to identify the trends and general patterns going among people. It helps you to see what is trending, what hashtags are popular among people and are the general behaviors. This helps to identify many entrepreneurs to determine what kind of goods and services are in more demand and what can be sold to people at the mass level.


Chatbots are a blessing of artificial intelligence, which connects the user with a company’s robot on social media’s chat, which generates an answer. For example Cinema Company may use chatbot for more efficient response to a customer who wants to book a ticket online.

We can take the example of Facebook, which with help of artificial intelligence was able to flag suicidal user by analyzing their profiles and providing them with quick help.

AI Social Media Marketing:

I know most of you don’t know about “How Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media network decide to show you any specific ad?” and you might not think about it too but that’s all part of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence checks your interest, purchasing behaviors, your life events and many things to decide what ads to show or what’s not. Artificial Intelligence plays a very important role in the marketing of any product to you. You can have an authentic discussion with the engaging customer by customizing your chatbots too.

So to sum up, the answer to ” why social media is using artificial intelligence in 2022?” is simple. Artificial intelligence is a science, which helps to categorize the data, and helps to make good use of it for business and social benefits.

Please let me know if I have missed anything.

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