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13 Stores like torrid to Buy Your Favorite Clothing

Stores like Torrid

Are you a plus-size woman?

Are you finding it hard to find the right clothes?

Fortunately, now torrid is not the only retail chain store affordable enough to buy your favorite clothing collections.

There are tons of stores that cater to your requirement.

And in this post, I’ll share a list of popular and trusted stores like torrid, where you can find everything from cute dresses to trendy jeans. Let’s get started:

13 Popular Stores like torrid

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is another retailer with a wide range of clothing options for plus-size women. The company carries everything from denim to dresses, sweaters, and more – all in your size.

The company offers women’s sizes 14W-28W, available at, plus stores like Macy’s and Dillards.

Ashley Stewart

You may not be familiar with Ashley Stewart, but if you’re looking for Torrid alternatives, their plus-size clothing is worth checking out.

African-American entrepreneur Joseph J. Sitt founded Ashley Stewart in 1991, and it has since grown from a small boutique to a chain of over 200 stores across the United States.

The company specializes in plus-size fashions for women and carries all kinds of things—from jeans to dresses, tops to bottoms—that will look great on curvy bodies like yours.

Ashley Stewart is part of Ascena Retail Group (or Ascena), which owns several other brands, including Lane Bryant, Justice, and Ann Taylor Factory Store.

Addition Elle

Addition Elle is a plus-size clothing store that specializes in great fashion for women. They have stores all over Canada, the United States, and France.

In addition to their wide variety of clothing options, they also offer accessories and shoes!


If you’re looking for trendy plus-size clothing stores like torrid, your search ends with Avenue, as it’s the place to go.

They also offer different brands than Torrid (like Rachel Roy), so keep that in mind if one brand isn’t doing it for you anymore.


Eloquii is a plus-size clothing retailer that specializes in women’s clothing. Eloquii was founded in 2008 by its parent company, Ascena Retail Group (Ascena), and is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Eloquii offers a wide variety of high-quality brands, including their clothing line and pieces from other popular brands such as Levi’s and Macy’s. Eloquii also has a wide selection of accessories, including handbags, jewelry, shoes, sleepwear, and outerwear.

Eloquii offers free shipping on all orders at any time while supplies last!


Penningtons is another Canadian clothing store with a large selection of plus-size clothing. They have everything from jeans and pants to dresses, tops, and accessories. They also carry shoes in their stores. Penningtons carries brands like Skinny Girl, Michael Kors, and many others.

Penningtons was founded in 1957 by Roy Pennington, who started with a tiny store in Alberta, Canada, called the Bargain Centre.

In 1959 he opened his first warehouse, which allowed him to expand his business across Canada by selling wholesale products for other retail outlets such as department stores or catalogs that needed inexpensive clothing for their customers but still wanted high-quality goods at affordable prices.

Fashion Bug

Stores like torrid
Stores like torrid

Fashion Bug is another clothing store that sells plus-size clothing, and it’s a subsidiary of Ascena Retail Group. This company is based in Dayton, Ohio, and has over 1,100 stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Fashion Bug is a women’s clothing store that carries some brands from stores like Torrid: Eloquii, Lane Bryant, and H&M Home. They also have their line of plus-size clothing called “Fashion Bug Plus.”

Hot Topic

Hot Topic is a specialty retailer of licensed and non-licensed merchandise, including apparel, footwear, accessories, fragrances, and gifts.

Founded in June 1988 as Zany Brainy by Jeffrey Rubin in California’s San Fernando Valley, the store initially sold officially licensed merchandise from The Ren & Stimpy Show, and dresses from the met gala.

In 1994 the company changed its name to Hot Topic after being sued by the owners of Zany Brainy for trademark infringement. By 1998 Hot Topic had grown to over 300 stores nationwide. There are more than 825 stores across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


SimplyBeUK is a UK-based online store that sells plus-size fashion. They have an extensive range of clothing, including tops, bottoms, jackets, and even shoes!

Deb Shops

Deb Shops is a UK-based retailer of plus-size clothing. They have a wide range of items from long dresses to jeans and tops to swimwear!

The brand is available in sizes 16 to 28 in women’s clothing.


If you’re looking for a store like Torrid, JunoActive is the place to go. It is a European brand of women’s clothing, accessories, swimsuits, and lingerie.

This famous brand has stores in London and Manchester in the UK but also ships internationally to countries such as the US, Canada, and Australia.


Macy’s, Inc. is an American department store chain. As of early 2018, Macy’s had 790 department stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, most of which are in middle-to-upper income suburban shopping malls.

However, the company operated two shopping centers in urban settings: Herald Square in Manhattan and State Street in downtown Chicago.

The company also operated 10 Bloomingdale stores, eight luxury outlets under the Bluemercury brand, six furniture galleries under Macy’s Furniture Gallery, and one upscale beauty outlet called Bluemercury at Macy’s Westfield Garden State Plaza.

Macy’s was founded by Rowland Hussey Macy (1822–1877) on Sixth Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets in New York City on November 30, 1858, as R.H Macy Dry Goods Store.

The original store was only dedicated to men’s clothing; men were not allowed inside unless they were accompanied by a woman (or her husband).

This policy continued until 1901, when it began selling dresses for women; however, at this time, men still could not enter unescorted by anyone other than their wife or daughter.

In 1902 he expanded into neighboring buildings, where he began selling shoes from one floor while continuing to sell clothing from another. In 1909 he opened a second location across town at Herald Square.

Ulla Popken-TORRID Alternative!

Stores like torrid
Stores like torrid

Ulla Popken is a famous European brand with a large selection of teen and adult clothing. If you’re looking for an alternative to Torrid, this could be it!

They offer many of the same styles as Torrid, but some unique items are only available in Europe (and, therefore, not at any other stores). You can order online or find Ulla Popken stores in your neighborhood if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby!

Ulla Popken has lots of leggings and jeans that look similar to the stores like Torrid (although they may not be the same), but they also carry many other types of clothes like skirts, dresses, tops, and jackets.

Their accessories selection includes shoes with heels or wedges and purses with long straps, so they don’t fall off your shoulder when walking around town all day long!


I hope you’ve found these stores to be an excellent alternative to Torrid.

Apart from this list of torrid alternatives, if you’re looking for dashing style clothing, check out this list of fashion stores like Dolls.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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