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Upcoming 2022 PS5 Games Releases

The PS5 is the latest gaming console in the PlayStation range, and it would be a waste to play the same old games on it. Luckily, this entity has a vast number of game releases lined up for 2022. Not only that, the gaming mogul has specialised in bringing your favourite TV show into your console.

It has lined up classic titles like the God of War Ragnarok, Lego Star Wars: The Sky Walker, and newer inventions such as Horizon Forbidden West. If your PS has been lying unused and you’d like to give it a spin this year, here are some of the exciting games that you should watch out for.

Horizon Forbidden West

Brave the war horizons with Alloy as she explores a new frontier that comes with its fierce yet exciting regions to conquer. This one player game keeps you on toes with the vast array of battles you have to win.

From expansive lands, to thick forests, and deserted cities, you have to keep watch so that you do not end up as a victim as the rest of the people. Available in both standard and deluxe edition, you can now pre-order your PS4 and PS5 standard games for $59.99 and $69.99 or $79.99 for the deluxe variation.

God of War Ragnarok

Ever watched the TV series Ragnarok or the Vikings? If you haven’t you should know that the character of Ragnarok is based on a fierce warrior that would scale heights for victory. In this PS5 game, Arteus has to acclimatise to the discoveries that took place at the end of the previous series.

Another significant character, Kratos, has a target on his head and the enemies seem to be too many, but will he overcome them? The threat of the mighty warrior Ragner is also imminent and Kratos has to choose between saving his Kingdom or his family.

How will things play out? Find more about this anticipated game and get details for pre-ordering online.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Take out your sword and get ready for a battle between Lego and aliens. With a team of five other members, you have to defend the galaxy from invasion by the intruders. Traveller’s Tales and TT Games keep you hooked to the game by including an array of attractive features that include weaponry, humour, and changeable characters. Playing on both sides of the game either as a villain or hero is available too.

Star Wars is not new in the games industry, to say the least, with many video games and also a recently emerged slot game by 777igt. And while it hasn’t hit the top NJ online casinos yet, this might change in the future due to its popularity.

GhostWire: Tokyo

Based on the comic book Ghost Wire, the GhostWire is a game that features the Japanese landscape from narrow alleys to traditional temples, not forgetting the modern cities. Your aim is to fight off the scary supernatural creatures that haunt the city and stay alive and uninfected at the same time.

While this task is hard and drowning, Sony and Tango GameWorks ensure that you have the best weapons that will help kill your attackers. Did I mention that you will enjoy next generation graphics and gaming features? Set to be released by March 24, this game already has a growing fan base after the leaked release dates. Does it look like something you may want to check out? Hop onto the publisher’s page for more details on how to get this game once it is launched.

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