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Visualead : One of The Best QR Code Generator

QR is the contracted form of Quick Response and through QR codes you can obtain any kind of information within seconds. In today’s modern era QR codes are the need of every business. Now every smartphone has QR code reader software in it because it is the demand of today. If you are a businessman then definitely you would be aware of their importance for your business. Here we will discuss the Visualead, one of the best QR code generator.

Initially, QR codes were by a Japnese company Denso Wave for the automobile industry and their main motive was to track vehicles. But today we can see QR codes everywhere. Just scan with your mobile and you can get throughout the information of any product. Even you can see the QR code on clothes. QR codes look irrelevant but we can generate relevant QR codes with some QR code generators and among of them Visualead is the best one.

Visualead an outstanding QR Code generator

Basically, QR codes come in white and black squares which look uninteresting and boring. For making them more visual and interesting there is a QR code generator which makes codes with existing images. In fact, we find it pretty tough when we have to scan the ugly black and white barcodes. It doesn’t matter for most leading brands that their codes are scanned or not they focus only having them. Sometimes these codes seem quite irrelevant for finding the digital content of a particular product.

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If you are spending lots of dollars on promoting your brand then why you don’t expand on QR codes. Visualead can represent your logo as a QR code and it becomes pretty easy to find out the customer engagement. Visualead is a unique QR code generator which makes QR codes appealing and you can easily generate QR code with this software.

Potential of Visualead QR Code Generator

Visualead is the best QR code generator for making your codes more live and scannable. Here you will notice the key features and potential of this.

Immediately convert any design into QR code

Visualead can turn any design or drawing into a QR code. You just have to follow three easy steps. Initially you just choose the image you want to make QR code with, also the destination in your image you want to apply QR code and finally place it. Visualead will automatically embed the code on your desired place.

Ability to support high-resolution pictures

This QR code generator supports all types of images such as RGB, CYMK etc. It also allows you to upload images with your image editor and you can create QR code with any portion of it.


When you amalgamate a QR code with an image it doesn’t decrease its transparency apart from the area where you paste the QR code because they are scannable. Remaining image is quite transparent.

Individual dashboard

It offers you a personal dashboard where you can save all the QR codes design, you have created. You can review and download QR codes again and even you can modify them after printing. If you have committed a mistake then you can easily correct it.

Branded and custom QR codes

For better engagement of customers towards your brand you can easily turn a logo or brand name it QR code. It multiplies your opportunities.

Unique and remarkable QR codes

Visualead permits you to make unique and impressive QR codes which leave a positive impact on the user. Don’t be bound in the square codes and give a try to Visualead to promote your business through QR codes.

Quick and simple to use

Visualead offers you a quick and easy to use service. You can turn any image, logo or brand name into QR code within 60 seconds. So forget all complicated, and hand designed QR codes and adopt the latest technology of Visualead.

Visual QR code API for huge creation of QR codes

By using API technique you can easily combine QR codes to your service and permits your user to deal with attractive QR codes.

Although Visualead offers you dynamic and effective QR codes still I found one negative point in it. When you see a logo then all your attraction goes to the logo, not on the square which contains the QR code. In this situation, your logo dominates the QR code. It should look like a QR code.

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Well…QR codes are the most promising way to increase your brand awareness. Visualead can make your QR codes more scannable and interesting. Still, any query regarding this software then comment below and also share your experience if you have ever used or currently using it.


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