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7 Vtuber Maker Alternatives to Create 3D Avatars for Streaming

Vtuber Maker Alternatives

Live Streaming is the future of gaming.

No one can deny this!

Today if you’ve to start your streaming channel, you no longer have to sit in front of a camera all the time.

All you need to do is install Vtuber Maker on your PC.

It’s a #1 virtual avatar live broadcast software that focuses on creating 3D Avatar or anime characters & presenting on a live stream powered by Live3D.

Once created, that’s how your character can look on a live stream:

Still, if you want a variety of options, you can try some Vtuber Maker alternatives.

List of Vtuber Maker Features

High-precision Facial Capture

Only one camera is required for VTuber, and you may need Facial Capture accurately, even in bright or dark conditions.

Audio-based lipsync

If you don’t have a webcam, don’t worry; we also offer skilled voice tracking to generate the ideal anthropomorphic effect.

Professional 3D avatars and custom models

All models support fast character painting, accessories, and special effects. Additionally, all models include built-in 3d high-quality models that may be avatar live broadcast quickly.

Virtual presentation

Switching between effects, multiple persons performing on the same stage, character effect presentation, character switching between different posture idles (standing, sitting, lifting legs, sitting on the ground), and so forth.

Document/Video Presentation

You may add more depth and color to your live broadcast or creative content by importing PowerPoint, documents, pictures, and videos.

Virtual webcam

You can efficiently conduct a virtual presentation on Zoom, Discord, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms through the virtual webcam.

You may also apply the virtual screen on streamlabs obs and collaborate with our Presentation System to become a presentation expert.

Programming modules

Six popular shortcut actions are included, allowing you to activate human animation effects quickly.

Vtuber Maker has also introduced a new blockly programming action that enables more sophisticated trigger methods, such as idle step switching, shortcut key triggering, and mouse triggering.

BEST Vtuber Maker Alternatives


VTubers™ is the definitive guide to becoming a VTuber, with full-color pictures and step-by-step instructions. The most critical and first software you’ll need to get started is VTroid. You’ll need an animated character or graphic avatar to play in all of your videos. With this software, you can create a 3D avatar or anime character as per your creativity.

It’s up to you whether you pick from a pre-existing list or build your own. It has all of the essential characteristics needed to personalize a character to your liking and whim. Some are entirely free, while others require you to pay for them.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, this avatar creation program is essential as it lets you use your creativity to its full extent and work on even the tiniest of your virtual characters’ characteristics and changes.

The VRoid studio is an excellent choice for VTubers of all types, as it’s compatible with Windows and Mac systems.


Wakaru is a popular name in the VTubing software industry, with Windows-based computers as its target market. This program has several features, including the ability to produce VTuber content without needing a virtual reality component.

With its easy-to-use interface, you only need to install a web camera on your PC. You may even use a smartphone camera instead of this camera and still get good results.

While not as smooth as in a VR-powered system, the controls are an excellent option for novices or newbies.

The software includes facial control, mouth form capture, eye capture, real-time gesture tracking, head posture detection, and more.


This is a more complex VTuber software that is primarily used by gamers. Although the basic program is free to use, it is jam-packed with advanced and creative functions, such as mouse and keyboard control choices and animation simulation via controllers for more realistic results.

You may improve streaming quality using a fast internet connection and output by enhancing tracking accuracy with the Leap Motion System if you purchase a few minor paid upgrades.

It also has several customization options, so you can change things up if you want. The ability to operate without needing a webcam or mobile camera is another distinguishing feature that distinguishes it from other VTuber software. ,

Manual control is used to create and control facial expressions. You may also use key phrases to automate their stimulation.

VTube Studio

VTube Studio is software that works on both Mac and PC, but it needs a smartphone (iOS or Android) to function. This VTuber program utilizes the connect smartphone to capture your face and animate your Live2D Cubism Character. It’s compatible with OBS for live streaming and is a free program.

There are several elements included with this program, and they will come in handy when you start your YouTube channel. This software, however, does not track your eye movements or winks. Nevertheless, VTube Studio is a decent choice for beginning VTuber software because it offers a variety of features.

VR Chat

There’s no way to make this list without talking about VR Chat, which is unquestionably one of the essential programs for virtual YouTubers. VRChat allows users to test various things, including making an avatar creation for VTube purposes. This program is available on Steam and works with a wide range of VR tools & devices.

You can use VRChat to make your virtual world for YouTube virtual reality videos. Furthermore, VR Chat enables full-body avatars with lip sync, eye movement/blinking, hand gestures, and a broad range of motion.

Live3D VTuber Maker

Live3D VTuber Maker is a software that gives you everything you need to start making videos for YouTube without spending a lot of money. There’s no “starting” fee with Live3D VTuber Maker, which offers many exciting features, such as customization panels to make your anime character look excellent and accurate.

Live3D’s VTuber Maker lets you customize your character and fine-tune the model for a $69 subscription fee. It’s a full VTuber software that works with YouTube VR videos.


FaceVTuber allows you to become a VTuber with just a web browser and webcam. It is a web-based VTuber software that runs in any web browser (The developer recommends chrome).

Another restriction of this program is the Japanese-based user interface. However, if you read and understand Japanese, FaceVTuber can be a helpful tool.

FaceVTuber supports:

  • FBX format (fbx),
  • MMD (pmd, pmx),
  • VRM (vrm) 3D formats.

Final Thoughts

With this post, I hope you solely rely on using the Vtuber Maker app.

There are dozens of Vtuber alternatives that you can use to create 3D avatars or anime characters of your choice.

That’s all for now.

Apart from Vtuber Maker, which app you’ve found to be helpful? Do let me know in the comments section given below.

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