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Is Whatsapp Plus Safe To Use? Check Pros And Cons

Is it safe to use WhatsApp plus?, Why WhatsApp plus is banned?, How can I install, WhatsApp plus?, How can I update my WhatsApp plus? Let’s find out the answers of all these users queries through a well-searched article about WhatsApp plus.

Whatsapp Plus: what it is exactly?

Guys, when you want to chat with someone what name strikes in your mind? Whatsapp, am I right? Yes, Whatsapp is the most downloaded messaging app and millions of people around the globe are using Whatsapp to connect with their loved ones. Even our grandparents are also aware of the Whatsapp. But currently, there are more options available of Whatsapp like GBWhatsapp, OGwhatsapp, and Whatsapp Plus with more attractive features.

All the modified versions have some certain downsides along with benefits. Whatsapp is quite popular nowadays and many people have asked me is it safe to use Whatsapp Plus? Here I will describe the pros and cons of Whatsapp Plus which will help you to find out the exact answer.

pros and cons of Whatsapp plus
Is Whatsapp Plus Safe To Use? Check Pros And Cons

Whatsapp Plus

Many people are still confused that is Whatsapp Plus is the product of genuine Whatsapp or not? Guys, be aware Whatsapp plus is not the invention of the developers of original WhatsApp and you can’t download it from Google Play store. But this app comes with eye-catching features which are not available in normal WhatsApp. It is quite popular among the youths because of its attributes. When we look at the icon of Whatsapp Plus it looks like the genuine Whatsapp but it is Blue in color. Moreover, its existing features make it differ from the old Whatsapp.

Is Whatsapp Plus safe to use?

Whatsapp Plus contains certain favorable features but is it safe to use? My recommendation is to not to use the Whatsapp plus because there is confusion about its exact origin and also the exact developer. When an app doesn’t have the verified developer then it is fake. You are mature enough whether you should go for the fake one or for the original one. I will suggest you stick up with the old Whatsapp and not to install the modified versions of Whatsapp.

Pros of Whatsapp Plus

Although it is not safe to use but if you don’t care about your phone’s security then you can download it. Whatsapp Plus comes with multiple features so take a look below to be aware of them.

  • The app comes with numerous themes which are not in old Whatsapp.
  • Offers you lots of new emojis and emotions for more expression.
  • If you don’t want to show your last seen then you can hide it this.
  • With this app, you can send larger files. It allows you to send up to 50MB files.
  • You can change the chat image, pop up notification, and also the color of the launcher icon

Cons of Whatsapp plus

Now you are thinking about installing it but if you want to install it then you have to uninstall the genuine one. There are certain drawbacks which indicate not to use this. Observe carefully and take your decision.

  • One of the most noticeable downsides of this app that it is not present on Google play store and there are no chances to be there. You can download it from its official website.
  • It is a third-party app and these kinds of apps contain malware which can infect your privacy policy.
  • There is still confusion about its developer and the developer of original WhatsApp has informed that they don’t have any relation to the developers of WhatsApp plus.
  • We can’t determine it the legal app because everything is unclear.

Wrap Up

My suggestion is to stay away for all the modded files and if you don’t concern about your security aspects then the choice is yours. In the end, I would like to say go for a genuine one because if someone imitates others then there are faults in the imitator. Still, any query then comments below and if you are using Whatsapp Plus then share your experiences with us. For more updates stay connected.


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