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9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Opt for Perlego Subscription

Have you heard of Perlego? It’s an online library, often called the ‘Spotify for textbooks‘. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

But, is it as good as it seems? Does it really give you good value for your money, or are there problems that might be of your concern?

Before you choose to subscribe, it’s good to know what might go wrong.

Keep reading as I share 9 reasons why a Perlego subscription might not be the right choice for you.

Reason 1: Limited Book Selection

One of the main selling points of Perlego is its vast library of books spanning various academic and professional fields. Yet, despite this seemingly large collection, the selection is reportedly limited.

Users, particularly from more niche academic areas, have voiced the absence of several key titles, leaving them unable to fully depend on Perlego for their academic resources.

This limitation could lead you to still have to purchase additional books, significantly reducing the perceived value-for-money of the service.

Reason 2: Difficulty in Canceling Subscription

Another increasingly common grievance with Perlego, as highlighted in various Reddit threads, is the difficulty involved when attempting to cancel the subscription.

You may find yourself tangled in a complicated and frustrating process, with ending up paying for a service that you no longer wish to use, due to unresolved cancellation issues.

Reason 3: Inadequate Customer Support

Efficient customer support system is vital to ensure user satisfaction. However the sentiment echoed by many Perlego users indicates a contrary reality where the customer service response has been deemed largely indifferent.

Complaints range from slow response times to inquiries or issues to a lack of satisfactory solutions, all contributing to a less-than-satisfactory user experience.

Reason 4: Platform Usability issues

The User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) act as the backbone for digital platforms, particularly for a platform like Perlego where users spend prolonged periods reading.

Regrettably, negative user reviews citing persistent glitches and lagging issues indicate that there is a need for improvement in this aspect. These issues disrupt the reading workflow and mar the overall experience, leading users to seek more reliable alternatives.

Reason 5: Unavailability of Certain Textbooks

Despite an allegedly extensive collection, Perlego falls short of its promise of universal textbook availability. Several Reddit users have commented that despite the sizeable library, they were unable to find specific academic textbooks that were critical for their coursework.

This lack of certain essential texts makes the service less valuable, particularly for those reliant on the platform for higher education resources.

Reason 6: High subscription costs

Compared to other available services on the market, Perlego’s relatively high monthly cost can be a deterrent. While it may initially appear cost-effective due to the sheer number of titles available, the cost quickly accumulates, becoming a significant monthly expenditure.

This can be a substantial financial strain, particularly for students or individuals with limited disposable income.

Reason 7: Availability of Free Alternatives

Discussions on Reddit have emphasized the availability of free alternatives to Perlego. Many university libraries offer extensive online resources, and websites like PDF Drive and Library Genesis provide free access to ebooks, including academic texts.

This calls into question the necessity of a paid Perlego subscription when potentially equally effective resources can be accessed for free.

Reason 8: Subscription Auto-Renewal Without Notice

As is the case with many subscription services, Perlego has an auto-renewal policy, which has unfortunately led to some users finding unexpected charges due to this automatic renewal.

Customers often find themselves misunderstanding or unaware of the terms, which indicates a potential need for Perlego to increase transparency and communication regarding renewal dates and billing.

Reason 9: Dependence on Internet Connection

Perlego, being an online platform, requires a consistent and viable internet connection to offer its services. This becomes a potential drawback for those with unreliable internet access or who prefer studying offline.

This issue further exacerbates the digital divide, where those with limited digital infrastructure or unstable internet connections are effectively barred from using such a service.


Looking at these points, now you might think twice about joining Perlego. The problems like the high cost and limited selection might not be worth it.

Although Perlego offers a lot of books and is easy to use, the issues are important to understand. Besides, there are other options like your university library or free online platforms that you can use without having to pay.

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