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Check Out 8 Ball Pool Rules And New Guidelines

Did you ever play Billiards? If you didn’t try then you can enjoy this game online. 8 Ball pool is an android game which is played on a pool table with six pockets. As its name shows pool word and the players who are a newbie can’t differentiate it from other pool games. The game comes with great variety. Here I will suggest some 8 ball pool rules and guidelines to win.

Eight ball pool is considered the best multiplayer game ever. This game allows you to play 1-on-1 matches with the players from all over the world. You will get the opportunity to occur in tournaments for big triumph. As you increase your level, you will grab coins. You can modify your look with different outfits in the pool shop. Eight ball pool is a free game and you can download it for iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android devices.

8 Ball Pool Rules And Guidelines

The rules of the eight ball pool can puzzle you as there a great variation in this game. So I am here to prevent you from confusion because below you will see the simple guidelines to play 8 ball pool. Observe carefully for the best experience.

The object of the game

8 ball pool is played with 15 target balls and a cue ball. You will see 7 red balls and 7 yellow balls and one striped eight ball. Your mission is to pocket all balls of one group and your opponent will cluster the other colored balls. If you successfully pocket all the balls of your group and after them pocket the 8 ball then you will win. There is a condition for potted 8 ball, you have to pot it with a different shot.

Hero of the break

When you are playing first match then the player to break will be chosen randomly. After the first match, the player to break is selected on the turn basis.

The arrangement of the balls

In 8 ball pool, the 15 balls are arranged in a triangle shape with any leading ball except the eight. The balls should order randomly and the 8 ball should be placed in the middle of the third row. Back corner balls should be stripped and solid unlikely.

The break

When you play this game every break is fair as you touched the object balls. If you got to fail to touch none of the balls then your rival can take a break from any position of the table.

8 ball in on break: If you pocketed the 8 ball with the break shot then you will not consider the winner. The 8 ball will go on its place automatically.

Open table after the break: Nevertheless of the number of striped and solid balls are made on the break, the table is after the break called open table. In this situation, you have to hit any hit but at first, you must hit the 8 ball. After the certainty of solid and striped balls, the player will hit first their respective balls.

Foul on break your rival will have the ball in hand if you foul during the break.

Break box in such kind you can place the cue ball behind the c line.

Legal shot

Legal shot after the break is

  • If the player’s cue ball come in contact with any numbered ball on the open table with the anomaly of 8 ball and move it or any other ball after touching then it will be considered a legal shot.
  • In other condition, if an object ball is hanged to a rail and is deliberated ball on which to build a legal shot, the cue ball should strike a rail after touching the frozen ball.
  • If you fail at the time of legal shot then you will get foul and the upcoming will have the cue ball as the reward.


You can continue in this game until you can’t pocket a ball that compatible to your group or the eight ball once your ball group entirely pocketed. If you did a foul then you are unable to play.

The closing of an inning

If you are unable to pocket a ball on a legal shot then your inning will end, other player takes the charge of the table and if you commit a foul, it will end your inning, and again the upcoming player will get the cue ball.

8 Ball Pool Rules: Foul

When you commit a foul it means your opponent will get the reward and the reward is that he/she will get cue ball in hand. Some kind of fouls are:

  • If you have touched a ball other than a legal hit then it would be foul.
  • If you are not successful to shoot in the set time period then it would be a foul.
  • If you shoot and can’t hit a ball then it will also be a foul.

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Triumph in the game

The most important part of the game is victory and if you pocketed the eight ball legally and then all the balls of your group have been pocketed, you would be a winner.

Losing a game

If you have committed such type of foul by which the eight ball pocketed or pocketed the eight ball before the usual time then you will lose the game.

Playing the eight ball

Things must be considered while playing the eight ball:

  • You should make sure that the eight ball should be the initial ball contacted by the cue ball or other balls should touch a rail after the first hit. If you failed to do so then it would be a foul and your rival is rewarded cue ball in hand.
  • As the game will progress and the eight ball is the initial ball touched by the cue ball then combinations, carroms and kisses would be legal.

Illegally pocketed balls

An object ball is called illegally pocketed in these situations:

  • When object ball is pocketed with the foul shot.
  • If you shoot the ball it did not go in the nominated pocket.
  • If you called for safety before a shot.


Well… these were the 8 ball pool rules you must follow while playing the game. I think the above description will surely help you for being successful in eight ball pool. Still, any question regarding this game then comment below and if you have such type of suggestion which I didn’t include then share your experience with us.

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