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Awesome Features That You’ll Love in Latest Adobe Lightroom

Why use Adobe Lightroom? You might be thinking about this question so the answer is to catch attention. In this digital era when everybody is on social media and wants to become successful. He/she has to capture the attention of their audience. Which is a tough nut to crack as in the current scenario when attention spans are getting shorter to eight seconds only? So photos can do much more for you as these just need a single look.

Adding text in a pic can be more helpful than any other means of communication. To make your photos stand in the competition you need good quality pics with unique content or idea in it. To ensure the quality you must use a good editing app like Adobe Lightroom. By using this you can easily catch people’s attention. This will lead you towards a successful marketing strategy for your product. Let’s explore Adobe Lightroom features and download procedure.

adobe lightroom

What is Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful photo editor developed by Adobe. The popularity of the app can be easily analysed by seeing a huge number of downloads that is 5 crore. The app consists of all premium features. By using these advance photo editing effects you can get premium images for your social media or ad campaign. So start using now and take your photography to the next level.

Salient Features          

Adobe Lightroom comes with great features. To make it easy we have classified the features in two categories.

Free Features

  • Contain Preset effects by using these you can make great changes to your pics with just a single click.
  • By using Profiles you can easily define editing styles which will automatically be applied to pictures when you click a pic in that profile.
  • Curves these help you to easily increase or decrease colour, exposure, tone, contrast.
  • Color Mixer regulate or mix match colour by just pinching on your pics through this you can make eye-appealing combinations.
  • Clarity & Dehaze automatic photo edit effects add a lifelike quality touch on your pics making it true high definition quality.
  • Bulk Edits This feature makes it less time consuming to edit large photo albums provides a consistent look as you can apply edit across a photo album.
  • Pro Level Camera By using this you can explore your phones real potential and unique controls make it comfortable to click a great pic by choosing exposure, aperture, telephone lens wide or normal, instantly available modes and much more.
  • All the cutting edge modes facilitate you to click a detailed shot you can simply choose from raw, professional and HDR.
  • You can easily manage or organise your pics by using folders, albums, star rating, flags etc these can simply highlight your photo with respective groups according to there quality.
  • You can easily share your edited pics on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc with its inbuilt share option.

Paid Features

  • Healing Brush This is a magical tool as you can remove anything from your photo despite its size.
  • Adjustments this allows you to do selective adjustments like editing a portion of the pic by adding a text or a sticker in it.
  • Geometry This ensures all lines up help you to create clean photographs by adjusting it upright, guided upright.
  • Raw Editing It allows you to import your pics from other means like your camera or from other phones to edit them using Adobe Lightroom.
  • Adobe Sensei This is using the power of Artifical Intelligence and automatically tag and organise pics based on peoples and objects added in them.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Storage This a cloud base backup service for all your photos edited on the app Adobe Lightroom. On the other hand, it facilitates easy access to these photos from anywhere round the clock.
  • Advanced Sharing This allows you to showcase your photo editing skills to web galleries. Automatic photo sync updates all the changes made on pic.

Download Procedure

For Android

You can easily download Adobe Lightroom by following steps given below:

  • Download Adobe Lightroom app from the given link or search it on Google Play store.
  • As the installation process completes the app icon appears in your menu.
  • OPen that by tapping and enter required details.
  • You are all set to edit your pics on your Android device.

For Pc

To download Adobe Lightroom on your Pc easily follow the steps given below:

  • Download an Android Emulator if you don’t have one.
  • Drag Adobe Lightroom apk file and drop it in Android Emulator.
  • Install it on your Pc by the help of Emulator.
  • Open the App and enter details.
  • You are all set to use it on your Pc.


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