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7 Best PayPal Alternatives 2019: Top online payment ways

Without online payments, we can’t imagine the online business scenario and in order to receive and convey online payment, Paypal is the foremost name. Indeed PayPal is the brand name for online transactions. But for small scale businesses who are looking for a cheaper transaction fee and ease of use then there are many more Paypal alternatives exist. If you are searching for the look-alike payment methods of PayPal then you have reached the right page.

Let’s check out the list of top 7 Paypal substitutes to get a faster, easier, and cheaper payment gateway for your business.

 top 7 Paypal substitutes to get a faster, easier, and cheaper payment
top 7 Paypal alternatives 2019

7 Best PayPal Alternatives 2019


If you are a freelancer, or a businessman and looking for an economical payment gateway to send, receive and spend money across borders then Transferwise is the best option for you. You will get relatively a low transaction fees and there are no hidden charges in this option. One of the best features of this payment gateway is that it supports over 40 currencies.


For those who are concerned about their, security Venmo is the best online digital payment method. There are two options for you: You can connect your debit card or credit card to Venmo to make payments or store money in your Venmo wallet to make payments. If you convey money via your bank account then it is quite free but if you transfer via your credit card then you have to pay 3% of the money you have sent. Venmo is the perfect app for those who often make the transaction with their knowns.


If you are running a business which requires high volume transactions then Dwolla the best payment solution for you. Dwolla is highly user-friendly and you can also integrate it within your app easily. You have to pay $.25 on the transfer over $10. It is pretty easy to transfer money via Dwolla and you have to pass through a strict verification process whenever you sign up for this service. One of the best features of Dwolla is that it can easily automate your payments and you can convey up to 5000 transactions with a single API request. This service is available only in the USA which makes it less useful than others.

4. Payoneer

one of the best PayPal alternatives is Payoneer which empowers you to send money anywhere across the world. It is an online payment system with which you can make payments and make purchases anywhere in the world. One of the best parts of this PayPal substitute is that it offers you prepaid MasterCard and this MasterCard can be utilized where these cards are accepted. There is a variation in the fee structure of Payoneer and you can say it the drawback on this service. If you are a freelancer then I suggest you go for Payoneer. It is pretty easy to get started with Payoneer and you just need to sign up for the service and that’s it.

5.Google Pay

Let’s jump over our next best PayPal alternatives which is associated with the most trusted name, Google. Doesn’t matter you want to pay on website, in apps, or in stores, this service enables you to make payments in a quick and reliable manner. You just need to add your debit and credit card details to your account and that’s it, you are ready to make payments. One of the most favorable thing about Google Pay is that it is quite free to use and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. If you pay via credit card then you have to pay 2.9% of the total transaction amount as a fee.


People are confused between Stripe and Paypal as it is the most preferred substitute of the Paypal. Stripe is easy to integrate with your using the API and that’s the reason behind its popularity among the renowned online firms. With Stripe users can accept payments from all over the world. All your money goes to your bank account via Stripe and the noticeable thing is that you get almost the same fee structure as Paypal. But you must have a little bit of knowledge of programming to use Stripe for your online business. You have been charged 2.9% of the transaction amount as a fee.

Here is the video involved the payment holding issue of a PayPal user and how he resolves the issue, why he moved to other PayPal alternatives. Check the video and beware from the complications you can face due to PayPal use. And why you must consider another international payment gateway in place of Paypal.

Final Verdict

PayPal is known for it’s secure and trusted transaction process but there are many more Paypal alternatives you can choose for your business. Here you came across the best 7 Paypal substitutes and we hope now you can easily decide which one is for you as per transaction fees, ease of use, etc.

If you want to know about any other specific payment gateway then let us know below in the comment section. Still, any question striking in your mind regarding above mentioned PayPal alternatives then don’t hesitate to discuss in the comment area.

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