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Things You Should Consider While Buying TVS Jupiter

TVS Motor Company in India launched a variomatic scooter, Jupiter, in 2013. This two-wheeler marked the company’s entry into the commuter segment that mainly targets females. Individuals planning to purchase this scooter must be aware of some factors for a seamless buying experience.

Here’s a look at the things to consider prior to the TVS Jupiter purchase.

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Top 5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Tvs Jupiter

Considering the below-mentioned pointers will help an individual avoid future liabilities. For instance, potential buyers must obtain a TVS Jupiter insurance plan before actually purchasing the model. Like all other vehicles, a TVS Jupiter scooter can incur damages from an unfortunate accident resulting in substantial repair costs. In this scenario, a well-rounded insurance policy offers coverage benefits and reduces the financial burden.

Furthermore, insurance policies cover third-party damages, litigation issues, and other legal liabilities.

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Following Are Some Other Considerations To Make Before Purchasing A Tvs Jupiter:

  1. The variants

TVS Jupiter manufacturer introduced 6 versions from which an individual can make a choice. All the versions come at different prices. Before choosing a particular variant, one should do proper research and select the best suitable version. Here are some variants to choose from:

  • Standard-SBT
  • ZX-SBT
  • Classic-SBT
  • ZX Disc -SBT
  • Grande Disc SBT
  • Classic ET-Fi BS-VI

Note: The prices of each variant may vary across cities.

  1. Price

Buying a new two-wheeler is a financial investment that requires proper planning. To that end, individuals should be aware of the prices beforehand to avoid any future liabilities. Scooters like TVS Jupiter come at a starting price of Rs.66,998 and can range up to Rs.77,773. Buyers can choose a version that they are most comfortable with in terms of price. In order to do so, they need to compare the prices first to find out a variant they can afford.

  1. Technology

As per the current emission standards, the latest TVS Jupiter model comes with a BS-VI engine. Additionally, it equips Ecothrust Fuel Injection technology. It also offers other attractive features like a digital screen, TVS patented Econometer, mobile phone cubby, etc.

Hence, individuals purchasing this model can expect smooth and unmatched driving performance thanks to the aforementioned upbeat technologies and key specifications.

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  1. Insurance policy and insurance premium

Obtaining an insurance policy before initiating a two-wheeler purchase is paramount. Considering a motorist’s needs, insurance companies offer both third-party and comprehensive insurance plans at competitive premiums.

A third-party insurance policy is a basic plan that covers third-party damages caused by a TVS scooter. In contrast, a comprehensive policy covers own damages as well as third-party damages. Ideally, one should go for a comprehensive plan as the coverage limit is more. However, one needs to pay a higher premium to enjoy more coverage.

Before choosing an appropriate insurance plan, individuals can estimate the premium amount by using a two wheeler insurance premium calculator. This is an online tool that fetches details regarding insurance premiums promptly. Individuals can also readjust various details and compare premiums for different plans. In this way, they can choose a plan that meets their requirements in terms of coverage and affordability.

  1. Mileage

A scooter mileage determines the distance a commuter can travel on a litre of fuel. This is a vital point to consider before purchasing TVS Jupiter as it gives clarity on its fuel efficiency. This bike has a decent mileage of 64 kmpl which means one can travel long distances without a fuel refill.

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Further, individuals can increase their TVS Jupiter mileage by following certain tips as mentioned below:

  • Regular servicing
  • Carburettor settings
  • Frequent tyre pressure checks
  • Safe driving
  • Proper lubrication

Apart from this, there are several other factors to consider before buying this scooter. Some of them include performance on highways, colour variants and more.

Thus, before planning to purchase a TVS Jupiter scooter, reading through the above-mentioned factors can be a good start.


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