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How to Fix EA com Unable to Connect Error Permanently

EA com Unable to Connect

I remember playing EA Sports Cricket 2007 video games on my PC a decade ago.

Since then, it has become a big part of my life.

These are some games I’ve played over the years using However, later, on multiple occasions, I’ve been unable to connect EA com servers.

What about you?

If you’ve experienced similar problems, I’m sharing a guide that’ll help you connect EA com servers smoothly. Let’s get started:

Performing a Preliminary Diagnosis and Applying Quick Fix

If you’re having trouble connecting to your account or games on your Play PC, here’s a quick guide on troubleshooting.

First, make sure you’ve entered the correct URL for your account.

If you’re having trouble accessing your account, be sure to enter the URL for your account correctly. Some common mistakes are entering the “www” before the “.com,” or leaving out the last letter of the domain name (ex: instead of

Next, check to see if your internet connection is up and running properly.

Internet connections can sometimes be spotty or even completely lost, which can prevent you from accessing important information or making online transactions. To check to see if your internet connection is working properly, you can use my previous where I have explained ways to fix your internet connection.

Try restarting both your computer and browser.

If you’re having trouble accessing, restarting your PC and browser can help.

First, press the ALT + F4 keys together to close your web browser. Once closed, restart your computer. You can do this by pressing the power button and then waiting until the blue screen with the white letters appears.

If all of those steps fail to resolve the issue, try resetting your password.

How to Reset your account?

If you’re having a problem connecting to your EA account or have forgotten your password, you can simply reset it using the following steps:

1. Log in to your EA account.

2. Click on the “My Account” tab in the top left corner of the screen.

3. Under “Account Settings”, click on “Password Reset”.

4. Enter your email address and click on “Reset Password.”

5. If you’re having trouble logging in, please contact customer service for assistance.

How to get rid of EA com unable to connect Error Permanently?

Change the DNS to get rid of EA com unable to connect Error

If you are experiencing an EA com unable to connect error, one solution is to change your DNS. This can be done by opening your browser’s settings and going to the “Advanced” tab. Here, you’ll need to hit the “DNS” button and enter the new DNS address. Test your connection once you’ve made the change by refreshing your web page. If all goes well, then your issue with EA com may have been resolved. Or else you can flush the existing DNS cache to get rid of this error. Here are some steps you need to follow:

  • Press the Windows+R key simultaneously to invoke the Run window on your keyboard. Then type cmd and hit Enter.
  • In Command Prompt window, type ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter.
  • Restart your PC and see if this works.

Check EA server status on

Are you still experiencing problems with your EA servers? Is your account not loading or is your game crashing? You can vising to check whether the EA server is up and running.

Verify Stable Intenet Connection

Close all background applications and make sure nothing is downloading or uploading in the background. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection. If everything’s working fine, I would recommend you follow these measures to avoid any future wi-fi issues while working from home.

Check for Suspended EA Account

In order to fix this error, you need to make sure that your account has not been suspended. You can check it by signing in to your account on the EA website. If your account has been suspended, you will receive a message on your registered email account telling you that your account has been suspended.

Open your registered email account to see whether your EA account has been suspended due to suspicious activity related to third-party software & get an unwarranted advantage over other gamers.

Contact Customer care for any ongoing maintenance

Check if there are any ongoing maintenance issues with Origin servers. If there are, wait for them to get sorted out before launching the game again.

Check if your game or app is supported on Origin

The Origin isn’t able to connect with the store appears when there’s no support for the game or app in the Origin client. While this issue is mostly reported with Sims 4, Battlefield 1, and other older games, it’s still very common in 2019.

DIsable anti-virus Firewall to get rid of EA com unable to connect Error

If you’re still experiencing issues connecting to, it’s possible that your firewall or anti-virus program may be blocking your connection. The steps below will help you disable your anti-virus firewall so you can reconnect and get back in the game.

  1. Click “Start,” then type “Windows Firewall” into the search field and hit “Enter.”
  2. Go to the “Exceptions” tab in the Windows Firewall window, then select the options to allow EA games through your firewall. You can also add exceptions here for specific EA games that aren’t working properly.
  3. Click on “Advanced Settings” and make sure that “Inbound Rules” is selected at the left of the window.
  4. Right-click anywhere in this window, then choose “New Rule.” Select “Program” under Rule Type, then click next to continue.
  5. Browse to find the executable file for your game (should be a .exe file) and click next to continue, then select both options under Action and click next again.


I hope this guide is helpful in eliminating some unknown errors you’ve been encountering on

That’s all for now.

If you need further my help in this matter, do let me know in the comments section below.

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