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Here Is Everything That You Must Know About Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is an innovative Action Role-Playing Game that comes with the combination of amazing graphics, unique gameplay and intense battle with the bosses. In this game, the Darkness has spread all over your place. A group of fierce demons are trying their best to breach the gates. I know some of you must be eager to play this game. However, let me warn you that your path in this game will be extremely tiring and demanding. To succeed in this game, you have to preserve and descend yourself into hell. Moreover, you have to can destroy the evil from the roots of the world.

However, don’t worry, several legendary heroes have got your back from the earth-shattering magic-wielding Wizard. Besides, with the help of character customisation, you can customise your character as per your choice and playstyle out of several classes. So, design your style as you fit in your eyes.


Key Features of Darkness Rises That You Should Know:

You can download the latest version of Darkness rises from the links provided by me below. However, before proceeding, let’s find out some of the crucial features of the darkness rises.

  1. ADVENTURE RPG– In this adventurous game, you have to explore dark dungeons on different levels. In the single-player RPG mode, you will encounter demons and a group of monsters. You have to kill all of them to proceed in the game.
  2. EPIC BOSS FIGHTS– As you continue to play darkness rises video game, you will enter into player vs environment battles where you will fight the epic boss. So, if you want to defeat the enemy bosses, you have to put all your skills to test.
  3. BEST RPG EXPERIENCE– Get ready to experience one of the best RPG experiences and immerse yourself into the world of darkness rises. Moreover, you can get the controls of monsters and turn your enemies against each other. Now, you might be wondering, how it is possible? Well, you can use the gameplay mechanics of Soul Link Ability for this. In this game, you have to take your legendary heroes to dungeon raids to form a guild with a party of warriors. Besides, along with them, you have to discover frightening dungeons to find rare loots.
  4. CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION— The character creator in the darkness rises allows you to build your character from the beginning. Besides, you can choose your class out of wizard, warrior, Berserker or Assassin and descend into darkness.

Essential Tips and Tricks for Darkness Rises

If you are not able to play this game similar to the way you want, then I am providing some tips and tricks that can help you get a much-needed win you wish in the darkness rises video game-

  • In this game, you will have a total of 4-character classes, and you have to choose one out of wizard, berserker, Assassin and warrior. The only tip here I will give you will be to choose your character wisely. Well, the reason for this is that all of them have their own set of powers and damage rating.
  • When you start to play this game, you will notice that each game mode requires a different set of skill from your character. So, before entering into PvE, Duel PvP, Co-op and PvP matches, you have to make sure that right skills are attached to your characters.
  • As you continue to play this game, you will open several gears, costume chests, clear certain stages and kill high-level players. However, by doing so, you can unlock several items to upgrade the stats of your character.
  • In darkness rises video game, you will find several chests. You can open these special chests to unlock more powerful gears and costumes. In addition to this, you can discover weaponry, armour, and other accessories in a crate. You can remove your current equipment and equip the new unlocked gear to increase your power.
  • If you are continuous users of the darkness rises, then this game provides several in-game bonus rewards to you. You can get new items for free by just logging in for 15 days regularly. Besides, you can earn some exclusive rewards from seven-day live events mode. So, always keep your eye on the bonus tab to collect your check-in, rest and event rewards.
  • If you want to level-up in the fastest way possible than similar to other games, you can complete several daily and weekly missions. However, keep in your mind that weekly tasks mainly focus on mini-challenges that are related to your game.

How can you Install Darkness Rises Apk?

You can download the official version of darkness rises from a reliable app store for free. –

  • To download the latest apk file, click on this Download button and darkness rises apk will start downloading.
  • Now, that you successfully downloaded the latest darkness rises apk, you will have to install it on your smartphone. However, before proceeding, you should enable the unknown sources in the security settings from the security settings of your Android Smartphone. Otherwise, you will not be able to play this game on your smartphone.
  • After enabling the option, use a file explorer to locate the folder where you downloaded darkness rises apk file. However, most of the times you will discover the apk file in the download folder of your internal storage.
  • Select the apk file and tap on install to start playing this game.


To conclude, I would say that if you can’t stop yourself from playing this game, then get ready to face and kill some fearsome monsters using the powerful skills of your character. Enter into the Player vs, Player arena and unleash your power against other players.

Besides, if you can rise against the challenges of demons and worse than download the latest version of darkness rises and start playing. Moreover, if you any question or facing any problem regarding the apk file provided by me. Then, you can let me know through the comment section given below.

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