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Darkness Rises Guide: Tips And Tricks With Amazing New Features

Developed by Nexon, Darkness Rises is an RPG action game designed for those who want to fight and kill demons, dragons, reapers, and monsters. In this Darkness Rises Guide of ours, we will be giving tips and tricks to beginners to play and beat the game.

Darkness Rises is available for download on Google Play store and it has been downloaded over 5 million times to date. It maintains a rating of 4.7 on Google Play store. With a size of 91 MB, it is neither too small nor too big in size.

Darkness Rises is an excellent game that features console level graphics quality. It provides the gamer a chance at thrilling combat, gives him lots of game modes, boss battles to play and much more. The player begins the game by choosing one of the many featured characters. Ater the character is selected, the player begins an exciting journey fighting demons, dragons, monsters, reapers and so on.

Darkness Rises Guide: Gameplay

In the game, the objective of the player is to increase the character’s power and keep defeating enemies in PvP battles to top the leaderboard. At the beginning of the game, only adventure mode is unlocked. By playing adventure mode and learning the basics, you can then unlock all other modes like the PvP mode, Infinity mode, Duo Dungeon mode, Raids and so on.

The gamer can also take part in these various modes to win precious items like gears, essence, etc.

Game Progress

The initial levels of the game are very easy to finish. However, as the player progresses through the game, the enemy keeps getting harder and harder to defeat. The game throws at you many monsters, dragons, reapers, bosses, demons, etc. Defeating them is difficult yet very rewarding.

In order to keep progressing, you will need to continuously work on increasing the power of your character. In later stages, you will also be able to access new features such as link skill, ultimate skill, raids, runes, crafting, fusing, jewels, etc.

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Darkness Rises Guide: Characters

There are four different characters that you can choose from:

  1. Warrior – Good overall
  2. Wizard – Good overall
  3. Berserker – Good HP and attack. Poor defense.
  4. Assassin – Good defense and attack speed.

Darkness Rises Guide image 2

At the beginning of the game, the player has to choose one of the four characters listed above. This choice is final. You cannot switch between characters after you have begun the game. If you do wish to play with another character, you will need to restart the game.

Darkness Rises Guide: Gears Guide

Darkness Rises uses gears in order to increase the power of your character. The player has the option to equip weapons, armor, accessories and jewel items on the character. The different gears are classified into various ranks.

Rank A and Rank S gears are rare and are of a higher quality. They come at later stages. In the beginning, you will have D rank gears. Rank D gears are of poor quality.

  • Enhancing the gears

In Darkness Rises, enhancing the gear increases its attributes. These attributes can be anything like defense, attack power, speed, etc. In order to enhance your character’s gear, you will need enhancing material like polish or low-level gears. As an example, if you have one level 20 sword and 5 level 5 swords, you can use these low-level swords as enhancing material to enhance your level 20 sword.

  • Upgrading the gears

Enhancing the gear is one way to increase its attributes. A better way is to upgrade the gear. Gear upgrades are one of the most important steps in Darkness Rises. With every upgrade, you can increase the gear by a tier.

In order to upgrade a gear, you will need Upgrade stone.

Here’s how you can get upgrade stone.

  1. You will first need to unlock the Daily Dungeon Mode.
  2. On the main screen of the game, tap PvE option, then Daily Dungeon and then Begin Battle.
  3. Or you can also complete the chapters in story mode

If these are not working for you and you have money to spare, you can also purchase upgrade stones from the shop.

Darkness Rises Guide: Essence Guide

In the game, Essence is used for enhancing the character’s stats such as Attack, defense, Critical hits, HP, Defense Pen, Damage Decrease.

Essence can be obtained through adventure mode. After you have reached the maximum level on these stats, the maximum level can be increased by tapping the menu and then heading to the characters tab. There, you must select essence and tap on an attribute. Then click on Enhance. After you reach the maximum level, you can raise the maximum level.

Darkness Rises Guide: Skills Guide

The gamer can equip up to three normal skills on the character and one ultimate skill. Apart from these, the player can also use rage skill during the battle by filling the rage gauge.

Let us learn more about these three skills:

  • Normal Skill

As you progress through the game, you will access or learn new normal skills. Your character can have up to 3 normal skills for the battle in all modes.

You can then enhance the skills to improve the performance of these skills. Enhancing costs skill points which can be earned as a reward upon leveling up.

After you have reached a certain level, the game activates link skill. Link skill allows you to use two back-to-back skills without a cooldown break. The condition is that you must have used the normal skill in the battle already.Darkness Rises Guide image 3

  • Rage Skill

When the rage gauge is full, the character can use rage skill. You can see the progress of the rage gauge on the top-left side of your screen. There’s a rage bar just below the HP bar.

Tapping on the skull icon casts rage skill. There are three types of Rage Skills-

  1. Normal Rage – A Green skull icon will flash – Normal rage can instantly kill any normal monster.
  2. Elite Rage – An orange skull icon will flash – Elite Rage can instantly kill an elite monster.
  3. Boss Rage – A Red skull icon will flash – Boss Rage can deal epic damage to the boss.
  • Ultimate Skill

You can unlock the first ultimate skill once you have completed the main quest Chapter 2. Ultimate skills are very useful as they deal massive damage to the enemies.

The character’s ultimate skills can be upgraded by using scrolls. You can obtain scrolls from the honor shop. You can use honor points to buy scrolls. Honor points can be obtained by defeating opponents.

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Darkness Rises Guide: Runes

In the adventure mode, the player needs to clear the 9-5 stage in order to access the runes feature. Runes can be used to improve the stats of the player’s character. Once you have multiple runes, you can also fuse them together to get a high-quality rune.

Darkness Rises Guide: Traits Guide

In Darkness Rises, all the gears have default trait like Defense, HP, Recovery, etc. activated. This can be changed by the use of trait ticket. In order to do so, the player must head to the items tab and select gear. There, he must select the gear item and select traits. Once there, the player can see current traits on the right side. With the use of trait ticket, this trait can be changed.

Darkness Rises Guide: Blacksmith

As we discussed in the Runes section, the game allows the players to fuse low-quality items together to craft a high-quality item. This fusing & crafting feature can be used from the Blacksmith.

This option can be found by tapping the menu. There, on the right side of the screen, the player has to select blacksmith option.

  • Fusing

  1. Visit the Blacksmith.
  2. Select fuse gear or jewels or runes.
  3. Select required items. There must be enough to fuse.
  4. Click on the fuse button.
  5. Claim the item.
  • Crafting

  1. Visit the Blacksmith.
  2. Select craft.
  3. Select the chest you want to craft on the right side.
  4. Click on the craft button.
  5. Ensure you have enough material to craft.
  • Craft Polish

Gears can also be enhanced by polish.

  1. Visit the Blacksmith.
  2. Select Craft Polish option.
  3. Start Crafting.

You can level up the blacksmith in order to get better items.

Darkness Rises Guide: Costumes

Obtaining a costume in the game can significantly enhance the power of the character. Once you have the costume, you can equip the character with the costume to massively increase the power of the character.

In order to obtain costumes, you must tap the chest option from the menu. From there, you must head to the costume tab and open it.

Once every three days, you can claim the costume chest. You can also use diamonds to obtain a costume.

Darkness Rises Guide: Tips & Tricks

  1. Obtain & Equip Costume 

The costume is one of the most useful items in the game. It can significantly increase your character’s power.

2. Claim the freebies as often as possible

The game constantly offers freebies that prove to be very helpful. You can regularly collect gear chest, gold chest and costume chest in the game.

Gear chest contains weapons, armors, and similar items and is available for free once every 24 hours.

The Gold chest contains random items and is available for free once every 2 hours.

Costume chest contains costumes and is available for free once every 3 days.

The game also rewards you for being active.

3. Get free diamonds & high-quality gears through the main quest

The main quest is the key to getting hundreds of diamonds for free. You can also get many free chests and new features like Rage Skill new tier. Hence, it is important to focus on completing the main quests in the game.

4. Keep increasing the power of your character

The battles are generally won by the character with more power. If your character is more powerful than the enemy’s character, you have a much higher chance of winning. The game provides many ways to increase the power of the character.

You can enhance or upgrade the gears, equip costume, activate runes and jewels, fuse items, upgrade skills, enhance the essence, level up, complete main quests, etc. to increase the power of your character.

5. Honor Points 

Play in PvP mode regularly to defeat your opponents. This will earn you honor points. Then, you can spend the honor points to obtain precious items such as scrolls from the honor shop.

6. Play Daily Dungeon

By playing battle in Daily Dungeon you will acquire upgrade stones. These can then be used to upgrade the gears.

7. Level up quickly

You can level up quickly by completing all quests, playing adventure mode, repeating stages, completing chapters in story mode and by using a clear ticket to get instant rewards.

With these tips, you will be able to play the game more efficiently and quickly increase your character’s power.

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Darkness Rises Guide: Conclusion

Darkness Rises is an excellent game. The graphics and gameplay of the game are above average for a mobile game. Moreover, there are tons of features that help you advance quickly through the game even if you don’t want to pay for everything.

Hope our Darkness Rises Guide was useful. Did we miss something? Do you have some tips of your own? Don’t hesitate in telling us in the comments section below:

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