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How to Get Free Google Play Codes 2019 (best ways)

Google Play Store is the pre-installed app of Android smartphones and hub of millions of apps, games, ebooks, music, movies and lots more. Indeed it is the perfect marketplace to download apps and games in a legit way. The official play store contains both free and paid apps and games and for premium apps, you have to spend your hard-earned bucks. Not everyone is so efficient that he/she can buy digital things in exchange for real money but you can purchase apps, games etc with Free Google play codes.

In simple language, these codes are the Google Play money with which you can buy everything from the Google play store. If you are not aware of how to get Free Google Play credits then you have reached the exact page.

Here I will share the simplest tricks to get free Google Play money codes so observe the post carefully.

 Free Google Play Codes 2019
How to Get Free Google Play Code

What is Free Google Play Gift Cards?

Have you heard about Google Play codes? If not then I am here to assist you. In fact, Google Play credits are the same codes Amazon Promo Codes and you can purchase everything with them exist on the Google Play Store. If you have sufficient credits in your Google Play account then you can buy any premium app, game, ebook, movie etc without spending a single penny. The cool thing about Google Play money codes is that they never expire.

You can also purchase these codes online with your credit cards but I will explain the ways to earn the codes without paying.

How to obtain Free Google Play Codes?

There are numerous ways to earn Google play codes and here I have listed the simplest ones. Have a look below to know more:

1.Google Play Code Generator

There are multiple sites which are providing Google play Gift Generator and by using them you can generate unlimited codes. You can use them to make in-app purchases and to buy digital things from the official play store.


If you believe in the legit ways then you can earn the Google Play money codes with prize websites. There are plenty of sites which provide different gift codes like Roblox promo codes, Amazon Codes and Google play codes. Swagbucks is the biggest site among all and you have to complete certain tasks and surveys to earn the free codes. One can play games, shop online, and watch videos to get Google credits from Swagbucks.


Another site which offers the Google credits is PrizeLabel but here you have to complete tasks to earn them. PrizeLabel gives you points in exchange for completing tasks, sign-up for trails etc and you can redeem them for money into your PayPal account or attain gift cards.


There are lots of apps also which can provide you the huge number of Google play credits and AppNana is one of the best apps among them. The app is featured with different apps and games and if you download them then you will earn nanas (Points). You will get around 400 points each day whenever you log into your account. You will surprise to know that you can also get nanas by playing your favorite games like Candy Crush. You can redeem them points in order to get Google credits, Amazon Codes, iTunes codes etc. AppNaNa store also contains paid apps and you can use your points to get those apps.

5.Google Opinions

One of the coolest tricks to earn the Google Play Money codes is the Google Opinions which is managed by Google’s survey team. This app functions like the Swagbucks and PrizeLabel and here you will get a survey in a week and after fulfilling the survey you will earn $1. So complete the simple surveys and earn Google Credits to enjoy the premium apps and games for free.

Concluding lines

So, folks, these are the easiest methods to get Free Google Play Gift codes and I hope you will definitely try these tricks. If you enjoyed the post then share with your friends who are looking for the same.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us. If you have any trick to earn the Google credits then share with us. In case you find any issue about above-mentioned tricks then let us know below in the comment section we will be back to you soon. For more knowledgeable updates stay tuned with us.


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