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Kalahari vs Camelback: Which is Better for Toddlers?

Kalahari vs Camelback

Planning a family vacation with your toddler? Let’s talk about two big players in the game – Kalahari and Camelback Resorts.

These resorts bring exciting, fun-filled experiences with their impressive range of toddler-friendly amenities and activities that will spark curiosity and ensure safety.

That’s why I’ll be comparing both Kalahari and Camelback to let you know which one offers the best deal out of the two. Let’s begin –

Kalahari Overview


Kalahari Resorts cater to toddlers in a myriad of ways. Its large indoor waterpark, Tiko’s Watering Hole, has shallow areas for young kids to splash and play safely.

There are also miniature slides, various play structures, and water spouts. Water in this area is only a few inches deep, ensuring a safe environment for toddlers.

But fun at Kalahari isn’t just limited to water. For families with toddlers, Kalahari offers a variety of age-appropriate activities outside the water as well.

The Safari Adventure allows them to engage in interactive games, explore, and learn, while the Mini Bowling and the Big Foot Pass offer physical activities under safe conditions.

In terms of amenities, Kalahari houses a variety of dining options with kid-friendly menus. Many accommodation options are suitable for families with toddlers – from standard rooms to multiple-bedroom suites. Kid-friendly amenities such as cribs and ‘in-room’ camping for the little ones are also available.

Camelback Overview


On the other hand, Camelback Mountain Resort offers its own unique attractions for toddlers. Known for its skiing, Camelback hosts many toddler-friendly activities throughout the year.

The Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark has a zero-depth entry pool, perfect for toddlers, and a dedicated kid’s area, ‘Karakter Corner’, filled with play equipment and gentle slides. There are also various themes and animation shows that keep young ones engaged.

The resort’s activities for toddlers extend beyond the aquatic. Camelback offers storytime sessions, crafts, and animal encounters at its kid-centric program, the “Camelback Kids Adventure Program.”

Camelback is kid-friendly and convenient for parents, with an array of dining options offering children’s menus and restaurants with high chairs.

The resort accommodations range from comfortable guest rooms to multi-room suites equipped with amenities suitable for families with young children, such as cribs on request.

Kalahari and Camelback offer toddlers a fun-filled and safe environment, providing families with various amenities and accommodations. The decision depends on the ambiance, activities, and overall experience each family prefers for their toddler.

Kalahari vs Camelback: Comparing Safety Measures

The safety and well-being of toddlers are of utmost importance to families during their stay at any resort. Both Kalahari and Camelback prioritize safety and take measures to ensure a secure environment for their young guests.

Kalahari’s Safety Measures for Toddlers

  1. In the waterpark, lifeguards are present and attentive, with a focus on areas where young children play. Trained first-aid providers are available in case of emergencies.
  2. Tiko’s Watering Hole, dedicated to toddlers, has its water level limited to a few inches, minimizing the risk of drowning.
  3. The waterpark’s design and play structures adhere to safety guidelines and undergo regular maintenance checks.
  4. Other activities, such as the Safari Adventure, Mini Bowling, and Big Foot Pass, are supervised and well-maintained to ensure a safe experience.

Camelback’s Safety Measures for Toddlers

  1. Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark has lifeguards watching swimmers and splashers, particularly in areas designated for young children.
  2. The zero-depth entry pool, gentle slides, and Karakter Corner in Aquatopia help to minimize the risks for toddlers.
  3. Outside the waterpark, Camelback Kids Adventure Program organizes its activities, such as storytime and animal encounters, with the safety and enjoyment of toddlers in mind.
  4. Camelback maintains its facilities to a high standard to prevent accidents and potential hazards.

The safety measures they employ are designed to give parents the peace of mind they seek when visiting with toddlers. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which environment aligns better with your preferences for a safe and enjoyable vacation for your kids.

Kalahari vs Camelback: Child-Friendly Amenities Comparison

Here’s a comparison of child-friendly amenities at Kalahari and Camelback Resorts – 

Kalahari Resort Camelback Resort
Dedicated Play Area in Waterpark Tiko’s Watering Hole includes mini slides, water spouts, and a zero-depth entry pool. Penguin Play Bay & Kiddie Slides includes shorter slides and water toys.
Safety Measures Lifeguards stationed at water attractions; safety shows in TV rooms and lobby. Constant supervision by professional lifeguards in water areas; life vests available.
Additional Activities Animal encounters, Safari Adventures, and Indoor playgrounds. Camelback Kids Adventure Program, Arcadia Kids’ Fun Center.
In-room Amenities Offers a fun in-room camping experience. Standard children’s amenities, such as cribs, are available upon request.
Kid-friendly Dining Several dining options with kid-friendly menus. Variety of dining options with kid-friendly choices.

Kalahari vs Camelback: Price Comparison

Here’s a comparison of the pricing at Kalahari and Camelback Resorts:

Kalahari Resort Camelback Resort
Accommodation Ranges from $200 to $500 per night, depending on room type and season. Ranges from $150 to $400 per night, depending on the room type and season.
Waterpark Access Typically included with the room’s cost. It is typically included with the room’s cost.
Dining (per meal for a child) Approximately $10 – $20 per meal. Approximately $10 – $20 per meal.
Additional Amenities Costs vary depending on the chosen special activities, games, etc. Costs vary depending on activities like the Camelback Kids Adventure Program and skiing.

Note – Always check for promotions in one attractive bundle, including meals, activities, and accommodation.

Kalahari vs Camelback: Which is the Best Pick for Toddlers?

While Kalahari and Camelback offer several amenities and activities tailored for toddlers if you have to pick one, Kalahari Resort might have a slight edge for toddlers because of its expansive waterpark and the special toddler-friendly area, Tiko’s Watering Hole. This makes it an excellent choice for toddlers who love water-based activities.

However, it is important to consider your family’s specific preferences and the type of attractions you’re looking to explore. Remember always to weigh the options against your child’s interests and the overall experience you hope to have for your family.

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