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Top 10 KineMaster Alternatives for Pc and Mobile

Top 10 Alternatives to Kinemaster for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

KineMaster is a very powerful video editing app and works on various platforms. The app can edit your videos in a professional way. There are several editing tools to help you to edit your videos. You can add images, text, special effects, sound effects, layers, reverse videos, mirroring effects, slow motion, forward mode, and many more.

The best part is you can edit your videos on every platform like mobile or your personal computer. Both windows and mac users can edit videos on Kinemaster. Similarly, the app supports both android and ios users. After editing your videos, you can instantly share these videos on different social media platforms like Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, and more. KineMaster is no doubt one of the best video editing app available today.

Alternatives to Kinemaster app

There are several other video editing apps available in the market that can give tough compeion titto Kinemaster. Here I am discussing various KineMaster alternatives for windows, android, ios, mac.


MacXvideo is one of the best alternatives to the Kinemaster video editing app. This video editing app is specially designed for mac devices. The app provides you flawless editing experience by compressing high-quality 4K/5K/8K videos without compromises on quality issues. As per your requirements, you can either increase or decrease the video quality effortlessly.

The app is faster than many of its competitor video editing apps and you don’t have to worry about the security of your device. The app is user-friendly and even a newcomer can operate the app and edit videos with much effort. macXvideo is free to download and available only for Mac users.

Vine Camera

Vine video editing app is specially designed for social media geeks. It provides you to make looping videos of six seconds to add some fun elements to your editing. The best part is you can directly post these looping videos directly on various social media platforms in seconds.

There are several features available in the app like a front-facing camera, AF focus, grid overlay, multi-clip trimming, etc. You can use several modern filters to make your videos more appealing.

The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Cute CUT

Cute Cut video editing app helps you to make stunning video clips quickly. It consists of high-end features, different tools, and filters to give your clippings a celebrity style. This app is easy to use with instant sharing options for different social media sites.

There are various customization options that give you various styles of editing. It is available on Android and iOS platforms. The Cute Cut app allows you to edit your videos in a professional way like a celebrity that you can share those videos to any of your social media platforms.

Yes! It has some very advanced and a number of filters, frames, and backgrounds which will help you in editing your videos like a professional editor. The developers of this app know about their users very well that they always update the application every now and then with super amazing features.


Triller is another well-known name in the race of alternatives to Kinemaster video editing apps. It was developed and launched by Triller LLC. Triller app is a super amazing one that has 50+ new filters to be used to edit videos. It is available for Android and iOS devices.

You will be able to add text, stickers, changing background, add music, and editing video are some of the major features of the Triller app. It has the feature to share your final videos after editing directly on any of the social media platforms.

You can edit your already made videos as well as you can create it from the scratch too like adding images then adding music to it and converting it to a video. You can add text and emoji stickers in it.


Quik is one of the apps available for making and editing videos. This awesome app is created by the GoPro team. You can edit or create a new video. And you can even add images and make a video for it. It is one of the user-friendly apps and you can use it with a few clicks only.

In Quik, you will be able to add transitions and other effects in your videos. You can rather add any kind of music or beat. It has 30+ filters and effects to apply, 80+ music, or beat, or any kind of multimedia effect. This awesome app allows you to fully customize your videos as per your own wish and taste.


Flippagram is also one of the alternatives to the Kinemaster video editing app which is available on Android and iOS. You can use it to edit your social media stories and videos. As you know, it is on high trend these days to post stories and videos on social media platforms.

Unlike Kinemaster, it is very user-friendly and handy to use, we can access it anytime anywhere in just a few clicks. You can give a rejuvenating look to your older memories by editing videos through this amazing app. The developers of the app know how to impress their users, so they regularly update the app with many more filters and effects.


VidLab was developed and launched by MuseWorks Inc. You can add or edit multi video clips and tracks. It allows you to edit videos using stickers, text, effects, emoji, and many other styling effects. Converting the normal video into animated ones is one of the best features of this app. VidLab is available to be installed on Android, iOS, and Windows.

It has an amazing feature using which you can make a collage of your videos. There are a lot number of templates to choose from. It will help you in editing videos, joining video clips, converting images to a slideshow, give special effects, and sharing those videos with your family or friends on your social media platforms.


Ahh! Here is one more in the race of alternatives to video editing Applications. It will help you in editing video clips, adding music to the videos, and much more. Lomotif is best for the best video editor for editing short videos only. It also helps you in editing the videos directly import from camera rollover.

We can easily share the finished videos directly to any of the social media platforms. Rather, we can import videos directly as well from social media to edit those videos. It has many filters and effects using which we can edit the videos.


Cyberlink has launched a video editing app which is named as PowerDirector. This one is the exact alternative to the Kinemaster which is being used by professional video editors. However, a newbie can use it very easily. Yes, you read it right, it is the most user-friendly app using which you can easily make or convert your videos.

It will help you in creating high-quality HD videos. It has a feature to import and export the videos easily directly to anywhere or any of the social media platforms. I love this one over Kinemaster has I can easily convert my photo to videos using this app. Moreover, it helps me to easily edit any recordings or small clips into making large videos by combining them.

PowerDirector is only available for Windows and Android. Unfortunately, if you are an iOS user then you are definitely missing something very amazing video editing app.


Ahh! This one is another name in the race of alternatives to The Kinemaster video editing app. It will help you with editing and trimming the videos as per your requirements. You can rotate, zoom, wipe, split, etc. moreover, we can add motions to the still images and edit any kind of videos. It is available for iOS, Android, and Windows.

You can select the photos which you want to edit. It can be import or export easily. Brightness and contrast can be adjusted, we can easily edit the voice over. It has the feature to add or edit the voice over which is super amazing for a video editing application.


Kinemaster is being used by professional video editors. You might be facing issues while editing videos, the tools, filters, or effects can be complicated. So, I have listed Top 10 KineMaster Alternatives for windows, android, ios, mac. These applications are best which I personally use to edit videos as an alternative. If you face any issue while editing or using then you can let us know by commenting here. I would love to help you in resolving it for you.

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