Download Xender App for Android, iOS, PC & Mac 2019

Looking for an advanced tool to transfer your files between multiple devices? If yes then you are on the right path. We are here with Xender app which is considered as one of the best file sharing apps among all. Xender is compatible for both Android and iOS devices and you can send various files via a Wi-Fi connection. Xender supports cross-platform transferring that means you can convey files from Android to PC and so on. The app is totally free to download and hosts a wide array of amazing features.

If you want to download the best file sharing tool on your PC, Android and iOS devices then I will assist you for the same. Observe the post till the end to get the best steps to download Xender for various OS.

Xender App: Share each file within seconds
Download Xender App for Android, iOS, PC, Mac 2019

Xender App: Share each and every type of file within seconds

Shareit is the perfect competitor of Xender and people are confused between Shareit and Xender. Xender allows you to transfer photos, videos, music, documents, apps, etc at an incredible speed of 40MB/s. There is no size limitation to send files via Xender and you can convey every sized file with Xender app. So get freedom from the USB cable and Bluetooth sharing and switch to Xender for an outstanding file sharing experience.

Xender App: Unique Features

Shareit, Xender, and Superbeam offers almost the same facilities but why to go for Xender? Have a look below to confirm the special features of Xender:

  • Xender empowers you to share any kind of file anywhere and anytime.
  • You don’t need mobile data to share files with Xender as it requires Wi-Fi connectivity.
  •  Xender permits you 200 time more speed when compared with Bluetooth.
  • The file-sharing giant is compatible with Android, iOS, MAC, PC, and Tizen and also supports cross-platform sharing.
  • One of the best features of Xender is that it contains in-built music and video player.
  • Does’ matter in which language you want to use Xender as it supports over 30 languages.
  • Hassle free file sharing within seconds

How to download Xender app for Android devices

In order to download Xender on your Android device you have to perform these steps:

  • First of all, navigate to Google play store via your smartphone.
  • Now type Xender app in the search bar.
  • Click on the Xender and download.
  • After downloading install the app on your device and you are ready to share files with Xender.

How to download Xender App on iOS devices

  • Navigate to Apple app store first.
  • Then search for Xender app.
  • After getting the results tap on the appropriate one and download.
  • Finally, install the app on your iPhone and share files among various devices.

How to download and install Xender App on PC and MAC

Xender web app is available to download for PC but if you want to download the Xender android app on your PC then you have to follow these steps:

    • Initially head to the official website of Bluestacks to download.
    • Tap on the download button and after download install the Bluestacks app with the provided instructions on the home screen.
    • After finishing the installation procedure it will ask you to register with your Gmail Account so log in with your Gmail account.
    • Now navigate the dashboard of Bluestacks and here you will observe Play store and via it search for Xender app.
    • After finding install the app in your PC.
    • Finally, in my apps tab, you will notice the Xender app symbol and you are ready to use Xender on your PC.

If you want to download the PUBG game from Xender, here is the complete tutorial to get pubg via xender.

Final thoughts

Are you guys ready to download the outstanding file sharing tool on various devices? If yes then follow these steps and access the app on your PC, iPhone and Android smartphone. For more information about the app you can visit the official site of Xender.

If you have any question regarding Xender then drop your query in the comment section below. We will give you the best answer as soon as possible. Don’t forget to bookmark our site for more exciting updates.



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