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Kyan Champion: Ultimate Guide for Beginners


League of Legend is one of the most powerful team-based games. In this game, there are many championships that give you new and exciting challenges to grant you a thrilling adventure. In League of Legend, recent championships evolve over time, and one of them is Kyan.

If you seek the Kyan Guide, then be with us till the end because here we have mentioned all the details of the Kyan, giving you an in-depth knowledge of the Kyan.

League of Legends is a team-based online battle video game which is developed by the Riot Games. In this game, you have to play in the team and take the role of a champion with unique abilities and battle against a group of players. You have to destroy the opponent base.

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There are 2 teams of 5 champions to defeat the other base. In-game, you are offered more than 140 champions, and you can choose according to your preference. These champions will help you make epic plays, defend kills, and let down towers compete with your opponent and win the game.

So, choosing the Champion is the first and foremost requirement. Because as soon as you enter the game, you have to select the Champion to play the game. Kyan is one of the Champions among other Champion.

Now, let’s move towards the Kyan Guide:

About Kyan:

Kyan, a shadow reaper, is a champion in the League of Legends game. It is a hybrid monster, vague the lines between assassin and juggernaut. Kyan is an interesting, calm looking champion that will help you to gain victory in the game. It is one of the most curious champions that you can choose and win the game with strategies. It is one of the unique jungler.

Positives of Kyan:

  • If you choose Kyan champion, you will quickly adapt it as it is easy ot learn.
  • It offers you high mobility.
  • Enables you to do unique gank pathing.
  • It enables fast jungle clear.

Negatives of Kyan:

  • It is weak in early games.
  • Kyan champion has high risk of falling in off late games.
  • It has limited rune choices as compared to others champion.
  • It requires good macro play.
  • High possibility of getting kited easily.
  • You have to do struggle against the peeling

What can Kyan do?

Kyan champion can do wonders for you only and only if you know what kyan can do for you. So, before choosing Kyan as a Champion, you should know what he can do for you. So, Let’s Proceed to the details:

With the help of his passive The Darkin Scythe, Kyan allows you to select different playstyles in the game depending upon your game’s circumstances. And one of them will take the form of a zealous Assassin, and Assassin is skilled in Shadow magic.

With his Shadow magic, he can make your foes disappear within seconds and allows you to do a significant amount of burst damage. Moreover, it offers you abilities like Shadow Step; you get great mobility and slipperiness through this.

With the help of these two abilities, you can easily catch out squishies. Furthermore, only with these two abilities assassinating them is a funny and relishing task.

If you want, you can also prefer to succumb to your weapon. Even your Rhaast becomes a gruesome Darkin that can slaughter everything that passes over his path. With this, you can settle up some mobility of your’s in exchange for the mild crowd control and %max HP damage.

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Furthermore, you can do insane healing and bruisers for many days. Strategically, while healing their pain, you will slowly be able to destroy them. Isn’t the strategy is useful? Do let us know in the comment section.

Abilities of Kyan:

Although, now you get what Kyan can do for you! Abilities of the Kyan are quite straightforward and effective. You don’t need that much of the skills to use it effectively. Some of the skills of the Kyan are:

  • Reaping Slash helps you get dash forward and enables you to deal with the cast damage and its impact.
  • The Shadow step enables you to arrange ganking paths for enemies. The opponents do not expect these kinds of ways, which will help you gain a competitive edge.
  • If you want to enter your target body, then Umbral Trespass will help you as with this, you can enter into the target body for up to 2.5 seconds. It also allows you to deal with the damage upon the exit.
  • Looking to reduce your decaying process, then choose Blade’s Reach is it will slow your dying process.
  • You can choose between The Darkin Scythe: Rhaast or The Darkin Scythe: Shadow Assassin. The only difference is that these, change the effect of all the abilities slightly. So, you can choose any of the form as you will find a change of effect in it.

Overall, Kyan is an easy champion in terms of mechanics, and it is great for you if you are a beginner and wants a friendly winner. If you only want to focus on climb, then you should play on macro play. It will be effective and useful for you.

What can’t Kyan do for you?

Like other champions, Kyan does have its limits. So, deep insight will not be complete without the shortcomings.

  • Initially, it is very great, but when you obtain skills, you will not be able to deal with the pain of the enemy team.
  • If you want to win the game with the Kyan champion, you have to close the game quickly with utmost caution because reaching a late game will trouble you a lot, especially in Shadow Assassin.
  • If you miss or immobilized your Blade’s Reach, then you will easily lose your game.
  • After getting skills, Kyan will be difficult for you for the opponents such as Cassiopeia, Vayne, and Kindred because Kayn is weak to kiting.
  • When you want to go for picks, then you have to make a plan because unawareness about the abilities will not provide you required picks. You have to struggle against the peeling.
  • With this Champion, you have limited rune choices.
  • You can only choose two keystones from each form at best.
  • This Champion allows you to show your creativity, but if you want to climb effectively, you have to stick to the current meta demands.

Despite all these cons, Kyan is a good champion as it allows good for beginners as well as advanced players. The only primary requirement is to focus on making the right strategies and using the right abilities.

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Forms of Kyan:

Once you open your game, you have to decide which forms you have to choose when you reach your champion selection screen. There are mainly two forms of Kyan that you can choose from:

  • Rhaast
  • Shadow Assassin

To know more about these forms, scroll down and get the full detail.

Which form you should Choose of Kyan- Whether Red(Rhasst) or Blue (Shadow Assassin)?

We received various questions regarding which form we should choose for Kyan. Whether you should go for blue or red? And which way is better with which option. To get the solutions to these questions, you have to consider and thoroughly know about the forms.

To make your decision easy and effective, consider all the below mentioned concepts about both the forms. So, be ready to get your answers to the questions you are wondering about.

Choosing Rhaast:

Rhaast is a red Kyan. It acts as a drain tenk bruiser, which completes its target slowly but surely. This helps you make effective strategies, and you should consider this Champion when the opponent team consists of more than two bruisers and tanks. Moreover, The Darkin Scythe: Rhaast is great for the extended fights. Additionally, Blade’s Reach: Rhaast is also a great mixture for team fights.

Pros of Choosing Rhaast:

  • Awesome team fighter
  • Great duelist
  • High sustain

Cons of Choosing Rhaast:

  • Difficulties in Kiting.
  • Drops in crowd control.
  • Challenges in Grievous Wounds

Choosing Shadow Assassin:

Shadow Assassin is a Blue Kayn. It looks swiftly and takes down his targets swiftly. It would be best to opt for this form when the enemy team consists of more than three squishies or the poke champions. If you want to catch isolated opponents and eliminate then The Darkin Scythe: Shadow Assassin will help you.

Pros of Shadow Assassin:

  • Good at snowballing
  • Effectively manage the brust damage
  • Easily handles the map pressure

Cons of Shadow Assassin:

  • Have chances to lose off late games
  • Drops to peel
  • Can’t handle crowd control

We would recommend you to not to take pressure on any of the Kyan. If you think that Blue will work best for the squishy enemies, then go for it. Ultimately, you have to play, whether it is to choose Red or Blue.

You are playing for your own excitement, so do what your intellect tells you. It is very important to follow your mind because you will adopt the strategies and methods. There should not be any regret in your mind.

On the whole, you can use the following Kyan in the suggested option:

  • Platinum and below, you should try Rhaast.
  • For map handling and snowballing, go for Shadow Assassin.

Rest, you can decide by considering all the Kyan details as per your own demand for your game.

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Concluding Words:

Here, we have mentioned a detailed guide about Kyan: What is Kyan, Forms of Kyan, Abilities of Kyan, and which Kyan form you should choose. Hoping all your doubts are solved, and in case you have any other issue- do let us know in the comment section.

We will definitely help you with your query and if you want to know about any other Champion, comment below or you can follow us on telegram too.


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