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How to Learn Morse Code Chart in 2 Minutes

Morse Code Chart

Cell Phones were invented in 1973 & Telephones were invented in 1876. And even before them, Morse Code was the only source of communication in use.


Morse Code Chart

It’s still used on some ships and among amateur radio users. In the earlier times of  Morse Code, it became extremely important in Maritime Shipping & aviation.

In fact, up until 90s, it was a must have skill for Pilots. Today you know the morse code because it’s kept alive by few amateur radio users & Civil War Re-enactors. So, going ahead in this post, I’ll be sharing how you can learn morse code using the morse code chart. Let’s get started:

How does the Morse Code Chart Works?

In the early days, Morse Code was used to send messages over long distances as they can be sent using light or by pulses. And the most common way to send these messages was through a Telegraph.

In morse Code, each letter of alphabet translates into long and short signals.

The long signal is known as DASH.

The short signal is known as DOT.


Pulse length of 3 DOTS = Pulse length of 1 DASH.

How to Learn Morse Code

Learning Morse code is like learning any foreign language or machine language. So, first of all, don’t take it lightly. You must practice HARD. On your journey to becoming a master telegraph operator, I’ve brought together some resoures exclusively for you.

Morse Code Chart
Morse Code Chart

Get familiar with the code.

First thing first, take a look at the image of International Morse Code Chart I’ve posted above. Get familiar with each alphabet written in Morse Code.

Print this Off. Study it whenever you got the free time.

Wherever you go, carry it with you. Do everything in your reach to memorise each  of the character in this chart. Once done, begin combining these characters to write words in Morse Code.

Use this Dichotomic chart.

Morse Code Chart
Morse Code Chart

Print off this dichotomic chart for decoding the morse code for you. As you can see, there are 3 words written at the top – START, DASH & DOT.

Start off decoding from the point where it says “Start“. Everytime you hear a Short Sound (DOT), move down to the right and everytime you hear a LONG SOUND (DASH) , move down to the right.

Apart from the dichotomic chart, morse has a Nifty chart which is the exact reverse of the dichotomic Chart. Here, DASH is on the right & DOT is on the left.

Start listening to Morse code.

After learning from the Morse Code Charts, the third step is listening the Morse Code. Browse the web & you’ll find hell lots of MP3 files of Morse Code. So, listen the audio file & start practicing to decode the Morse Code.

AA9PW app.

AA9PW is an online platform that lets you do hardcore Morse Code practice. You can use it either on the web browser or its iOS app titled as Ham Morse on the app store.

Daily, give 10 minutes of your time to this app & you’ll be on your way to becoming Morse code master.

BTW, AA9PW is not the only online platform. Search the web & you’ll find similar useful apps, online platform to learn not only the International Morse code, but also the American Morse code.

Send an SOS using Morse Code

Frequently Asked Questions | Morse Code Chart

Question: Is Morse Code Universal?

Answer: Yes. It’s only one Morse Code for the entire planet.

Question: Are we allowed to use spaces in morse code?

Answer: Letters of a word and words are separated by a space. In morse code, a space between a letter is written in three dots and the space between the words equals to seven dots.

Question: What’s the benefit of morse code?

Answer: When you’re unable to speak or start a conversation, Morse code is used to communicate using tones and clicks.

Question: Why Soldiers use morse code?

Answer: Morse Code is covert form of communication as it doesn’t require any telecommunications equipment.

Question: Besides the military, who else uses the Morse Code today?

Answer: Boys scouts as well as maritime fisherman uses Morse Code to come out of trapped transportation. Scuba divers and underwater welders use it to communicate on the inside and outside of structures they are building.

Final Words

More than 190 years have passed, the trend of Morse Code is still far from over. It’s still used for HAM radio, the Ancestor of Internet. With low powers of antennas, Morse Code makes it easy for ham radio contacts to connect with all over the world.

And even though, the usage of Morse Code is limited to soldiers and ham radio applications, you can use the Morse Code Charts added to decode any secret message you received

That’s all for now. If you’re stuck somewhere in understanding the Morse Code, then do let me know in the comments sections. Amd if you think this post is helpful then do share it with your friends and family.

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