How to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android

Suppose you are going on a long vacation but the internet is not available in that place. Meanwhile, your best friend’s birthday comes then how will you wish him/her? Don’t worry you can do so to schedule WhatsApp messages. Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging services out there. Apart from instant messaging, you can make voice and video calls with Whatsapp. You can assume its popularity by this factor that Whatsapp has more than 1 Billion active users per month.

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Quick ways to schedule Whatsapp messages on Android
How to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android

But many users are struggling with the difficulty to send a specific message to someone on a specific time. You want to wish your friend at midnight but can’t do so because of deep sleep. Now there is a solution for you, Schedule Whatsapp messages. You just need to write a particular message and schedule it and it will send automatically on the time you want to send.

If you are looking for scheduling Whatsapp messages then our guide will assist you to schedule Whatsapp messages to convey your wishes at right time.

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Quick ways to schedule Whatsapp messages on Android

Android is the most used operating system and there are tons of Android apps to assist you in numerous ways. Android is totally customizable and it is pretty easy to schedule messages on Android. You can do so with the help of some apps and here I am going to describe the process of Scheduling Whatsapp messages with Android apps.

1.Schedule Whatsapp Messages with Whatsapp Scheduler

You can easily perform the process of Scheduling Whatsapp messages with this app. Follow these steps to send the messages automatically to the desired person:

  • First of all, you have to download and install the app in your Android device.
  • After it open the app.
  • Then you have to type the name of the person to whom you want to send schedule message.
  • Finally, you need to type the message and then set the time and date, and after it, you have to set the frequency to resend in case it fails.

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Schedule Whatsapp Messages with SKEDit schedule app

If you are a social geek then you must have SKEDit app as it helps you to schedule messages on Whatsapp, Facebook posts, emails, and SMS etc. You have to follow these steps to automate your Whatsapp messages:

  • Initially, you need to install the app by using your contact details. You can also sign up with one touch Facebook register.
  • After it selects the communication mode you want to schedule.
  • Now select the person you want to convey your message and then write the message you want to send automatically.
  • Finally, choose the time and date you on which you want to send the message.
  • That’s it, now your message will send automatically.

Final Thoughts

With above-mentioned steps, you can convey your messages automatically at your desired time without any hassle. You can also Schedule Whatsapp Messages with GBWhatsapp. You just require to download the latest version of GBWhatsapp to do so.

Hope you found the post informative and if you did then pass it on with your nears and dears. Still, any query regarding automating your WhatsApp messages then comments below and if you have any other method then feel free to share with us. For more updates stay connected and keep reading.



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