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Brain App Showdown: Lumosity Vs Elevate – Which is Better?

Lumosity Vs Elevate

Want the best brain workout from an app? Join me as I look at Lumosity and Elevate, the top brain-training apps.

If you’re a student or a worker, this comparison between Lumosity and Elevate will help guide you to the right choice.

Let’s get started with the comparison. But first, let’s begin with their overview, features, and pricing plan –

Lumosity Overview

Lumosity is made by Lumos Labs, a group focused on making tools to train the brain. Their mission is to help people keep their minds in top shape. The core idea of Lumosity is using games to train your brain.

  • Lumosity offers many mental training games that challenge different parts of your brain.
  • The app gives you daily workouts that are custom-made to your needs.
  • Lumosity lets you keep track of your progress so you can see how you’re doing.

Lumosity Pricing Plan

Lumosity offers a basic free version. For more features, you can subscribe to Lumosity Premium. The prices change, but the cost is usually around $12 a month or $60 a year.

Elevate Overview

Elevate is made by a company called Elevate Labs. Their goal is to make brain training fun and effective. Elevate aims to build tools to help people boost their mental skills. The main idea of Elevate is to offer short but powerful training sessions tailored to your goals.

  • Elevate provides a variety of exercises that focus on different mental skills.
  • The app adapts to you, meaning your training program changes based on your progress and goals.
  • Like Lumosity, Elevate also provides a way to track your progress.

Pricing Plan

Elevate offers a free version with limited access. To unlock all features, users can subscribe to Elevate Pro. The prices may vary, but it’s usually about $5 a month or $40 a year.

Lumosity Vs Elevate: Interface and Design


  • Lumosity presents a smooth, easy-to-navigate, intuitive interface with colorful game icons and straightforward menus.
  • The layout is light and friendly, encouraging fun while learning.
  • The visual design is a bit playful, using bright colors and animations, which may appeal to users who prefer a more relaxed, game-like experience.
  • Progress tracking is visually presented in an easy-to-understand format.


  • Elevate offers a sleek, modern interface with a more corporate feel.
  • The design heavily uses flat colors with a minimalistic approach. This clean, uncluttered layout might appeal to users who prefer professional looks.
  • Despite its professional aesthetics, the app maintains a user-friendly experience with intuitive navigation features.
  • Progress reports are comprehensive, and the emphasis on graphs and data may appeal to users who prefer detailed analytics.

Winner – Tie

Lumosity Vs Elevate: Variety of Training

Both Lumosity and Elevate offer a range of exercises designed to challenge your brain and enhance various cognitive skills. They vary, however, in terms of the types of training and games they offer.

Lumosity’s Variety of Training

Lumosity adapts its training program based on your initial assessment results. This brain-training app provides a broad selection of games divided into different categories: speed, memory, attention, problem-solving, and flexibility. Each game is designed to target specific cognitive functions, and the app tends to shape daily exercises based on the player’s performance.

Elevate’s Variety of Training

Elevate, on the other hand, emphasizes exercises related to writing, reading, listening, speaking, and math. These exercises strive to boost productivity and self-confidence in communication.


Lumosity Vs Elevate: Personalization Aspect

Lumosity’s Personalization Aspect

Lumosity adapts its training program based on your initial assessment results. This ensures the exercises are tailored to your cognitive strengths and weaknesses, offering a truly personalized training experience.

Elevate’s Personalization Aspect

When users open the Elevate app, they are prompted to complete an initial two-minute skills assessment, including tasks testing grammar, vocabulary, and math skills. The app uses the results of this assessment to customize the user’s training program.

Winner – TIE

Lumosity Vs Elevate: Effectiveness

Effectiveness of Lumosity

Lumosity offers various games and exercises targeting different brain parts, such as memory, attention, flexibility, problem-solving, and speed.

Effectiveness of Elevate

Elevate boosts practical skills like grammar, writing, listening, and math. In research, Elevate users tested 69% better than nonusers in these practical skill areas.

Winner – ELEVATE

How to Decide Between Lumosity and Elevate?

In deciding between Lumosity and Elevate, various factors, such as your age, goals, budget, and lifestyle, could influence your choices.

1. Age

Both apps are suitable for adults of all ages. However, older adults might find Lumosity helpful due to its broader variety of cognitive training that covers memory, attention, and problem-solving.

In contrast, younger adults, such as students, could favor Elevate because its training focuses more on practical skills like reading, writing, and math.

2. Goals

Lumosity, with its wide range of brain games, might be the better choice if you aim to improve overall cognitive function. If your goal is to enhance practical skills such as language and numeracy, Elevate could serve your needs better.

3. Budget

Lumosity and Elevate offer free versions, but access to their full training materials requires a premium subscription.

It would be best to compare prices and decide what fits your budget. Also, you could consider each app’s potential benefits to evaluate if the investment is worthwhile.

4. Lifestyle

If you have a busy schedule and need shorter, regular training sessions to slot into your day, Lumosity’s shorter, quick-play games could be more convenient.

On the other hand, if you can dedicate longer uninterrupted periods for intensive brain training, Elevate’s longer and more in-depth exercises might align better with your lifestyle.

5. Preferences

Lastly, your preference regarding app design, user interface, and the exercises you enjoy should also be considered. You could try out the free versions of both apps and see which one you find more engaging and enjoyable.

Final Verdict

When choosing between Lumosity and Elevate, your focus matters. If you want to improve in certain areas like reading and writing, Elevate beats Lumosity.

Elevate clearly aims at practical skills and is more effective for everyday tasks. Even though Lumosity offers a good range of brain exercises, Elevate stands out due to its skill-focused approach. Try them out and see why Elevate takes the top spot in this Lumosity Vs Elevate comparison.

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