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11 Games Like for Casual Gamers [2022]

Games Like

When it comes to gaming, there are games –

But not everyone’s after too much gore, violence, or complexity.

Some casual users are more than happy to play games like

These games like allow you to draw and ask your friends to guess what you’ve drawn.

The correct answer gives them points, and the player with the maximum points wins the match.

See how easy and fun this is.

So, up next in this post, you’ll see similar games like that you can play with your friends online. Let’s get started –


Drawasaurus is a virtual drawing board game where you can play with friends or strangers. The gameplay is simple: you can draw whatever you want on the board and guess what others are drawing.

It’s an entertaining way to pass the time with friends, but it’s also possible to play solo if you’d rather keep it casual. is another games like that lets you draw and guess, similar to

Playing with your friends online, either on the computer or on your phone, is fun. You can play Gartic for free!

Games Like
Games Like is a fun game where you can draw anything you like and then send it to a friend to guess what it is.

It’s a great way to pass the time if you’re bored and have nothing to do.

Draw and Guess

Draw and Guess is a game where you are given an image and have to guess what the picture is.

Your goal is simple: draw a drawing of anything you want, and the other player has to guess what it is. It’s pretty straightforward but can be fun if you play with friends or family members who like guessing games.

Line Rider

Line Rider is the 5th game like where you draw a line and see what happens. It’s similar to in that you can play with your friends online or offline, but with the added feature of being able to create your levels. You can also share these levels on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

To create a level, you must enter the editor and select a character from various options (a squirrel will be your default).

Once you have chosen a character, press start and click “Create Level.” Now that’s out of the way! You can play this game online or offline, so no matter where you are, there’s always time for some Line Rider fun! is a free online multiplayer game where you play as one of several shapes and try to eat other players. If you’re not eating, you should be moving around—otherwise, you’re vulnerable to being eaten yourself.

There are three ways to play against AI bots, against friends (either live or online), or against both bots and friends simultaneously!

When playing on your own, it’s best to start with easy-to-eat shapes like squares or triangles so that you get used to the controls before going up against other players.

Once you feel comfortable playing alone, try playing with a friend in the same room so they can help explain some strategies if needed—this will give each player more time than usual before being eaten!

Codenames Online

Codenames is one of the best party games out there, and it’s a great way to spend time with your friends.

The game is simple: each team tries to guess the terms on their side of the board while avoiding those on their opponent’s side. It’s a fun twist on guessing games like GeoGuessr, Pictionary, or charades—and you can play it online with friends for free!

This is an excellent choice if you have more than four people available because the game supports up to eight players simultaneously.

You’ll be able to get everyone involved in this fantastic guessing game as they try to outsmart their opponents by making clever associations between words and pictures.

Games Like
Games Like is another fan-favorite casual game you can play online with friends. The game is a drawing program where you have to use your mouse or touch screen to draw on a canvas.

There are various tools at your disposal in this simple yet addictive online game, including crayons, markers, and pencils.

In, you can also choose from several colored pencils ranging from yellow to pink and blue to green, as well as different shapes like squares and circles, allowing players more creative freedom when creating their masterpieces! is a fun word game where you draw a word and see if your friends can guess it. You can play with a friend or a random opponent, making it perfect for playing against others worldwide.

YouDrawIguess also ranks players based on their overall performance across multiple games, so you can compete against other users to become the top dog in this drawing-based guessing game!

When playing YouDrawIguess, you’ll get points for every round your opponent guesses correctly, and for every time they fail to guess correctly within the time limit.

There are also bonus rounds during which players have the opportunity to earn extra points by guessing certain words quickly enough.

You can play YouDrawIguess online for free or with real money; however, unlike Skribblio, there aren’t any ads on this platform, so everything runs smoothly while playing!

Draw and Guess Online

Draw and Guess Online is a multiplayer drawing game in which players draw words and objects, and the other players guess what it is.

The game is played with rounds that last for about five minutes, at the end of which points are awarded based on how many people got the answer right (you get more points if you guessed it yourself). The player with the most points at the end of each round wins.

You can play against your friends or strangers from all over the world!

Lastly, is another game like where you must guess what the other person is drawing.

You can play with a friend or play with a random person.

The game has many categories of drawings to choose from: animals, food, fruits and vegetables, flags and countries, etc.


I hope you enjoyed this list of games like, where you don’t have to deal with a pool of blood, 18+ visuals, or use your brain for strategy.

That’s all for now.

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