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Minecraft new nintendo 3ds edition update 2019

Minecraft is the immensely popular game and people of all age groups love to play this game. Minecraft is the creation of the great video game developing company, Nintendo. If you love to play Minecraft sandbox game then here is good news for you. Now you can play Minecraft new Nintendo 3ds edition on your new 2DS and 3DS systems. Though the game can’t be played on the standard 2DS and 3DS systems.

The declaration took place recently that the Minecraft will only be obtainable on the new 3DS and 2DS systems as all the two are more brawny systems than the older ones.

It is the really good news for them who old the new versions and now they will enjoy the Survival and creative modes and also grab two control schemes: Standard buttons and Touch control. Another great thing is that the gamers will obtain the special skins and texture packs with Minecraft Nintendo 3ds edition.

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Minecraft New Nintendo 3ds edition Features newly added features
Minecraft new nintendo 3ds edition update 2019

Minecraft New Nintendo 3ds edition Features newly added features

The latest update of the Minecraft Nintendo 3ds edition update comes with whole new features blocks items and much more here and is a description of all the added features so take a look below.


  • Concrete
  • Concrete Powder
  • Glazed Terracotta
  • Dyed beds
  • Shulker Box
  • Frosted ice
  • Magma Block
  • Bone Block
  • Red nether bricks
  • Spawn eggs
  • Iron and gold nuggets

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  • Woodland Mansions
  • Explorer Map
  • Totem of undying

World Generation

  • Underground fossils
  • Natural magma block generation in the nether

Latest enhancements

  • Frost walker
  • Mending

You can get Minecraft Nintendo 3ds edition from the eshop. The news for the retail release is still pending.

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Minecraft New Nintendo 3ds edition Gameplay

There is a visible difference in the gameplay of the latest update. Here is a brief description of the differences from other versions:

  • The latest update doesn’t contain the online multiplayer feature.
  • There are three sizes of the world: Small (672×672), Medium (1344×1344), and huge (2016×2016). One more thing the size of the world can’t be changed after creation.
  • The map and the collaboration of the players are displayed on the touch screen. There are other uses of the touch screen like inventory management and crafting.

Well, folks hope you are ready to enjoy the latest update of Minecraft loaded with latest attires and blocks. But make sure you have latest 3DS and 2DS systems to play the game.

I think you got sufficient information about the Minecraft  Nintendo 3ds edition and if you loved the post then pass it on with your close ones. For more updates stay tuned and keep reading.

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