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Is Momentum Chrome Extension Safe? Check these 10 Alternatives

Is Momentum Chrome Extension Safe?

You’re probably using the Momentum Chrome Extension to make your new tab page more engaging.

But have you ever stopped to consider if it’s safe?

It’s easy to overlook data security and privacy when installing popular extensions.

But let’s face it, not doing so can lead to unwanted consequences.

Don’t brush off these concerns – your online security is at stake. This is where our guide comes in handy. I’ll cut through the noise and get straight to the point, assessing Momentum’s safety and offering you 10 secure momentum alternatives.

Let’s get started –

What is the Momentum Chrome Extension?

Momentum is a productivity-oriented Chrome extension that transforms mundane new tab pages into a dynamic dashboard designed to motivate users while streamlining their online productivity.

The core functionalities offered by Momentum Chrome Extension include:

  1. Personalized Dashboard: Replaces the typical new tab page with a beautiful background image that changes daily and a big digital clock at the center.
  2. Daily Quotes & Goals: The extension provides inspiring quotes and allows users to set a primary focus or goal for the day.
  3. To-do List: Users can create and manage a personalized to-do list directly on the new tab page, improving task management and productivity.
  4. Weather Updates: The dashboard includes an easily accessible weather widget displaying current local weather.
  5. Links to Favorite Websites: Users can directly add links to their frequently visited websites on the dashboard for easy access.
  6. Search Bar: A search bar is provided on the new tab page, making it instantly possible to search the web without navigating anywhere else first.

By integrating these features in a single location, Momentum aims to provide a comprehensive interface for managing the user’s day, setting goals, staying inspired, and streamlining access to favorite sites. Its goal is to inspire users, improve focus, and promote productivity.

Is the Momentum Chrome Extension Safe?

Momentum Chrome Extension
Momentum Chrome Extension

When it comes to the safety of browser extensions, privacy is often a central concern, especially with an extension like Momentum, which interacts with your browser’s new tabs and requests access to settings like location for weather updates.

Momentum developers have provided transparent information regarding data handling and privacy. According to their privacy policy, the data users provide to Momentum (such as to-do lists or goals) is stored locally on the user’s machine and not on their servers. This means your data isn’t sent or stored anywhere outside your computer.

However, it’s crucial to note that the extension collects anonymous and aggregated data for statistics and performance evaluation. Importantly, this doesn’t include anything you enter in Momentum, like tasks or daily goals. Moreover, all traffic between Momentum and its servers is encrypted using SSL, providing an extra layer of security.

In terms of user reviews, Momentum enjoys a high rating on the Chrome Web Store, with many users praising its features and design. There aren’t significant safety or privacy concerns evident in the reviews, but, as with any extension, concerns can arise, and it’s essential for you to switch to other Chrome extensions.

Why You Should Switch to Momentum Chrome Extension Alternatives?

Despite Momentum’s numerous helpful features and a high user base, different needs or concerns may sway you to consider alternative platforms. The two primary reasons include:

1. Need for Different Features

Different individuals have different needs. Some features offered by Momentum may not fully align with these your needs, prompting you to look for alternatives.

  • While Momentum focuses on providing a calming and personalized ambiance with inspirational quotes, to-do lists, and weather updates, some users might prefer extensions with more productivity tools, like time tracking or task management features.
  • Other users might want more customizable interfaces beyond what Momentum offers.
  • Some users could be interested in more social interaction features, which Momentum doesn’t offer.

2. Privacy Concerns

Concerns around digital privacy is another valid reason why you might be looking for Momentum alternatives.

  • Like many extensions, Momentum needs permission to read and change data on the websites you visit. While this permission is necessary to provide its advanced features, this could raise privacy concerns for some users.
  • Additionally, including advertisements, as seen in the free version of Momentum, could cause discomfort among users who are sensitive about their data privacy.
  • Although Momentum states it collects minimal user data, the mere requirement of accessing personal data (like location for weather updates) can potentially alienate certain users.

Note: It is important to note that while these reasons may lead you to seek alternatives, Momentum still offers a valuable tool for many users seeking to enhance their browser’s interface and functionality.

9 Safe Alternatives to Momentum Chrome Extension

Below is the list of Momentum Chrome Extension Alternatives:

Infinity New Tab

This Chrome extension offers a customizable new tab page, allowing users to personalize the interface with features such as bookmarks, apps, and more for a functional browsing experience.

Leoh New Tab

Known for its beautiful wallpapers, Leoh provides weather updates and allows you to jot down notes and make to-do lists, making it a multi-functional new tab extension.


Dayboard is all about productivity. It helps you focus on your daily tasks by listing them each time you open a new tab, promoting a more organized browsing experience.

Humble New Tab Page

It redesigns your new tab page to showcase your bookmarks, apps, most visited sites, and recently closed tabs in a custom layout to enhance convenience and accessibility.


Todoist turns your new tab page into a productivity hub where you can manage, prioritize, and complete tasks and projects, keeping you on top of your work or personal tasks.

Earth View from Google Earth

This extension transforms each new tab into a stunning satellite image from Google Earth, providing an inspiring and visually pleasing browsing experience.


Tabliss delivers beautifully curated wallpapers to your new tab page, infusing an aesthetic touch to your browsing routine.

Speed Dial 2 New tab

Speed Dial 2 is a highly customizable new tab page extension that lets you create a personalized dashboard featuring your favorite websites and bookmarks. It aims to boost your productivity by allowing quick access to the sites you visit the most right from your new tab.


OneTab is the last momentum Chrome Extension alternative for those who tend to open many tabs.

Whenever you find your browser cluttered with too many tabs, click on the OneTab icon to convert all your tabs into a list. This makes your browser less cluttered and saves up to 95% of memory by reducing tab overload.

Last Thoughts

So, there you have it.

You can continue using the Momentum Chrome extension if you’re not concerned with privacy. Alternatively, you can switch between 10 secure momentum Chrome extension alternatives mentioned in this list and instantly get your hands on new features.

That’s all for now.

Please reach us in the comments below if I missed any useful Chrome extensions. Meanwhile, check the review of this fun Shimeji browser extension.

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