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Make Your Car Not Just Ultra-Stylish but Also Safe with These Add-Ons

Car safety

Technology has become prominent in the automobile industry. If you are not driving the latest car, you may feel left behind in terms of features and upgrades.

There were days when seatbelts, airbags and anti-lock braking system (ABS) were provided only in either luxury cars or top models of other vehicles. In the past decade, car safety technology has changed a lot.

Car Safety
Car Safety

With the rolling out of BS-VI and car safety protocols by ARAI, many features like ABS and airbags have become standard for all the vehicle segments, including some other technological advancements like in-built GPS trackers. Such features lack in old cars where safety becomes a concern.

An average life span of a petrol car in India is 10-12 years whereas for a diesel car it reduces to 7-8 years. It means these cars are running on old car safety standards and lack advanced features.

Today, the market has an option to buy GPS trackers and similar technologies which can be fit into old cars to make them safer and stylish at the same time.

Here are some of the add-ons which you can buy to make your cars safer and ultra-stylish:

Rearview Cameras for Car Safety

The purpose of installing a rearview camera is to increase rear visibility of your vehicle. It gives you a 180-degree view, which helps in better driving and reversing. It is also helpful in detecting the objects behind to avoid getting hit by other cars. You can efficiently use a rear-view camera for monitoring the traffic behind you.

Parking Sensors

Parking sensor is yet another safety feature which you must install in your old cars. It gives you a fair idea while parking or reversing and alerts about the low walls or obstructions. These sensors are embedded in your car’s bumpers. It may help you in blind spot detections as well.

Touch Screen Display

It is like a tablet for your car. With the help of a touch screen display, you can access various features like navigation, rear-view cameras, and similar. It is installed in your car’s centre dashboard for efficient usage. The features and looks are the same as the factory-installed device in new vehicles.

GPS and Navigation

Your old car can also use the feature of GPS and navigation as an add-on. You can use the feature to drive to your location with accurate navigation. GPS tracker will give you directions with a voice command to guide your path to your destination. You can buy GPS trackers online or offline and install them as per your convenience.

Vehicle Tracking System

It is the most crucial component of safety. A vehicle tracking system is a combination of hardware and software tools which helps you track the location of your vehicle. Devices like KENT CamEye used as vehicle tracking system will help you in many ways. KENT CamEye possesses features like live-navigation, real-time alerts, cloud storage and more. Vehicle tracking systems help you improve the safety of your car and your loved ones in it.

Among all the stylish safety features you can add to your old car, vehicle tracking systems like GPS trackers and dashcams are available in the market with various features.

Make Your Old Car Safer With KENT CamEye

KENT CamEye has a lot of safety features to offer, especially for your old cars. The device has a dual-camera setup which you can easily plug and play. When connected to your phone, it will give you real-time alerts for all the instances where there is a breach of set parameters. For example, if your kid is driving in your absence, you will get alerts for over speeding and loud noise coming from your car’s cabin.

There are various other features which KENT CamEye has to offer such as face recognition, idle engine and running AC alert and more. You can also view recorded videos that are saved in cloud storage.

Final Words

With all the gadgets and features of modern-day technology, you can make your car look stylish while being safer. If you have a car and want to make a stylish statement with a sense of security, buy GPS trackers or KENT CamEye. You can enhance safety and style at the same time. The device is available through Amazon India, and you can even get a free home demo on it!

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