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8 Best Nerdle Game Solvers for Quick Solutions

Nerdle Game Solvers

“Nerdle” is a fun and popular math game, much like the word game “Wordle”, but with digits and math signs.

Here, you can get clues like the length of a math problem and an answer, and your job is to figure out the equation, using a certain number of attempts.

This game is not just entertaining, it’s also a great learning tool. It can help improve skills like problem-solving, number knowledge, and strategic thinking.

By playing “Nerdle”, you’ll be able to practice math in a challenging but fun way. These sorts of games can really help sharpen thinking skills, enhance memory, and improve mental speed.

Let’s explore more about how to solve “Nerdle” puzzles, so you can enjoy this math adventure.

Tips, Strategies, and Solvers for Quick Solutions

Initially, nerdle can be intimidating for newbies, but once you’ve grasped the game, this addictive game can quickly become a favorite, testing the limits of your mathematical prowess.

This article will explore various tips and strategies to enhance your Nerdle gameplay. Additionally, I will present a list of sites that’ll help you in solving those tricky puzzles that seem impossible to solve.

But first, let me share the rules of the game.

Rules of Nerdle Game:

  1. Each Nerdle game presents you with a math equation, but all the digits are replaced with question marks.
  2. Your job is to guess which digits (0-9) the question marks represent and complete the equation correctly.
  3. There are a few restrictions:
    • The first digit of any number can’t be zero (unless it’s the number “0”).
    • The same question mark in different places represents the same digit.
    • Different question marks represent different digits.

Nerdle’s Tips and Tricks

Nerdle Tips
Nerdle Tips

These tips and tricks can help you improve your Nerdle skills and ultimately, help you conquer tough puzzles.

Here are some valuable tips I’ve to offer:

  • Practice regularly: Just like any skill, practice makes perfect! Aim to solve Nerdle puzzles daily to reinforce your mathematical foundation and strategic thinking.
  • Start with small numbers: When attempting a new puzzle, try using smaller numbers first. This approach will often help you quickly eliminate incorrect options and narrow down the possibilities.
  • Utilize brackets effectively: Brackets can significantly change the outcome of a calculation. Experiment with different bracket placements to see their effect on your solution.
  • Keep track of your attempts: Monitor your progress by noting down your attempts. This practice allows you to identify any recurring patterns and avoid making the same mistakes.
  • Take a break: Nerdle challenges can be demanding, and sometimes taking a short break can refresh your thinking and perspective. Stepping away for a moment can help you return to the puzzle with renewed insight.

Nerdle Gameplay Strategies

Developing solid strategies is important if you want to master Nerdle. Consider these nerdle gameplay strategies for more efficient puzzle-solving:

  1. Know your math: Brush up on math fundamentals, especially the order of operations (PEMDAS/BODMAS). Strong foundational knowledge will help you identify the right combinations more quickly.
  2. Use operators strategically: Start by focusing on addition and subtraction—this can help simplify the initial steps of problem-solving.
  3. Work backward: Given the result, try to understand which operations were used to achieve it. This reverse-engineering approach can speed up the process of finding the correct sequence of numbers and operators.
  4. Break down the equation: Dissect the equation into smaller pieces, identify which part of the puzzle is most challenging, and then focus on solving that particular section.

8 Nerdle Game Solvers for Quick Solutions


There are times when you might find a puzzle impossible to solve. For those challenging puzzles, Nerdle solvers are here to save the day and save you from breaking your streak. Here’s a list of nerdle game solvers I recommend:

  1. Tony’s Nerdle Solver: Flexible and user-friendly, this solver accommodates various Nerdle versions.
  2. Online Nerdle Solver at A no-fuss online solver that generates correct solutions swiftly.
  3. GitHub’s Interactive Nerdle Solver: Designed for tech-savvy users, this solver, powered by JavaScript and HTML, offers a unique, interactive experience. This solver might be a perfect choice if you’re keen on an engaging puzzle-solving process.
  4. scfoxcode’s Nerdle Solver on GitHub: A Python and JavaScript-based open-source solver for programming enthusiasts.
  5. Nerdle Resources on Official Website: Offers customizable puzzles (Super Nerdle) and the option to create puzzles using your calculations (Pro Nerdle).
  6. Nerdle Game Platform at An online platform featuring a user-friendly design, hints, and smooth gameplay.
  7. PythonRepo – Nerdle Solver: This solver, found on PythonRepo, uses Python algorithms for solving Nerdle puzzles. If you’re intrigued by the technical aspects of puzzle-solving, this Python-powered solver could be an interesting choice.
  8. Nerdle Auto Solver: A go-to generator for quick solutions with a straightforward interface.


Nerdle starts getting difficult with each progressing round. Therefore offering a rewarding and engaging experience to you.

By regularly practicing using my nerdle tips and strategies, you’ll improve your gameplay in no time and win over the complex world of Nerdle. Besides, never forget that solvers can be excellent learning tools, helping you understand mathematical concepts better and enabling a growth mindset.

Meanwhile, instead of numbers, if you’re more into word puzzles, do check out these free-to-play casual games like Wordle.

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