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10 Popular Risk Of Rain 2 Mods [2021]

Last year we shared the article Top 10 Risk of Rain 2 mods to Upgrade Your Base Level Game” with our readers, and the response we got was pretty awesome.

But as we all know, there are many new mods for Risk of Rain 2 that keep coming. So, we decided to write another article about some super awesome Risk of Rain 2 mods.

Risk of Rain

Risk of Rain is a roguelike game, played in the third person view. The player controls one of the survivors of a space freighter team, whose spaceship crashed on an alien planet and, now they are stuck on it.

The player selects one of the survivors as the playable character and moves through different environments, killing monstrous creatures and collecting chests carrying the items they supposed to deliver.

Over time, when the player goes further in the game difficulty level increases, the creatures become harder to kill.

Risk of Rain was developed by two students of the University of Washington as a student project, which later got funded by an America based public benefit corporation ‘Kickstarter’.

The two students formed a company named Hopoo Games and the game was published under the name of Chucklefish a British video game company.

Risk of Rain 2

As the sequel of Risk of Rain, Risk of Rain 2 was launched as a 3D game and that was the main highlight, doing all the fighting, killing the monsters, and collecting chests in a 3D environment is a lot of fun.

But other than that, there was not any noticeable difference in the storyline and the main objective of the game.

There is no doubt that Risk of Rain 2 is one of the best games in its genre, but the only downfall of the game is, availability of mods as Risk of Rain 2 doesn’t support the Steam Workshop. But there are some interesting mods for Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain 2 Mods

Switching to different mods keep a player interested in the game for much longer than usual, as they get new characters to play, with new characters comes new power and new items to use, and also some new enemies to fight with.

So, today I will be sharing with you guys some pretty awesome Risk of Rain 2 mods. And if you are an anime fan, you are going to love some of these mods.

RoR Cheats by Lodington

Risk of Rain 2 is not like many other games, where you get banned if you use cheats. By using this mod of Risk of Rain 2 you get access to abilities like spawning items, teleportation, skipping stages, and many others like this.

When you use this Cheat mod you get access to a squared shaped menu, which you will see in blue color, at the right or left corner of your PC, when you run the game.

The menu contains a lot of options by which you can tweak the game in the way you want, you can be eternal if you want.

Goku by Kinggrinyov

If you are a fan of the Dragan Ball series you will love this mod. You can transform your character into Son Goku, the most powerful Saiyan of all time.

Top 10 Risk Of Rain 2 Mods [2021]

You can access all the transformations Goku has shown in the Dragon Ball series, even the Ultra Instinct.

Not just the transformation, you also get access to all his Ki blasts and the Kamehameha itself which have the ability to demolish many huge enemies with just a single blow. Other than this the character has super speed, can fly, and jump really high.

Vegeta by Kinggrinyov

Here comes the one and only, Prince of all Saiyan Vegeta, another one from the Dragan Ball series. Just like Son Goku mod, you get access to all the transformation Vegeta has used till the Dragan Ball Super. And all his Ki blasts like Final Flash.

Top 10 Risk Of Rain 2 Mods [2021]

Unlike other characters, this one doesn’t need any cooldown after using his attacks or other special powers.

Both the Goku by Kinggrinyov and Vegeta by Kinggrinyov mods comes with unique animation and their own voice lines.

Item Stats Mod by Ontrigger

This is one of the simplest Risk of Rain 2 mods, it does not bring any change to the character or in the gameplay, it just gives you a feature that should have came with the game.

Top 10 Risk Of Rain 2 Mods [2021]

In this mod, when you put your mouse cursor on any item, a pop-up text will appear showing all the details about it.


This one is also a character mod that turns you into one of the antagonists of the game. This character is all about his attack power, he can shoot flames out of his mouth.

Top 10 Risk Of Rain 2 Mods [2021]

There is a special feature, if you can hit your enemies continuously and power up, you can transform into Elder Lemurian, who has some special powers.

There is one downfall in the mod, it has a lot of bugs.

Share Suite

When you play online multiplayer there is always one player in your team who does not want to share his/her loot with others. So, this mod is for those competitive looters.

In this mod, when one team member picks up any item, every team member gets a copy of it, cool you fool. But there is one more thing, you can also decide which item will everyone gets and which not.

Ronald Hunterss

There is not much information I can give you about this mod’s gameplay, playing environment, and all, as I don’t know a lot about it. Then why I put this mod on the list?

The reason is its character, as this mode changes the character to make it look like Ronald of McDonald.

Multitudes by Wild book

This mod makes you work a lot harder than the other modes, but respective to the work the rewards are really less.

In this mod, the number of enemies increases to no limits, but it must not increase to a triple digit, otherwise the game would start lagging.

You have to kill a lot of aliens and in return, the rewards you will get are similar to the other mods. If you love challenges, you can try this mod.

Paladin Mod by Rob

Paladin is a survivor who has it all: best skins, power full weapons, magical spells, and many more. If you want to have fun while playing Risk of Rain 2, do play this mod.

He can jump between a bunch of aliens, and cut them off with his wide blade. He has some special powers like, Sacred Sunlight which gives him and his allies regeneration abilities and adds effects to his attacks.

Bandit Reloaded by Moffein

With the looks of the cowboy, Bandit became a fan favorite survivor of the first Risk of Rain. Just like the cowboys, Bandit owns a very powerful pistol named Persuader and a shotgun.

Top 10 Risk Of Rain 2 Mods [2021]

Moffein came up with the 3D version of Bandit with some add ups.

If you want to know about some more Risk of Rain 2 mods, you can the article I mentioned above. There are some mods, mentioned in both the articles because some of it never be boring to play.

Final Words

Regardless of all these, Risk of Rain 2 is a great game with or without these mods. Without all these mods, you may get bored after playing the game for a long period of time, but its 3D interface will call you again.

Although, I hope you guys will enjoy the game playing in all the mods I mentioned. If you know any other mods, which have some awesome features, don’t forget to tell us about them in the comment section.

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