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How to Set Up Pokemon Red Emulator?

pokemon RED emulator

These days I see many gamers playing Pokemon Go & going GAGA all over it.

I don’t think they would do the same after playing one of the all-time classic Pokemon game –  Pokemon Red.

Have you ever played this game?

If you’re someone who belongs to a newer generation, the chances are negligible.

pokemon RED emulator
pokemon RED emulator

So, today in this post I’ll tell you why you should try out one of the all time classics Pokumon Red.

And if you’re to go ahead, how you can play this game using working Pokemon Red Emulator. Now without saying anything else, let’s get started:

How to Play Pokémon Red on Android

It doesn’t matter where you want to play Pokemon Red as everywhere you would need these two things:

  • A ROM file of the game. In this case, it was to set up Pokemon Red Emulator.
  • And an emulator to run that original ROM file.


ROM file is a collection of game data that is required to play any game you want.

In this post, I’m recommend you to play Pokemon Red using the emulator. So, you can do that by downloading its from file from popular emulator sites & then loading it up on the Emulator of your choice.

Now, that you know everything about the ROM file & its use, let’s find out you can use emulator with it.


An emulator is a software where you can load up the rom file of a particular game you want to play.

You can use emulator on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac to play games of even discontinued gaming consoles like Gameboy, Nintendo DS, GBA & more.

Further, these emulators are quite helpful most of the pokemon games as they allow you to fast forward a game & when needed save it to a particular state.

Originally, when you play a game using the dedicated gaming console, there is no way for you save it in between the action happening around you.

Whenever you play a game on emulator, many users complain of how slow the game character talks or even moves.

Well, this issue gets solved automatically after using the fast-forwarding available in most of the emulators.

How to Get Old Pokémon Game ROMs?

pokemon RED emulator
pokemon RED emulator

I know most of the time you want to play classic old games to bring the nostalginc feeling back.

Well, there are many sites available on the Internet. However, before I share those websites with you, read the following disclaimer.

Disclaimer: ROM files that you don’t own and download from third-party websites are illegal and comes under Piracy.

Years after the launch of Nintendo gaming console, they have finally set a strong stance against using illegal rom files made for Nintendo games.

But I don’t think they can do anything major except blocking your out from Nintendo.

If you’re Ok with download the rom files, there are few things you should keep in mind before downloading them:


Download only those ROM files that are tailor-made for your region.

For instance, if you’re from the United States, Japan or Europe, pick the rom file with a character (U), (J) or (E) in front of it respectively.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use the Japanese Version of ROM in the United States. You can but the thing is it’s a waste of your Online Data if you don’t read Japanes language.


Whenever you download a ZIP file it comes packed in a ZIP file. So, don’t even try to download a rom file that’s available in either APK or EXE file format.

P.S. Such unknown files are used only to harm your device with Virus or Malware. So, always be aware of this before download them.


The size of ROM files you download from the third-party websites depends on the age of that particular game and gaming console.

In case of Pokemon Red Emulator setup, the approximate size of ROM file is somewhere around 300-400 KB.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Play Pokemon Red on an Emulator?

After downloading Pokemon Red from the sources I’ve mentioned in this post, install the emulator on your device and load the ROM file into it to start playing and bringing back the nostalgic feeling.

Which Emulator should I use to run Pokemon Red?

Well, there are quite a lot of options available for you.

However, I would recommend you to go with deSmuME as it’s the only emulator that has an active development going on for Pokemon Red.

Does Nintendo sell ROM for Pokemon Red Emulator?

As I said at the top, downloading pokemon red Roms’ from third-party website is deemed illegal. So, in that case, you are left with the only option of either buying the game or downloading from safe rom sites.

On which gaming console I can still play Pokemon Red Emulator Game?

Pokemon Red is quite an old game. However, still you can play this game using Nintendo 3DS console.

How long does it take to beat Pokemon Red on Emulator?

Even though Pokemon Red is considered as one of the best pokemon game. In its early days, the game was criticized for a relatively easy gameplay.

An average pokemon play can complete the game in 8-25 hours whereas its world record is set at 1 hour 50 minutes in July 2014.


So, That’s how you play classic old games on your Device (Mobile or PC)

When it comes to playing Pokemon Red on Emulator, I hope with this post you have got all your answers.

That’s all for now.

If you’re facing any trouble in playing Pokemon RED or any other classic Pokemon Games on an emulator, then don’t shy away from asking questions in the comments section given below.

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