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7 Proven Ways to Build Links for a New Website

Build Links for a New Website

Setting up a website.

Writing dozens of users centric posts.

You can do all that. But when you don’t get enough traffic, implementing Link Building strategies becomes one of the last resorts.

But when it comes to building links, you can get overwhelmed by looking at your competitors’ link profiles.

That’s quite common But don’t be afraid.

Instead, take this as a challenge and implement these link-building strategies to outrank your THEM.

Build Links for a New Website
Build Links for a New Website

Competitor Analysis

If you want to beat your competitors in Google Search then the first step would be to SPY on them.

What are they DOING?

What type of links are they building?

Find all the answers to the questions you have.

But don’t follow them blindly.

Suppose that your competitor has a link from a crappy website like

Then would you like to replicate the Same link?


Instead, what you should do is, create relevant links from authority sites in your niche.

Guest Post Outreach

It is one of the most popular off-page SEO techniques at the moment.

In this link-building technique, you reach out to people in your niche via email or social media channels and pitch them ideas why their site needs your content and how it can benefit from it.


Haro or also known as help a reporter is a platform where a reporter asks for help in finding a source for their article.

Get in touch with the reporters and provide them the source they need and get a quality backlink for your article.

Broken Link Building

“Create relevant links from authority sites in your niche.” That’s what I had said in the beginning.

But is it that EASY?


Definitely NO.

They don’t have any reason to link back to your site.

So, why would they?

And on top of that, they are also one of your competitors.

But what if you help them in finding a 404 error and in return you ask them to redirect the 404 error page with your existing page.


Start answering questions on quora.

Even though in return, you get a no-follow link. But as long as you aren’t spamming, every relevant link matters.

Promote Your Website

Asking a stranger for a link over an email can be a bit annoying for the recipient.

So, instead of knocking on the door for a strange request, promote your website all over the web.

The more people know about your site, the more chances are that they will link back to your website.

Stay active on forums and communities

Are you active on forums and communities of your niche?

If your answer is no then you are making one of the biggest mistakes.

It is one of the best ways to connect with your Niche audience.

Whenever they need any type of help, you can share your website post as a reference.

It’s like using 1 arrow to hit 2 targets. You’re getting a link and at the same time, your website is getting referral traffic.

You can use the following advanced queries to find your niche-specific specific communities.

intitle: + keyword + forums or group

inurl: + keyword + forums or groups

If you ask me, I prefer to join a subreddit as I get to stay in constant touch with a niche-specific audience.

Creating Unique Ultimate Guides

If at the moment you just want to focus on your content instead of building links, then publishing an ultimate guide is one hell of an Idea that can generate natural links for your site.

I am not joking here.

They work like LINK MAGNETS.

An informational guide, covering all the subtopics can be super helpful to users online and your link-building strategy.

Ultimate Guides works like a go-to resource for a major topic and its sub-topics.

But the question remains, how would you do that?

How to create an ultimate guide that everyone else links as a resource article?

First, pick out a topic in your niche that has no ultimate Guides written on the web.

Once you’ve picked a keyword,

✅Cover every subtopic in it.

✅Answer most-asked user’s questions.

✅If possible, provide legitimate statistical data.

For instance, if you are looking to write an ultimate guide on an aquatic animal Moray eel, then need to outline the subheadings like:

✅Different eel species.

✅How do they look?

✅Safety concerns for hone aquariums.

✅Setup requirements.

✅Care tips

✅Problem and Solutions

✅What to feed them?

✅Where to buy them?

Once you’ve published an ultimate guide, it works like a LINK MAGNET for you.

There’s a high possibility that if anyone has to write a post on any of the subtopics, they’ll ultimately link back to your ultimate guide as a reference post.


These are some link-building techniques you can use on your new website.

Still, I would recommend you to write an evergreen piece of content that doesn’t require any link-building strategies. Instead, everyone visits your website and links back to the page voluntarily.

That’s all for now. If you’re getting any roadblocks in building links for your website then do let me know about them in the comments section given below.

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