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How Do You Know If Your Graphics Card Is Dying?

Graphics Card

If you have been experiencing minor glitches with your graphics card, then you may think that it is on its way out. This might not be the case at all, in fact, the issue may be easier to solve than you might think.

Graphics Card
Graphics Card

Your Computer is Crashing

One moment, you may find that your graphics card runs an intensive game without experiencing a single issue at all.

Next, you may find that your PC shuts down and all of a sudden, your monitor has no signal. When you reboot your system, you may find that your motherboard starts throwing up error codes and that things just don’t seem to be working as they should.

If this is the case, then you should know that some motherboards have built-in sensors that help to detect faulty components from the second they fail. If this is the case with your system, then your graphics card may be on its way out.

If your system works fine when playing casino games on NetBet and loads up content fine when logging onto NetBet Sports or other betting sites, then it may be that your graphics card is just outdated.

It may be that you can play less demanding games, but your card malfunctions when loading up anything that pushes the system too much. If this is the case, it may be worth updating your card if possible.

Your Graphics Card Glitches Out

Sometimes when you are playing a video game, you may find that the GPU isn’t able to render any of the graphics properly.

This usually happens when your card doesn’t support the software of the game. If you suspect that your video card is dying, then you may find that you start to see slow graphic defects.

You may notice some flickering, screen glitches, color pixels that don’t look quite right, and various other signs.

If this is happening more often than it should, on intensive games and non-intensive games, then this shows that something needs to change.

Abnormal Fan Noise

A lot of cards have their own cooling fans, and they are designed to spin at a much higher rate. They will only turn on when the GPU is under a large load. It also stops the bearings in the fan from dying earlier on.

Don’t worry if you notice that your fan is not working when you are just browsing the web. If you are using software that your card isn’t designed to support, then the bearings in the fan may wear out much more.

If you find that your fan has died completely then this can cause your entire system to fail, so it is vital that you get this fixed.

If you don’t then you may have to get your graphics card replaced and you may also need to replace other components of your PC as well if things happen to overheat. This is the last thing you need, but prevention is better than cure, so keep that in mind.

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