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10 Reasons Proving Squad Busters is Dying

“Squad Busters lacks deep customization and feels repetitive with a focus on pay-to-win mechanics, causing player frustration.”

That’s what most MOBA players have to say about Squad Busters in 2024.

The game feels too reliant on luck versus skill, feeling overly simplistic. Common complaints and terms like “brain rot game” signal dissatisfaction.

Here’s a list of reasons screaming why Squad Busters is quite boring –

How Squad Busters is Getting Too Boring?

Randomness in Troop Selection

As a free-to-play (F2P) gamer, Squad Busters the inability to control which new troops you get. This can lead to suboptimal combinations and an inability to afford in-game chests due to the lack of troop fusion.

Gameplay Mechanics

I found an issue with the game’s battle mechanics. When you’re farming for gems, you can be suddenly rushed by other players, and since you have no control over your troops’ targets, battles feel random.

Combat Outcomes

I observed that you often wait and hope to win during a fight because there’s no clear way to determine which squad is superior. The outcome seems to depend on chance rather than strategy.

Lack of Variety and Customization

When playing Squad Busters for the first time, you may notice the game lacks gameplay variation and customization options.

This makes the game feel stale over time, as players might feel they’re going through the same motions without being able to personalize their experience.

Pay-to-Win Mechanics (P2W):

Another reason why some gamers find Squad Busters too boring is over the game’s pay-to-win mechanics.

This is a common concern in many mobile games, where players can pay real money for advantages, making the game less enjoyable for those who don’t want to or can’t spend money.


No one likes playing a game with repetition.

That’s where Squad Busters comes in.

Repetitive gameplay can lead to boredom if the tasks or missions the players go through don’t offer enough diversity or challenge.

Simple and Lacking Depth Compared to Other Titles

As Brawl Stars is developed by Supercell, it’s quite common for players to compare it with their highest-grossing games like Clash Royale.

That’s why most players have found it overly simple and lacking in depth. Early versions of other MOBA games were released as quite basic games, but they evolved, something that Squad Busters seemed to struggle with at the time of writing this post.

Limited Strategic Elements

Some MOBA players also hate squad Busters for its limited strategy. Despite some aspects like targeting squad attacks or picking correct characters, the game doesn’t offer much beyond these basic strategies. This can quickly lead to game mastery without much left to learn or explore.

A “Brainrot Game”

Squad Busters is often referred to as one of the “brain rot games,” which are often advertised on YouTube and seem designed to kill time without engaging the player in meaningful ways.

Randomness and Lack of Fair Play

At this point, Squad Busters feels full of randomness affecting gameplay fairness.

However, supercell can improve the randomness by making certain game mechanics equal for all players, like rerolls or earning items through skill rather than luck or purchases.

Supercell can revamp Squad Busters by increasing customization, balancing luck with skill, and adding complexity to make the game more engaging and attract new players.

In short, addressing community feedback is key to improving the overall gaming experience.

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