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Voice Changer on PS4/PS5: Complete Setup Process

Learn how to set up a voice changer on your PS4 or PS5 with apps like VoiceMod or devices like Fifine SC3.

Follow these easy steps for a fun, new gaming experience.

Can You Get a Voice Changer on PS4/PS5?

Yes, you can get a voice changer on PS4 using the apps like Voicemod alongside your console.

The steps involve enabling Remote Play on your PS4 or PS5 system settings, downloading and installing the Voicemod app on your PC, and selecting your microphone headset and speakers within Voicemod to use its voice effects while playing on your console.

List of Apps That Allow Voice Changer on PS4/PS5

  1. Voicemod.
  2. Clownfish.
  3. Magic Vox
  4. iMyFone Magic Mic

Method 1: Voice Changer on PS4/PS5 Using PC

Here are the detailed steps for you to follow  –

  1. Download the VoiceMod App:
    • Before you start, make sure to download the VoiceMod app to your PC. You can find the link to the app on VoiceMod’s website or in the video description.
  2. Enable Remote Play on Your PlayStation:
    • Go to your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 system settings menu.
    • Select the Remote Play option and then enable Remote Play.
  3. Configure VoiceMod on Your PC:
    • Open the VoiceMod app on your PC.
    • Configure your microphone and speakers/headphones in the app to the ones you wish to use.
    • Browse the available voice effects, select your favorite one, and enable both the “Voice Changer” and “Hear Myself” options at the bottom of the window.
    • The app also includes a soundboard that you can utilize if desired.
  4. Set VoiceMod as Default Microphone:
    • Open your Windows system settings.
    • Navigate to Sounds settings.
    • Set the “VoiceMod Virtual Audio Device” as your PC’s default microphone or communications device.
  5. Download and Set Up Remote Play:
    • Download the Remote Play app from the PlayStation website on your PC.
    • Open PS Remote Play on your PC, sign in with the second account you created and connect to your PS5. Adjust video quality settings for smoother performance.
  6. In Remote Play, Enable Voice Changer:
    • Once connected, join a party and unmute the Remote Play mic to activate the voice changer.
    • On your PS5’s main display, sign in to your main account, mute the second account to prevent echo, and if applicable, mute the controller mic.

By following these steps, you will be set up to use your new voice in PlayStation party chat, enhancing your gaming experience. Enjoy using different voice effects and interact with friends using your modified voice!

Remember, while we tested this with PS5, this setup should ideally work with a PS4 console.

Still, let us know in the comments below if you’re having a hard time setting this voice changer up with your PS4.

Method 2: Voice Changer on PS4/PS5 Without Using PC

Step 1: Purchase the Fifine SC3 Voice Changer

  • Purchase the Fifine SC3, which is capable of changing your voice in real time without the need for additional software or a PC.

Step 2: Connect Your Headset

  • The Fifine SC3 supports connection via XLR or a headset port. Depending on your setup, you can connect an XLR microphone or your existing gaming headset directly to the Fifine SC3.
  • If using a headset, make sure it’s a TRRS or 3-prong kind of cable for compatibility.
  • Additionally, you’ll have a USB connector which you should plug into your PS4 to power the device and send the audio data.

Step 3: PS4 Setup

  • Upon connecting the Fifine SC3 to your PS4, navigate to Settings > Sound > Audio Output.
  • For the input device, select “USB headset (Fifine SC3)” as the device recognizes the SC3 as a USB headset.
  • Adjust the microphone level to ensure your voice is transmitted clearly. This may require testing different levels to find what works best with your setup.
  • Ideally, max out the microphone level to achieve the best results.

Step 4: Selecting Voices on the Fifine SC3

  • The Fifine SC3 features several voice change options such as male, female, robot, monster, baby, and elder.
  • To change your voice, simply press the voice change button on the SC3 and select your desired voice.
  • To revert to your normal voice, press and hold the button.

Step 5: Testing and Usage

  • You’re now ready to use the voice changer in the game or any online chat. It’s recommended to test the voice changer in-game to adjust the volume and ensure you’re not too loud or too soft.
  • Experiment with different voices to see which one fits your intended use, whether for gaming, trolling, or creating content.

Step 6: Enjoy and Have Fun

  • Jump into your game or chat and enjoy interacting with others using your voice changer. This setup can create memorable and entertaining experiences for everyone involved.

Remember, while we tested this with PS4, this setup should ideally work with PS5 given the similar architecture and system settings related to audio devices. However, there might be slight differences in menus or settings due to the PS5’s interface. Adjust the instructions as needed based on the PS5’s specific options.

Besides, let us know in the comments below if you’re having a hard time setting this voice changer up with your PS5.

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