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Set Up Your Echo Dot With #10 Easy Steps

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Have you recently purchased the third edition of Amazon echo Dot? But still confused that how to set it up? No worry, as I introduce a step-by-step procedure to set up the third edition of echo dot device. For those of you who don’t know Echo Dot is a smart speaker by Amazon.

By smart, I mean that you can use it to make some of your tasks like asking for answers, make calls and many more.

What is Echo Dot?

Echo dot is cylindrical shaped smart speaker which offers many benefits beyond a regular speaker.

When connected to Alexa, it provides voice service to make calls, play music, answer your question and also provide news and weather forecasting.

For a better experience, it has buttons on its top for controlling volume, mute, and a button to be used for answering your questions.

It is a light weighted portable speaker which can be placed in any part of your room for high-quality sound and be easily carried anywhere. You can use it to make sure that your outings are better. Isn’t it great?

The most exciting thing about the echo is that it makes the shopping experience enjoyable. It helps its users in buying products from Amazon and some other platforms. If you already have an amazon prime account than you can hear the price with the help of Alexa and can buy the product. Moreover, it tells users about the latest discounts, offers and sales.

Reason Why You Should Buy Echo Dot?

There are various speakers available in the market with different variations, but the echo dot has some unique features which make it different from other speakers. Here is the list of features which help you to decide on echo dot.

  • Size: It can be placed at the end of the table, counter and desk even you can hang it on the wall, this is because of its small size.
  • Compatibility: My smart house with all of my smart appliances are compatible with the echo dot.
  • Sound Quality: Why we purchase speaker? The underlying reason is to make our music experience better, thus this speaker gives a terrific experience at your place.
  • Portability: Earlier when I went to vacations, I had to carry a separate bag for speaker but now thanks to echo dot which I can take anywhere without having such a heavy bag.
  • Random Info: What is the capital of America? Where is the Samsung head office is situated? You get all your answers through amazon echo when connected to Alexa. Thus, it acts as your assistance.
  • Helps you in shopping: If you have amazon prime account, you can shop from Amazon with the help of dot. Dot will update you about sales, offers and discounts. You can Alexa tell me the price of this product, it will say to you and can even purchase on your behalf. It also supports some other platforms; you can also do shopping from those sites. Notes: It also helps you to make notes and to-do list, now you can save yourself from unnecessary scolding resulting due to the forgetting of things.
  • Alarms, reminders and weather forecasting: Do you forget important dates and days? Or wants to know weathers of different countries and cities- Echo dot is ready to help you at your one command.

How to Setup Amazon Echo Dot:

To set up this smart device, you don’t need any expert knowledge. It’s a fairly easy process for you to follow. Firstly, you need an internet connection. Follow these points for easy setup

  1. Download Alexa app from android or ios and open Alexa on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. A page will display – title Devices, select devices in the lower right corner of the display.
  3. Now from the top right corner, press plus sign or press the hamburger menu, i.e. the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.
  4. Then select “Add Devices.”
  5. Amazon Echo icon will display on the screen, press it, which is followed by Echo Dot icon on the next screen. Now press image of third generation Echo Dot.
  6. Use your power adapter plug in your Echo Dot. Your device is in setup mode when blue light turns orange.
  7. Wait until your Echo Dot appears on your phone and select it. Now go to your Wi-Fi settings and select network called “Amazon – xxx”. Soon, return to the Alexa app.
  8. Now connect Echo dot to your WI-FI network which you want to operate. If required, enter your password.
  9. If you want to use an external speaker connect it, if not leave it.
  10. Now, the last step is to select the room where your Echo Dot will be located or create a new room.


You are set for the new experience. Enjoy music and other functions it has. Echo Dot is one of the best speakers to experience it.

I think this will help you to get an overview and if you feel I have missed anything, please write in the comment box.


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