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11 Sites Like Asura Scans to Read Unlicensed Manga

Sites Like Asura Scans

If you surf the web, it’s super easy to get access to licensed manga shows such as:

You’ve got a popular manga reader app, Crunchyroll, for such classic manga shows.

But what about unlicensed manga shows? This shows that any big publication magazines do not license.

How can you watch them online? Well, Asura Scans is one such site where you can get a handful of manga publications.

But in the case of unlicensed manga, you should never rely on a single platform as multiple options make it easy to find some hidden gems.

So, up next in this post, I’ll share 11 Sites Like Asura Scans. However, before I do that, let’s understand a bit about the Asura Scans website itself:

What is Asura Scans?

Asura Scans is an online manga scanlation group. It mainly focuses on scanlating series that any company does not yet license.

Asura Scans was established in 2011 as a group dedicated to scanlating webcomics and doujinshi. In 2012, it started to scanlate manga with two projects: One Piece and Fairy Tail.

Asura Scans is also known for its high-quality translation and editing. Multiple editors check all translated material before being published to ensure consistency and quality of the translations.

11 Sites Like Asura Scans


If you’re looking for a website to read manga online like Asura Scans, MangaDex is the way. This website has millions of manga and anime titles in its collection, so there’s something for everyone!

MangaDex is also home to many popular series like One Piece and Dragon Ball Super, so if you want to follow the latest adventures of Luffy or Goku, this is the place to be.


Manganelo is a manga aggregator that focuses on providing high-quality content for unlicensed manga. It offers over 100,000 manga titles from the most popular publishers in Japan and Korea, including Kadokawa and Shogakukan. This means you’ll be able to find almost all of your favorite mangas here.

The site uses a straightforward design: it displays all the available works by genre (romance, action, comedy, etc.), release date, or updated date—allowing you to quickly find new chapters as soon as they’re uploaded by Manganelo’s partners (like Asura Scans).

You can also sort the content by views or popularity ratings to help narrow down your search results even more quickly.


MangaFreak is the other best site to read unlicensed manga online. You can read as many manga as you want without registering or paying.

MangaFreak has a collection of Japanese comics, Korean manhwa, and Chinese manhua in English and other languages. You can view each page or download them to your computer to read offline!

Its manga viewer is easy to use as you have to select the language by clicking on the speaker icon at the bottom right corner of any page!


MangaGo is a popular website for reading unlicensed manga online. It currently hosts more than 100,000 titles, including many popular mangas like One Piece, Naruto, and Attack on Titan. Do check out my previous post if you want to know more about the mangago website.


MangaOwl is a great place to start reading unlicensed manga online. With high-quality scans and a user-friendly interface, it makes for an excellent experience after you’ve finished your favorite manga on Asura Scans. It’s also free to use, with no pop-up ads or in-app purchases. On top of that, they have an Android app that you can use to read your manga offline!


MangaHere is the 6th website that lets you read and download manga. You can read new manga releases every week and much famous Japanese manga, including Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, etc. Also, you can get access to the entire catalog of thousands of titles by signing up for a free account on the website. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with ads or wait until they disappear in exchange for your patience while reading each chapter!


MangaKakalot is a manga site with an extensive collection of old and new manga. It has thousands of titles available, including Dragon Ball Z and Bleach. The site also has plenty of free content to choose from.

MangaKakalot’s interface is simple and easy to use, making it a good choice for those new to reading manga online. There are no ads in sight either! In addition, this site has no viruses or malware, so you can safely download your favorite comics without worrying about getting into trouble with your computer’s security software or antivirus programs.

You can search for the series you want through their search bar at the top of their homepage; this makes it easy for people who don’t know precisely what they’re looking for yet but would still like some recommendations based on their preferences (such as genre).


Mangareader is another popular manga site that you can use to read the manga. However, unlike Asura Scans, Mangareader does not host the manga itself. Instead, it provides links to download various types of files that you will need to install on your computer to work correctly. There’s no way for you to upload or share any manga here like there is with Asura Scans.

The service has been blocked in some countries, such as China and North Korea, due to its questionable nature (some concerns over child pornography). However, if you don’t live in one of these countries, this shouldn’t be a problem for you at all!

The site has many features which make reading manga easier than ever before: an intuitive search functionality; the ability to save your progress while reading so that if something comes up mid-read and takes away your focus from the material being presented; and creating profiles where users can track their progress through each series they’ve started reading online instead of purchasing physical copies via other sources like Amazon Kindle Store or Audible (though these options do exist too).


AnimePlanet is a well-known manga and anime-related website where you can read your favorite manga for free. It’s also one of the best sites like Asura Scans because it offers an extensive collection of manga that has been translated into English.

The site doesn’t need any registration or account creation to use its services, which is great for users who don’t want to commit too much time signing up for new accounts. Instead, you can go ahead and start reading your favorite titles!


Mangapark is the 10th website to read unlicensed manga for those who love reading manga. This website has an extensive database of manga series and chapters that you can read online or download in PDF or EPUB format. In addition, you can search for your favorite manga by name, genre, or even the year it was published. The advanced search feature also includes filters like language and tag/categories to find exactly what you’re looking for faster and easier!


Mangastream specializes in unlicensed manga and has a massive collection of stories from different genres. It also has a section for the latest releases, so you can always get your hands on the newest stuff. Of course, you can also read other comics if you want something different from the manga.

Mangastream’s community section allows its members to talk about their favorite series, characters, or authors by sharing their thoughts with others who have similar interests. So if you find yourself joining discussions with people who like what you like, this might be the site for you!

The blog section is another way Mangastream connects readers with topics they may find interesting or funny. It includes posts on popular anime shows such as Attack On Titan and Dragon Ball Super (you may have heard of them).


Till now, you’ve been reading only licensed manga. But I think this ends here as I’ve some of the best Sites Like Asura Scans with a vast collection of unlicensed manga.

That’s all for now. If you’re having trouble accessing either of these websites, do let us know below.

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