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Slingbox vs Vulkano: Decoding the Best Streaming Experience

Slingbox vs Vulkano

Do you want to catch up on your favorite TV shows anytime you like? Not just that, how about getting an interface with a long list of personalized content?

Sounds awesome, right?

Well, your dream can come true with an addition of either of these two apps— Slingbox and Vulkano.

But how do they stand against each other? Let’s decode this with this comparison article:

Slingbox vs Vulkano: Overview

Slingbox, developed by Sling Media, is primarily a digital media streaming device that remotely connects to your home-based television services. You can virtually “sling” your TV anywhere across the globe using internet connectivity without additional subscriptions.

On the other hand, Vulkano, developed by Monsoon Multimedia, is also a digital media streaming device. Aside from having similar capabilities to Slingbox, it introduces a slew of functions such as Electronic Program Guide (EPG) browsing and DVR-like capabilities.

Slingbox vs Vulkano: Features Comparison

Here’s a direct comparison between the features of Slingbox and Vulkano:


  • Streams content from your TV, including live broadcasts and recorded shows
  • Supports resolutions up to 1080p.
  • Allows remote access from a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets
  • Offers a simple approach directed towards “TV anywhere”
  • Its design feature does not include recording functions


  • Like Slingbox, it also supports remote access to TV services and streams 1080p-resolution content.
  • It offers DVR capabilities, allowing you to record, pause, and replay content.
  • You can browse EPG, allowing them to keep track of programs and schedule recordings.
  • It provides its hardware-based player, touting better performance and stability.

Winner: Tie

Slingbox vs Vulkano: Comparing User Interface and Experience


Slingbox stands out for its simplicity. It’s designed to be plug-and-play with minimal setup. The intuitiveness extends to its web and mobile apps, providing a straightforward way of accessing content. The best thing about Slingbox is despite the fluctuations in network conditions, you’ll get superior streaming quality.

On the other hand, Vulkano offers diversified functionalities. Despite a steeper learning curve due to more features offered, it makes up for it by delivering a more “complete” experience, giving you greater control over your content, thanks to EPG and DVR features. Unlink Slingbox, here you may face periodic streaming issues.

Winner: Slingbox

Slingbox vs Vulkano: Content Accessibility and Quality

Slingbox allows you to access content available on their home-based television services. It ranges from live TV broadcasts to the content available on external attached devices. It maintains a respectable streaming quality.

Vulkano also streams content from your home TV but with the added functionality of browsing EPG and recording content, enhancing content accessibility. The quality of streaming, although comparable to Slingbox, can sometimes suffer depending on the Wi-Fi signal strength.

Winner: Slingbox

Slingbox vs Vulkano: Pricing and Value for Money

Vulkano Flow
Vulkano Flow

When considering the cost and value of Slingbox and Vulkano, there are different factors to think about.


Slingbox is known for being on the expensive side. The high price tag, however, is seen as a one-time investment because there are no extra costs once you’ve bought it.

This means you won’t be charged a monthly fee for streaming your content. But do keep in mind that if you decide to use their mobile app, there may be an additional fee for one-time use.


Vulkano, on the other hand, is more competitively priced. This means it’s designed to have a reasonable cost but still provide good value. Like Slingbox, Vulkano doesn’t charge a monthly subscription fee. This is a good thing because it means you only have to pay once. You’re also in luck if you’re considering using their mobile app—it’s free!

If you’re looking for a premium product and don’t mind paying a bit more, then Slingbox could be the right option for you. But if you’re watching your wallet and want something that is still good quality, Vulkano will be more suitable.

Winner: Vulkano

Slingbox vs Vulkano: Compatibility with Devices and Platforms

Both Slingbox and Vulkano provide good device compatibility. They support remote access from a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops running various operating systems.

However, both companies provide their mobile apps, giving a better-optimized performance than third-party apps.

Winner: Tie

Slingbox vs Vulkano: Pros and Cons

Both Slingbox and Vulkano have their strong and weak points, and what matters most is what you find important.



  • Slingbox is easy to use and dependable — you can expect a quality viewing experience every time you use it.
  • Because it is a premium product, it prioritizes delivering good service to you.




  • Vulkano has a competitive price, meaning it gives you a lot of value for what you pay.
  • It comes with bonus features like monitoring TV schedules and recording content, giving you more control over your viewing experience.


  • While it offers many features, the quality of Vulkano’s streaming can at times be not as good, especially if your Wi-Fi connection isn’t strong.
  • Even though it has a lower cost, you may encounter some inconsistencies or issues while using it.

If you want more features and an affordable price, Vulkano could be your pick, as long as you can handle some ups and downs in viewing quality.

Winner: Slingbox

Slingbox vs Vulkano: Final Thoughts and Recommendations

If you like a precise and consistent viewing experience with zero restrictions and are open to paying a premium, Slingbox is ideal.

Alternatively, if you do not have a bigger budget but still want a feature-rich and competitively priced option, Vulkano should be your choice, as long as you’re prepared to deal with potential performance inconsistencies.

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