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TOP SW companies in Europe


Recently, we got a query on email about top software companies in europe and when I researched about it, I got to know various replies to this question.

However, I will like to mention list of top europe union software companies listed on crunchbase which also includes latest investments, acquisitions, funding rounds or trending leaderboard.

You know what, Web developers and various IT companies offer a wide range of services. Among them it is easy to find animations for a website and other interesting functions.

Quality work doesn’t necessarily cost a lot of money. Many companies practice software development outsource. This is a real opportunity to save money and get excellent results.

IT industry development

Modern companies have a great opportunity not to be tied to one country. The search for employees is conducted all over the world, choosing the optimal combination of programming skills and cost of services. Examples of cases and opportunities are easy to find on the developers’ sites. The world has followed the path of developing startups, so it is easy to direct investments anywhere. The governments of some countries have focused on the development of the IT sector precisely in order to attract capital. This gave excellent results to both sides:

1. The customer receives a quality final product at a relatively low cost;

2. Performers get jobs and experience with clients from different countries.

To make it easier for you, to find outsource developers with an excellent reputation, in this article we have collected reviews of the best companies.

List of the Top Europe Software Development Companies

SAP from Germany generated sales of $27.4 Billion in 2018-19,

Micro focus (based in UK) having sales report of $4.8 Billion,

Sopra Streia (Based in France) reported sales of $4.59 billion,

Dassault Systèmes (France) – $3.59B,

Wirecard (Germany) – $2.31B

Apart from these 5 companies, here are 3 more software companies in europe delivering their top notch designs along with affordable prices.

If your requires custom software in affordable price, then keep scrolling…

Best software companies to work for in Europe

Fireart Studio

One of the successful teams with many years of experience is Fireart Studio. Customers can see examples of their cases on the page.

The main activities of the team are JS development and design. The company employs more than 50 specialists, so they are actively involved even in very large projects.

One of the advantages of modern outsourcing in software engineering is the absence of a chain of managers. The customer communicates directly with the programmer team leader. This approach makes it easier to coordinate work, avoids technical misunderstandings, and shortens task completion times.

The team has specialists to work with all JS frameworks: Angular, React, Node, Vue and others.


If a client is looking for software outsource to work with Blockchain projects, fintech or IT consulting, it is worth enriching his attention to ScienceSoft. The team is based in Finland. The company works in such areas as:

• Database architecture;

• Artificial Intelligence;

• Internet of Things.

The team’s approach includes DevOps, post-test development based on results. The company has already carried out many projects in the fields of healthcare, modernization of the workflow of large enterprises, and the provision of financial services.


Futurice has become an example of high-quality software development outsourcing. It is registered in Sweden, but specialists are working on projects all over the world. The brand creates fintech services and automation options for various businesses. The main focus of the team is the development of mobile and web applications. Among the technologies used are:

• Node.js;

• Java;

• Spring;

• Ruby on Rails;

• iOS;

• Android;

• Xamarin.

The team works with major international brands. Also, the competence of the Swedish team includes coaching for other IT companies.


All the teams described in the article have been working for many years in the IT industry center. It forces them to develop continuously. Also, all of these teams maintain long-term partnerships with clients and have earned an excellent reputation.

As professional software engineers working outsource, the specialists of these companies have a very wide outlook. Years of experience working with clients from different countries allows teams to quickly find an approach to each customer. To start cooperation, each client just needs to leave an online application on the website of the selected company. For example, Fireart Studio responds to electronic requests within one business day. Clients receive a preliminary consultation free of charge.

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