An Easy Way To Synchronize Data Between Android And Mac

Imagine you purchase a new cell phone and you want to move all your data like contacts, messages, photos etc to the new phone. What will you do in that condition? Don't know ? Most of the times we sync our data to our computer. Sync is the compact form of synchronization. The main feature of synchronization is that a single set of data can be accessed by two or three devices.

It is very easy to sync android phone with your computer but at the same time, things became pretty tough when there is Mac instead of normal computer. But As we know today google has every solution and makes it more convenient for us. There are lot of ways we can use to easily synchronize our data between Android and Mac. Here I am going to state the simplified ways of data synchronization between Android and Mac.

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Methods of Synchronization Android to Mac by using Google Services:

The simplest and easiest way of syncing information between your Mac and Android is the use of google services. But for using it you must have a Gmail account which allows your phone to communicate with apple apps.

You have to create a Gmail account first. By using Gmail email address you can sign in where you want like Chrome, Maps, Youtube, Google Drive, Photos and Play Store etc. The description given below will prove that how Gmail account help you in syncing data.


You all know that when we use our Gmail account for storing contacts, they automatically saved on our android. For syncing with Mac you have to follow these simple steps

  • Open contacts first
  • Click contacts > add account

Go to the contacts app on your Mac and sign in to Gmail account and contacts will automatically synced.


For syncing calendar from your android to mac you have to follow these simple steps

  • Open the calendar app
  • Go to the task bar and click calendar > add account

Select Google and click continue.

  • By logging in your Gmail account your calendar sync automatically.


It is pretty simple to move your contacts and calendar between your Mac and android because they have information on small scale on the other hand music and video files are bigger files and can not sync easily. Well by following these tricky ways you can sync all your media files.

  • First move your files from Mac to Google drive.
  • By clicking and dragging move your files from Mac to your folder with which your Gmail account is connected.

Now you can enjoy all your files on your smartphone with the help of Google drive app

Briefly I can say that Google services plays a great role in synchronization of data but similarly there are other tools which helps you in syncing. I am going to state about a most popular tool for syncing, take a look…


As its name shows Syncmate is a powerful tool for syncing data.There are two forms of syncmate available, Free and Expert.

Free Syncmate:

Free syncmate allows you to sync your small files like contacts and calendar between mac and many other devices.

Expert Syncmate:

When its time to sync larger files like video, music, images, playlist etc, the expert edition help us to sync them.

Steps to sync data with Syncmate

By following these smart ways you can setup autosync in syncmate.

  1. First step for setup is to download free syncmate and after that synchronize your calendar and contacts. Now its time to upgrade free syncmate to expert version.
  2. Secondly see on the left, then click on “Add New Link”. After choosing android connect your device to computer.
  3. After setting up the connection go to “Summary Tab” and then on option “autosync”. Activate it and setup according to your comfort. Now with the availability of connecting device setup autosync.

With this simple process all your data will automatically synced between your android and Mac. There are various benefits of data synchronization like time saving, no export-import of contacts, more reliability and keep track on your contacts etc. By following above information enjoy syncing and access your data where ever you want.

Well…in a nut shell synchronization is a key tool to optimize your services and for migrating data. Was this article helpful for you? Do not be hesitate in giving negative comments. Waiting for your response.


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