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#5 Cheats on How to Win Toyblast Game Everytime You Play (for Free)


When I was a child, I was fan of puzzle game and I loved to play it! Today, I am 25 year young boy and I still love it. Tomorrow, I will be the one who keep playing this puzzle game so what’s catch here? In this timeperiod, I have started playing toyblast game and from then to now, it’s the best game of all time for me.

But there is something I started feeling about toyblast that they started thinking about making more money with the toyblast game without taking care of user experience, without taking care of us.

Do you also feel that developers of Toyblast are trying to make money without taking care of their user experience?  Well, the chances are rare that you do not aware of this game but in case you are not then. Toyblast is one of the most popular puzzle game of all time from the house of Peak Games.

I love to play toyblast so much that in fact, I quit playing other popular games for this one. Also use to bought coins, extra lives and many more things along the way. 

But from last few day’s I am noticing that the higher I gets, the lesser moves given to me. Also it becomes impossible to get a rocket.

This scenario exceeded my frustration level far ahead than my level of enjoyment, as the rewards and bonuses are fewer. and now it’s taking forever to achieve them. Even, game move away with the bonus of 2, 4 or 24 hours of free play time which is a major incentive to play harder and win more.

It seems that when you just need a final move to win the game then game removes every single possibility of making that one step automatically. This is now happening at much higher frequency than now. I get it that they want us to keep purchasing more playing time, coins and other toyblast in-game purchases.

As the game stands strong on Google app store by having more than 50 Million downloads and 200k reviews, they have a strong database of players from which greedy Peak trying to generate handsome amount of money.

But I don’t want to spend money on Toyblast game so I want some sort of hack, cheats and vouchers which could help me play more and clear the stages before time. So here are few of my researched based strategies on “How to win Toyblast game everytime you play?”


Toyblast Tips for Great Sucess

Today here you will get some great tips which make it possible to win the game without spending a single penny. No need to worry my Friend, as these tips will cut down any possibility of flatting your wallet.

But if you make your mind to not give a shit to toyblast than you may check top 5 puzzle games for android and Pc. So, without wasting any more time, lets get started:

1. Have you ever heard of Timelapse?

Yes, that’s what! You needs to do to Get Back Your Lives and change the scenario of losing the game to winning the game!

If you are playing toyblast on a smartphone, tablet or any other iOS device, then there is a trick by using that you can simply get your lost lives back even without waiting. It is a ever-present time lapse cheat, to make this possible: “Simply open your device settings and forward the device time.”

It will take only 30 minutes per life so calculate your time as per how much lives you want to recover. After changing the time, get back to the game as you received your lives back.  You can do it 5 times a day.

2. Know How to Get More Coins

As you already know Coins are the only in-game currency which is used to make any purchase in the game. It is very important and difficult to earn coins in the game but here is simple and short way to get more coins for free.

If you are playing the game on your mobile or tablet then you have the advantage what you have to do is “just use this tip”.

  • Simply Connect your game with the facebook account
  • and you will get 25 coins without paying any single penny for it.

You can also look at the video given below to understand it clearly:

Toy Blast Cheats 2019 to Get Free Coins:

3. Make a wise use of Facebook:

Just connecting with the facebook is just not enough if you really want to make a wiseuse of FaceBook. You might be thinking what can you do more with Facebook? Then this is for you:

This tip is a lot handier than any other as what you have to do is just ask your friends for lives”.

If you are a kind of person who doesn’t have any friends who play that game, just don;t worry as fan groups and comment sections of toyblast are the best place to make new friends and then you may ask for a favour of lives too. 

4. Use Two Tiles next to each other for making combo

In Toyblast game, there are few pieces which match together but at the end of day, there are several other possible matches that apply in many ways. I am talking about taking care of two special tiles which creates a combo when placed next to each other. It may give you free Amy’s toy along with the chance of getting 3-star level.

This trick will clear up the board quickly along with free Amy’s toy in a way that you will have a chance of getting three-star level.

5. Remember this Special Tile will Explode once the game is over

Remember This!!! If we have to complete our toyblast game, if we really wants to win this game atleast with the 3 star, then we have to use that special tiles and combine them together. Not only this, their explodation also gives us more point and makes the difference in our explodation scoring of toyblast game..


If you have any other types of tips, tricks, hacks, cheats and we have missed out, then please let us know in a comment box and even, if you have a question regarding toyblast game, you can ask me here and we will reply you right away.

Now, I hope, you don’t need to purchase coins (in-app purchases) for toyblast game and will keep enjoying gameplay. Incase, you want cheats related to any other game, you can message us and we will write about that too. Till then keep enjoy and surfing Hi Tech Gazette Games Category for knowing more about games.             

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