Troubleshoot Error in 4 Easy Ways [2021]

With 200 million copies sold, and over 131 million monthly active users base, Minecraft is considered as best-selling game of all time. However, just like any game in the market, it is prone to errors, bugs.

And one of the most common error faced by many users is This error causes problem whenever a user tries to sign in to his Microsoft account.

From Minecraft PC, PS4, Xbox to Nintendo Switch, this issue is everywhere. So, in this post, I’ll try to explain why keeps appearing & what you need to do in order to fix this issue permanently.

Let’s get started:

What is error?

In 2019, Microsoft partnered with the Cloud service company Akamai to stores all of Minecraft’s data on its servers only.

By doing so, it saves all the progress you’ve made in Minecraft regardless of the device (PS4, PC, XBox or Nintendo Switch). That’s not it. Akamai allows you to host Minecraft games under its platform and invite your in-game friends to play the game along with you.

And that’s when the error message ‘’ comes into the picture as it prohibits you and your in-game friends to join the game. Now, in the next step, I’ll try to uncover the main reasons why many users encounter this issue.

Real Reasons Behind ‘’ Error?

After going through some Minecraft forums, I noticed that majority of the error is reported by Non-Microsoft users. And users with Microsoft Windows and Xbox have fairly faced such issue.

But WHY? Well, there’s not 1, not 2 but 3 reasons why you might be facing such trivial issue.

Change in Device

Minecraft comes with cross-platform support which means you can access it from any gaming platforms like PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Android & even iOS. I guess you already knew that.

But this could be the reason why the URL isn’t working for you.

So, I would recommend you to switch your existing gaming device with something new. This would rule out any possibility of a server glitch or bug.


Even after changing your device, you’re unable to access the link then make sure that the antivirus software your system is using isn’t blocking you from accessing the Microsoft Servers. This can happen when Antivirus enables advanced firewall protection to protect you from online threat.

If that’s the case, whitelist the exact URL to see whether the issue has fixed or not.

Broken code

When installing Minecraft in your device, any particular file can mess up the game. And the end result of this mishap can be seen in the form of remoteconnect error. You can try to fix this issue by reinstalling the game but in reality, the chances are quite slim.

How to Fix Microsoft Sign in Bug in Minecraft error fix error fix

Even after making the above-mentioned changes, the Microsoft sign in issue persists, it’s time for some serious troubleshooting. So, next up, I’m listing 4 methods which will surely fix the issue you’re facing.

Delete the Last Minecraft Saved Date

Go to settings > System Settings > Storage > Game storage. Here, you’ll see two different data files of Minecraft. Delete them to make a fresh start in Minecraft.

Create a New Microsoft Account

If you started facing the error right after switching up your device, then it’s time for you to create a new Microsoft account. This is happening because of an existing conflict between you existing device and new device.

You can fix this issue by simply creating a new Microsoft account. Once done, sign-in to see whether the issue is fixed for you.

Enter the Microsoft Sign in Code From Minecraft

The error error is mainly faced by users with PS4 accounts. If you’ve a new Microsoft account then you may need some additional tries to access the game. However, even after making multiple attempts, you’re unable to access the live URL, then you’ll end up with a particular sign in error code.

Go to the Microsoft website & look for that exact code to see the exact reason behind the issue you’re facing.

Log out of all other Devices

As I said in the beginning, Minecraft says that the game comes with cross-platform compatibility. But at multiple occasions I’ve found them nothing but SHAM. If you want to know about this in detail then do check the previous post where we’ve explained how you can cross-play Minecraft on PC and Xbox.

Besides, you can verify this yourself. As soon as you try to perform Microsoft Sign in to a new device, you’ll automatically get signed out from your previous device.

Final Thoughts

If you have encountered the same error, there’s no need for you to stress out. This issue can be easily fixed. All you’ve to do is follow the troubleshooting steps I’ve mentioned above.

That’s all for now. If this post has helped you fix this common Minecraft error then do share this post everyone who’s facing the same error.


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