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How Tech Companies Use Incentives to Gain Customers

If you are running a tech company and looking forward various ways to keep your customer with yourself through incentives, this article is for you where you will get to know about unique incentive ways to gain customers.

Tech companies may be leading the way over their traditional and analog alternatives, but that doesn’t mean that competition doesn’t still exist. As companies become more advanced and rely more on digital means, their competitors become closer and fiercer.

Technology Hackathon plays a big role in upgrading tech companies, to sort out customer issues and to actually give incentives in term of maximum output.

Customers largely know what they want when looking for something tech-based – whether it’s a digital bank, a smartphone, a telecoms provider, or a gaming platform. What tech companies need to do is ensure that the customer chooses them over their competitors.

So, how can tech companies use incentives to gain customers?

Types of Incentives to Gain Customers

As per freakonomics,  There are 3 basic incentives

  1. Economic
  2. Social
  3. Moral

However, it’s difficult to add these 3 incentives into 1 scheme, here are the multiple things to gain new customer or to keep engaging our returning customers.

Offer Extra Rewards/ Cash Points:

Lot of tech companies, gambling industry are keen to offer extra rewards or cash points to get you back in their wheel structure and to actually earn from their customer. If you are a businessman, think about this, come up with favorable terms and conditions along with cash points. YKWIM 😉

Customer Appreciation Days

Have you ever thought of celebration with your customers, appreciate them for purchasing your time, money and energy. Try it for once! Doesn’t matter what business you are in, you will still love to see the reaction of your customers.

Initial Offers

Recently, I have researched about “Top SW Companies in Europe” and you know what, 9 out of these 10 companies offers initial offer incentives to their customers.

The online casino industry is one that embodies what it means to have taken a traditional customer and converted them to a digital one through their positioning online. But, for as strong as the industry is, competition is fierce.

Note: Investment in Bitcoin looks promising and here, we are with 2 main strategies to book profit from bitcoin or altcoin.

As such, it is the norm for sites to offer incentives through welcome bonuses to gain customers. Some bonuses mean that you can place a bet for free, which is an instant pull for a customer who wants to test a site out.

Disclaimer: We don’t advise you to put your money on Gambling. This is an example for information only.

Others offer a money back when you win and play a certain game, while others have game-specific bonuses, such as ones for the slot game of the week. Welcome bonus incentives help gain customers initially and then, while they spend time on the site, they are converted to loyal regular customers through the interface, navigability, and range of games.

Eventual Offers

Other tech companies make use of longer-term thinking to appeal to customers. For instance, buying a car involves a lot of factors, which explains why Mercedes offer something for the long-term. The Mercedes Me service includes a digital version of the manual, and the ability to collect data on the car and its driver.

This would appeal to those who don’t want to just buy something for its initial benefits but want something long-lasting. The data could then be used to help drivers make better decisions about how they use the vehicle so that it lasts longer and the running of it can be as cheap as possible.

Loyalty Programs

For customers who aren’t won over by quick initial incentives or longer-term services that come with the product, loyalty programs can often seal the deal. Loyalty programs reward customer longevity, and many provide added benefits for those who act as brand ambassadors and interact with the brand to a greater degree.

There is no better example of a tech company rolling out a customer-snatching loyalty program than Amazon. Prime Day, the event which offers deals for Amazon Prime members, is a reason why many sign up to the subscription service. The loyalty scheme may not be conventional, but it does give immediate benefits (delivery) and gradual benefits (new shows on Prime). Statistics show that for customers’ second year as a subscriber, there is a 91% retention rate.

Aparts from these incentives, you can use “Power of Free”, “Additional services” etc.

Incentives are a crucial way for modern tech-based businesses to appeal to customers. They can help gain them and then retain them. The right incentive depends on the kind of tech business and the kind of customer they are looking to appeal to.


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